20 Hilarious Responses To Public Notices That You'll Wish You Thought Of

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1.) Getting rejected by food cans

You know life is going pretty rough when you are getting rejected by food cans. I'm not sure why this public notice is encouraging people to date cans, it isn't going to be a healthy relationship!

2.) Returning to the scene of the crime

This legendary pen thief decided to return to the scene of the crime and deface this notice. I can appreciate the bravery and defiance, I hope that he never returned the pen.

3.) Don't judge a book by it's cover

Now, this note was just RUDE. I'm glad someone defended the coffee maker and it's brilliant personality because that's all that really matters!

4.) Relatable

This person is clearly just a little bit bitter about their greedy ex. I can completely relate though as with everyone else with an ex probably does. At least this machine was warning people before leading them on!

5.) True...

Wow, this person clearly is a deep thinker. It is true though, maybe that printer is there just a little more temporary than this person is though.

6.) This mug has been violated

This office worker was just asking for trouble when they posted a note like this in the kitchen. Seriously though, who is that protective over a mug?! There are more important things in life than your reindeer mug, Janice.

7.) Who actually would lock the restroom...

Yes, people who throw paper towels in the toilet are incredibly annoying. Does this justify locking the toilets so no one can use them? NO! I'm glad this person fought back, peeing on the floor might be a little too dramatic though.

8.) The food thief is hiding in plain sight

Seriously, guys, it's so unreasonable. Put some new, interesting food in the fridge for this mysterious food thief! This guy has an insane appetite and I can admire that.

9.) Embrace change

This vending machine is scared of change and that's okay, aren't we all?! Thankfully, a passerby decided to step in and give the vending machine some life advice.

10.) Conspiracy theory

Now, the government might want to explain their way out of this one...maybe CokeĀ  Zero DOES have sugar in it and it's just one big conspiracy. Trust no one folks.

11.) Door or wall in disguise?

Hmm, I'm not too sure about this one, I can't tell if it's a door pretending to be a wall or a wall pretending to be a door. Either way, I don't trust it!

12.) A friendly office

This office seems...close. If a little clingy at that. It seems as though no one can leave their desk without everyone FREAKING OUT. I wish people would miss me this much...

13.) Try harder next time

Come on, Comic Sans is the DEVIL of fonts, why would you ever willingly choose to use that?! All in capitals as well, this person has gone wrong in so many ways.

14.) Away in a manger

This company makes a manger approve your postings, which seems pretty impossible if you ask me! Which is why this person hit back.

15.) Everyone should feel sorry for this poor door

I feel sorrier for this door than I have ever felt before. I wonder who scared this door? That person should be very ashamed of themselves.

16.) This graffiti just got roasted

I completely agree with this person's response to this terrible graffiti. It truly is shocking to look at and a disgrace to that wall. Whoever did this needs to try much harder next time.

17.) A very Alaskan sense of humour

The slower the co-worker you go with, the more chances you have to survive as they will be caught by the bear first. Sounds like a great plan!

18.) Leave the seal alone!

I would NEVER remove such an adorable and innocent looking seal. If anyone ever does, they are going to regret it.

19.) You might want to check your spelling...

Never spell a word wrong on a public notice, there is a HIGH chance that you will immediately be roasted!

20.) Everyone loves a ninja turtle reference

This is just such a perfectly timed and well done reference. I am so annoyed that I didn't think of it myself!

I don't know about you but I want to deface and make fun of every single public notice now! Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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