20 Hilarious Vet Signs That We Wish Our Pets Could Read


1.) I don't know whether to love this or hate it

This sign is a reference to the infamous Dr. Phil episode where this teenage girl was very aggressive and seemed to have her own language, uttering the words, “Catch me outside, howbadah?” No, I don't know what it means either. This vets office did their own animal version of the phrase and I definitely prefer it!

2.) Best vets ever

If you're searching for a new vet for your pet, look no further! This one definitely promises for your animals to love them, they aren't joking about it either. I love the play on words and this definitely made me laugh more than it should have done.

3.) They aren't wrong there...

We can't let history repeat itself people! We need to look after our pets and take them to the vet or a meteor might wipe them out because vets DEFINITELY protect against meteors. Do it for the animals, folks.

4.) This is a fact

This veterinary office definitely knows what they are doing as this is the truest statement ever. Dogs and cats are basically polar opposites and with a dog, you are worshipped, a cat expects you to worship it. We love them both of course though!

5.) Quite literally

Everyone who has ever owned a male dog knows how tragic it is when your dog embarrasses you by humping everyone and everything in sight. Thankfully, vets are there to quite literally make your dog less nuts by taking away his nuts!

6.) See you after the break to find out...

This seems like the doggy version of a reality talk show where broken families discover their true parents. I wonder if these dogs ever try to find their father after they discover the truth...

7.) Katy Perry who?

Everyone knows Katy Perry's classic "I Kissed A Girl". However, kissing a pug is much more adorable and who wouldn't like it? They are just the cutest! This vet is the best just because of this sign.

8.) Even the vets love dad jokes

This joke is so bad that it's actually good. Yes, the cheese level of this joke is off the charts but it would still make me chuckle driving past. People who own Dalmatians HAVE to go to this vet now.

9.) Spay and neuter those pets

We've all heard the classic "suns out, guns out" from those people desperate to show off their biceps in the sun, or, lack of biceps. However, this vet came up with a far better alternative which reminds people to neuter their pets.

10.) Painfully relatable

The dreaded cone of shame is enough for your cat or dog to want to hide away forever. Animals run around crazily and constantly run into things when wearing the dreaded cone. It really isn't fun for anyone...

11.) Great for the kids, terrible for the parents

Parents might want to cling onto their kids like there's no tomorrow when visiting this vet. An espresso and a puppy are a dangerous combination when in the hands of a child, it basically spells disaster.

12.) Everyone's favourite place

This veterinary hospital has nailed it with a play on a classic strip club sign. I would much prefer lap dances from dogs, please! This is the kind of place I would like to visit frequently for my daily dose of cute.

13.) We all need to speak to our cats before its too late

Catnip is a dangerous drug and serious addiction for cats (not really.) So, if your cat has been sneaking around, lying to you, going to weird places late at night, it might be time for you to talk about catnip to them. Obviously, catnip is completely harmless but this is hilarious!

14.) Why are vets so great at cheesy jokes?!

This sign is an example of how cheesy jokes tend to actually be the best jokes. Cats definitely shouldn't play cards because they shouldn't be trusted, any money they win will just be spent on catnip anyway.

15.) Damn, I thought that I was in luck

This vet is a little unfair, I want free belly rubs for taking my pet there and giving them my business! Oh well, animals love a good belly rub so I'm sure that this vet has many returning happy customers.

16.) Now this is stuck in my head, thanks

This vet decided to replace the lyrics to the famous "Whip It" song with the dog breed Whippet. This is super cheesy but it's also too good. The song is stuck in my head now though, thanks.

17.) Sad but true

This sign is heart-breakingly true. We want to shower our cats with love and affection but if we do, they are likely to claw our face off. Similar to texting, they would 100% leave us on read every single time. That's why we love them though...right?

18.) Bless them!

Anything shiny, loud or smells interesting immediately distracts our pets so they probably aren't the most reliable test-takers. Although, the idea of them getting nervous over a test is just the cutest thing ever!

19.) Deep but very true

This seems like a deep quote but cats really do act this way, they are the most indecisive animals ever! One minute they want to go outside, the next they are waiting to come in, meowing like you threw them out. I wonder why they can never make up their minds? They probably just enjoy torturing us with their indecision.

20.) Solid life advice

I mean, it might be best to pee in the toilet rather than on the actual thing but I can relate to this sign on a spiritual level. I feel like doing this on a daily basis but societal expectations hold me back, maybe I should just embrace my inner dog!

I wish all vets had awesome signs like this. Sadly, our pets cannot read and be reassured by these signs, they do get healthy though from going to the vets so it's worth it! Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!