20 Adults Deeply Ashamed Of Themselves For Getting Stuck In Kids Playgrounds


Let's face it, being an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be. Yeah, it's cool being able to do what you want whenever you want and all that jazz, but with that kind of freedom also comes those ever-so-dreaded responsibilities. 

Not to mention, it can be downright freakin' DULL at times, too. It's for this reason alone that we often find ourselves in some not so "grown-up" situations, literally doing anything that will make us feel even a slither of youth once again! I know you know what I'm talking about!

Sometimes as adults we get so bogged down in work, bills and taking care of family that we forget to just play, and this is exactly why now and again it is SUPER important to re-discover our childlike sense of wonder and go have some fun! 

...However, sometimes even playtime can go somewhat... awry. Especially when you add something that is created exclusively for children into the mix. Unfortunately, playgrounds are built for small adventurers, but that didn't stop these grown-ups from trying to have some fun anyway. 

Not sure what I'm talking about? Well scroll down and see for yourself! 

1. "Guy Gets Stuck In Kids Slide... Possibly Forever"

I'm not going to say that there was DEFINITELY a whole lotta alcohol involved when this decision was being made... but there was a whole LOTTA alcohol involved when this decision was being made. 

2. I Have Absolutely No Idea How This Happened 

Honestly, the fact that this man was able to get inside of that huge metal coil in the first place is already pretty freakin' impressive. 

3. "That Moment When You Realize Your Childhood Is OVER"

It's alright buddy, we've all been there. Hopefully, that's a school uniform he's wearing and he hasn't just come from a very important business meeting on Wall Street.

4. "Over-Enthusiastic Mom Got Stuck In A Child's Swing."

In her defense, it can be really difficult as a parent sometimes to watch your kids go out there and have all the fun and not try to get involved with it yourself! Own it Mama, own it!

5. "...Me Too."

This article is already making me wonder about how many times the emergency services actually get called out to fish adults out of children's playground equipment... this is hilarious. 

6. "Girl Stuck In Rope Baby Swing."

Could this actually be the single worst position to get stuck in of all time? Yes, yes is the answer - it is. 

7. It's Surprisingly Difficult To Get Out Once You're Good And Stuck.

This guy has looks like he's thinking back to every single life decisions he's ever made that led him to this exact moment and he regrets every single one of them. And I can't blame him, to be honest. 

8. "'Do It!' They Said, 'It'll Be Fun!' They Said."

Aye looks like she's having an absolute TON of fun, doesn't it? What was I saying about the worst position to be stuck in before!? Because I think I changed my mind...

9. "Young Male Trapped In Swing. No Injuries, No Damage To Swing But A Very Grateful & Embarrassed Male!"

"Thank you for your service mate, sorry I'm such an absolute idiot."

I personally don't think you should ever feel embarrassed about wanting to relieve a little of your youth!

10. "Crews Released Girl Trapped In Child's Swing"

WHO LOOKS AT THESE TINY TODDLERS SWINGS AND THINKS "Ah yeah I could fit in that easy, no problem, what could possibly go wrong!?"

11. "Got Really Wasted One Night, One Thing Led To Another, And This Happened..."

Ahhh yes, the ole' "Dude I was soooooo wasted" chestnut. I wonder if they managed to get him back out or they just left him there until morning!?

12. "This Man Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Climb Into This Playground Attraction"

I mean I imagine anyone who does this believes that it's a good decision at the time... it's only when it all goes horribly wrong and they have to call emergency services that they begin to think it wasn't actually the best idea after all.

13. "When My Daughter Got Stuck In A Baby Swing And Had To Get The Fire Brigade To Get Her Out. I Couldn't Stop Laughing"

As parents, it can be hard to watch your grown kids make stupid decisions... but if you don't they'll just never freakin' learn, will they? Not to mention - it can also be pretty darn hilarious!

14. "This Woman And Her 11-Year-Old Niece Got Stuck In A Leicester Playground"

Well, at least this woman wasn't alone in her embarrassment, she brought her niece along for the ride too! See? That's exactly why people have kids.

15. "Mel Got Stuck In A Swing"

WHOOPS, "I see London, I see France, I see Mel and her almost non-existent underpants...". Poor Mel... who needs enemies when she's got friends like hers eh!? 

16. "Firefighter Rescuing A Teenager After She Got Stuck In A Baby Swing"

We're seriously gonna have to start putting signs next to baby swingsets saying "NOT SUITABLE FOR ADULTS" aren't we? That's what it's actually going to come to, isn't it?

17. "Man Stuck In A Child Swing"

I mean, this is a big a*s dude. I have no idea how he thought for even a second he'd be able to make it out of this one himself. Human's are baffling. 

18. WHY Do People Keep Trying This!? WHYYYYYYY

I've never actually seen one of these giant coil things in real life myself, but at least now if I ever do, and I feel the urge to climb inside of it, I know that I should definitely, definitely NOT do that. 

19. "The Former Big Brother Star Lisa Appleton Got Stuck In A Tunnel."

What do I keep telling you, folks? Celebrities are JUST like us. They make terrible, silly decisions while on children's playgrounds too. Amazing! At least She was able to get out of this one without involving the emergency services. 

20. A Woman Stuck In - You Guessed It - A Baby Swing

And how could I not end on a classic "grown woman stuck inside a baby swing" picture? I appreciate the confidence these people have, but seriously, whenever you see a baby swingset out in the wild, PLEASE do me a favor and just leave it for the babies. 

Okay so I'm pretty sure that none of these images capture the culprit's "finest moments", but heck, I bet they had a whole lotta fun doing it at the time. And hey - at least they got a hilarious story out of it in the end, right!?

Now I want to hear from YOU guys! Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation such as this before, or know somebody who has? Even more importantly... do you have photographic evidence of it!? If so please feel free to share them in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family so they can join in on the laughs as always too! AAx