20 Hilariously Bad Cooking Fails By Moms Copy

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1.) These were once pigs in blankets

This upsets me more than words can say. Pigs in blankets are amazing food that should NEVER be burnt and are only to be treated with respect. It breaks my heart for them to be burnt to a crisp and I have no idea how this mom managed it!

2.) Homemade birthday cake

This thoughtful mom thought that she would try her hand at making a birthday cake from home, made entirely with love. Unfortunately, the end result looks like this cake has been smashed into someone's face or something. I'm sure it still tastes good though...

3.) Those eggs are definitely hardboiled

If you want your eggs to be as hard as a rock and impossible to chew, then ask this mum to cook you some up! It looks like this mom cooked these eggs until the water actually evaporated...

4.) Just a tiny bit too much pepper

The pepper lid must have fallen off or this mom slipped up OR she hates her family and wants to nearly kill them all with pasta coated in pepper. Either way, I would pay anyone to eat this so that I could watch their reaction.

5.) Much-needed cooking instructions for mom

This adorable little boy knew that his mom is such a bad cook that he needs to leave instructions for her to follow in order for a cake to get cooked properly. I love how he put "ask daddy for help if you need to" and "DON'T FORGET to press START". I wonder what cooking disasters this mom has previously conjured up?

6.) The least consistent bacon cooking ever

This mom is somewhat talented, I've never known someone who has the ability to cook bacon that ranges from burnt to a crisp to undercooked, all in the same pan! At least there's something for everyone's tastes...

7.) This mom can't take food out of the oven without dropping it

This mom actually managed to cook what looks like nice roasted veggies. However, when it came to actually take them out of the oven, she struggled a little bit...unfortunately, I think the 5-second rule doesn't apply here.

8.) This mom managed to burn CARROTS

I'm not too sure how on Earth this happened as I've never seen someone burn a carrot before, it's actually quite a talent. Maybe she should try boiling them next time, less of a chance of burning them!

9.) She made the mistake of microwaving a squash

Looks like this mom's squashed exploded in the microwave and I can't help but feel sorry for her. This looks like an absolute NIGHTMARE to clean up and I wish her the best...

10.) Even toast is an impossible task

If this mom can't even make toast without burning it, she should probably just give up on cooking, it isn't for her. Moms are busy enough as it is, they should get someone else to help them cook, they deserve it!

11.) This BBQ really didn't go to plan

This mom didn't just burn the burgers, she burnt them so bad that even the FOIL melted! I really hope this wasn't a summer BBQ with loads of friends and family over, you have to be pretty bad to mess up a BBQ.

12.) This mom and her S.O.S text

This mom can clearly not be trusted to be left alone with the BBQ or it might end up melting. I hope someone came to her rescue, this sounds like a dangerous situation.

13.) These waffles are a huge disappointment

I bet the kids were so excited when their mom said that she was making waffles. Sadly, they were probably bitterly disappointed when they saw what monstrosity she had managed to create. It's the thought that counts though, right?

14.) The worst grilled cheese sandwich ever

This mom's grilled cheese really didn't go to plan. It's so black that it literally looks blue and dangerous to eat. Imagine just how burnt that must taste...I wouldn't eat that if I were you.

15.) Perfect for Halloween

This mom tried to make cute smiley face bread but ended up created what looks like the incarnation of pure evil. The cheese coming out of the eyes and mouth really add to the creep-factor...

16.) Pressure cooker from hell

Moms usually love using pressure cookers. They are reliable and convenient, can be left for hours and will cook food perfectly. Or not as this case may be...This pressure cooker literally exploded and now I'm scared and will never use one ever.

17.) What her husband came home to

Oh dear...plastic really isn't the best thing to rest boiling hot equipment on. At least she wrote an apology!

18.) Next time, put the pizza on a tray

This mom thought that a pizza loaded with heavy toppings didn't need a tray to cook on. I think that she learnt her lesson when it heated up and collapsed. This upsets me not only because it'll be impossible to clean but also because of what a waste of pizza!

19.) This mom has been defeated

Sometimes you mess up in the kitchen so bad that you just need to sit down and take it all in. Thankfully, the cat is keeping her company and helping to clear up! I don't think that she will be cooking again for a little while...

20.) This mom ran out of cooking chocolate...

This mom ran out of cooking chocolate to make a cake for her kid and so she had to sacrifice a chocolate bunny. Thankfully, her kid didn't know but that doesn't make her less of a monster...

These moms deserve to be let off the hook, they do enough already but they should maybe have a supervisor in the kitchen...Have you ever had any cooking fails? Let us know your stories in the comments!

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