20 Hilarious Things Kids Have Said In 2018

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1.) No chance

I think that this kid may have just ruined Twix bars for me. The idea of CHEESE being inside a Twix bar sends shivers down my spine. I’m sure that won’t put me off for long though…

2.) He’s got your back

Now, this kid is a LEGEND. If a kid ever snuck me food that I wasn’t allowed, I would probably adopt them, parent’s permission or not. This is pretty sweet though, they are starting a food club against mom.


This is just CRUEL. The poor kid. The idea of the sun chasing people is absolutely horrifying. She brought it on herself by calling it sunscream though, that’s terrifying enough.

4.) Sounds like a fun time

Wow, what a Saturday morning that sounds like! She should just start screaming and crying too and see how THEY react. Give them a taste of their own hell.

5.) That’s a lot of squirrels

Not only does this kid use squirrels as a way of measuring weight but he thinks he weighs the same as FIFTY of them. Where did he get that number from?! I am concerned and confused.

6.) Strange coincidence

This kid is either completely not self-aware or is incredibly cheeky. Either way, I find it hilarious how they stopped everything to look for him and he was just chilling, pretending there’s more than one Titus…

7.) You LIED

Kids are completely crazy sometimes. Since when did chicken and cheese taste like a pancake? And since WHEN did your mom say it was a pancake?! Plus, she basically ate the entire thing anyway. Kid logic just doesn’t exist.

8.) You gotta change it up

This one is AMAZING. I guess tattoos must be a SUPER weird concept to kids. I wonder what they think they are? This person should buy one of those fake tattoo sleeves one day and wear it to blow that child’s world completely.

9.) Confidence is key

I bet she was thinking, “If I look like I know what I’m doing, no one will stop me.” I hope she enjoyed the taste. Let’s be honest here, who HASN’T been tempted to eat Lush products?! They smell DELICIOUS and look YUMMY.

10.) Santa is magic, of course, it’ll get there

I’ll have you know, Santa regularly checks heater vents for kid’s letters that parents have disregarded. Santa IS real guys, the kids are the ones in the know. Right?

11.) When you realise everything you know is a lie

This much have ROCKED this little boy’s world. Imagine suddenly realizing something like ghosts are real?! That’s pretty scary. Bless his little heart, bats are actually cute so there’s a positive.

12.) Low expectations

Aww, this melts my ice-cold heart. What a cutie! If only all guys had such low expectations, the world would be a happier place. I mean, who DOESN’T like pancakes?!

13.) How rude

He had a simple request and he isn’t even allowed to do THAT. Jeez, poor kid. I hope someone buys him and lets him get in the oven whenever he wants…preferably when it’s off.

14.) Deep

To be honest, this has blown my mind a little bit. Imagine if you could put ANYTHING in a DVD player and it would play their story. I would totally trick my kid by pretending to put a chicken in and playing Chicken Run. They would probably become a vegetarian.

15.) It bothered her

This is the kind of thing that affects onlookers on a deeply spiritual level. Was she ever the same after witnessing this? Does the child think EVERYTHING is a dog? Or just geese? Are dog’s dogs or are they called geese? So many unanswered questions, I can understand why she’s still thinking about it.

16.) Don’t do that

Umm, this is slightly concerning. I’m worried that the first things kids think of doing as a ‘grown-up’ is touch knives. Not dress up, put makeup on, do the cooking…no. Touching knives is all that’s important.

17.) What you got on offer

Oh, if only. Imagine, coffee, tea, wine, beer, anything really, all coming out of your breasts, what a talent that would be.

18.) Cryptic

Yes, she is well on her way to being a fully-fledged stubborn woman like the rest of us. You are welcome here sweetie, we have passive aggressiveness and guilt-trips for DAYS.

19.) Fair enough

This kid will 100% be president one day with observations like that. I couldn’t agree more, the idea of homework is, quite frankly, disgusting. Worst invention ever.

20.) True

This is just hilarious. All I can picture is a guy in a beany, struggling to run on a hamster wheel due to his skinny jeans whilst juggling with his soy latte.

Kids are awesome and incredibly funny too. I know these must have made you laugh, have your kids ever said something this hilarious? Let us know in the comments!

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