20 Rare And Totally Bizarre Pictures Of Donald Trump Before He Became President


Donald Trump evokes some very mixed reactions from people, you either love or hate him and he is somewhat of a controversial president, to say the least...

Love him or hate him, I think we can all agree that he definitely is an... interesting character. His past is pretty colorful too with many bizarre pictures commemorating the strangest moments in Trump's history.

Before he became president, Donald Trump did many unusual things and attended some very random events. These pictures are so random they are hilarious, all Trump supporters and haters will have to laugh at them!

1.) Trump and his pet polar bear

I'm not too sure what's actually going on here... Donald Trump is posing with a huge, fluffy polar bear for reasons unknown... A disturbing aura to this one...

2.) Shaving Vince McMahon's head at Wrestlemania 23 in 2007

Donald Trump seems to be having the time of his life, shaving Vince McMahon's head before chugging a beer. Looks like a standard Saturday night for Trump!

3.) The weirdest tea party ever...

Trump enjoyed some tea with weirdly huge food and dinosaurs way back in 1992. I love how these pictures have little to no explanation, you're just left confused and slightly disturbed...

4.) MLB first pitch in 2004

Donald Trump definitely looks very in the zone here...it probably made his year being asked to throw the MLB first pitch, they haven't asked him since he became president though...

5.) Singing at the 57th Annual Emmy Awards in 2005

Trump really did get up to the most random things...here he is pictured singing the Green Acres theme song with Megan Mullally. Sounds about right, I love his outfit!

6.) Captured having what looks like an awkward conversation

Here Donald Trump is pictured having a forced conversation with Derek Zoolander at the 2001 Vogue Fashion Awards, neither of them looks very amused!

7.) Frankenstein is about to attack

Trump visited Universal Studios Hollywood in 2006, he was pictured blissfully unaware that Frankenstein was about to attack him...only Donald Trump would get into these situations!

8.) The happiest Trump has ever been

I don't think anyone has ever seen Donald Trump glowing with such happiness as he is here! This picture of Trump with the Easter Bunny and Bo Peep was at the Mar-a-Lago in 2006. He is clearly in his element.

9.) Admiring a painting of himself

Trump received a massive painting of himself as a present at his birthday party in 1990. Here, he has been pictured admiring the painting of himself, sounds like Trump to me!

10.) Donald Trump looking very uncomfortable

Here, Trump looks very uncomfortable after being intercepted by a scantily dressed Cirque du Soleil performer in 2003. This picture just makes me laugh far too much...

11.) Trump and David Blaine

Trump just casually shakes hands with an upside-down David Blaine at a press conference in 2008. This picture is probably the most random one yet and I need an explanation...

12.) Trump facing up to an impersonation

Trump doesn't look too impressed with Katie Couric's impersonation of him during a taping of the Today show in 2004! I think it's the hair and the bold statements people love to make fun of...

13.) Trump and tiny Trump

Donald Trump is seen here showing off tiny Trump at a press event. I have no idea why Trump exists as an action figure but that's okay...each to their own, it is pretty creepy though.

14.) Trump meeting the important people in 1996

Donald Trump seems to be having the time of his life posing with a random silver half-naked man and Tweety Bird. I have no idea why or where this happened...

15.) Donald Trump and his Genie bottle

Trump seems to be having a great time with this magical lamp in 1990. I wonder if his wish was to become president...?

16.) Donald Trump and his suitcase full of money

Trump shocked people with a suitcase filled with $100,000 in 2002. This is probably the most Donald Trump picture of them all.

17.) Trump on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Donald Trump is pictured here just casually hanging out on set for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1994. This is pretty iconic and I am very jealous of Trump here...

18.) Trump and the deadly eagle

Trump suffered this unfortunate encounter with a bald eagle during the 2015 photoshoot for Time's Person Of The Year. Clearly, the eagle wasn't Trump's biggest fan either...

19.) Donald Trump in Home Alone 2

Trump made a random cameo in Home Alone 2 in The Plaza Hotel scene. This was because he actually owned the hotel so of course, he needed to feature!

20.) BONUS: Trump carrying out the famous Wrestlemania head shaving

Here we see the actual activity of Trump shaving Vince McMahon's head! He looks like he is enjoying it a little bit too much and I'm slightly concerned...

Donald Trump certainly has had a pretty crazy and weird life...becoming president seems pretty tame for him! Which image was the strangest to you? Let us know in the comments! AAx