20 Hotel Design Fails That Will Make You Think Twice Before Booking Your Next Vacation

20 Hotel Design Fails That Will Make You Think Twice Before Booking Your Next Vacation

20 Hotel Design Fails That Will Make You Think Twice Before Booking Your Next Vacation

Have you ever stayed in a hotel before? Of course, you have. I love staying in hotels, even if it’s just for one night. Doesn’t even really matter where I am, I just really enjoy seeing what different hotels have to offer. Think I’m super weird? Good. I am.

And more often than not you get more than you bargained for when you check into your destination. Especially when you take the risk of booking a hotel that isn’t exactly part of a “mainstream” chain or is heading to a country you’ve never stayed before. That’s when things can get pretty wild.

There are many people out there who have experienced this, and luckily they’ve been kind enough to take to the internet to tell us about it, and now I’ve been thoughtful enough to put 20 of my favorite hilarious examples together just for you guys… enjoy!

1. These Are CPR Instructions Next To The Hotel Pool In Thailand…

Depending on the attractiveness of the person whose life I’m trying to save, I could totally get behind these Thai CPR instructions… although usually, I’d have to do number 6 first, then number three, then number 6 again.

2. Found This Note In My Hotel Bed Last Night…

Okay so this annoys me for two reasons; 1) because, obviously, the sheets haven’t been cleaned and they should have been. 2) Someone is petty enough to actually write this note just to see if they clean the sheets or not. I mean, be hygienic, but also get a life.

3. “My Buddy Traveled Across The Country To Visit Me Last Weekend. Unfortunately, He Got Stuck In His Hotel Shower For 3 Hours. Shout-Out To Julio For Helping Out A Man In Need”

I’m not even sure how this happens in a glass shower?? I can only imagine it had something to do with the handle or the sliding door mechanism becoming locked or breaking down. I wonder how many times Julio has had to do this before!?

4.  The Sink In My Hotel Room (Helsinki)

I don’t know what I love more, the fact that whoever built this design didn’t give one freakin’ damn about the flaw whatsoever, or the irony of the fact that this was found in a hotel in Helsinki.

5. “The Hotel I’m Staying At In India Doesn’t Want Me Looking Out The Windows In A Certain Direction”

The Hotel I'm Staying At In India Doesn't Want Me Looking Out The Windows In A Certain Direction

Can’t tell if this hotel is super crafty, super dumb or just super optimistic… I mean, do they honestly believe this will deter people from looking out the window in that direction!? Really?

6. “Was Told My Hotel Room Had A Courtyard View. Was Not Disappointed. 10/10 Would View Again”

Okay now this, this is amazing. I would give them 10/10 too just because of the sheer audacity of the claim. But hey, it’s not like they’re lying is it!? I LOVE IT.

7. Welcome To The Hotel California!

I really hope this hotel is not somewhere where people frequently get drunk or there are a lot of fires… or both.  As hilarious as this is, it also seems a recipe for disaster!

8. “The Door To My Hotel Balcony Is In The Shower Stall”

Okay, I’m sorry but to me this is perfect. Can you imagine just opening your door and being straight in the shower!? It would be seriously handy after a big night out. Although it does make you wonder how small the room is that they have to put the shower right by the door!?

9. This Hotel Doesn’t Allow You To Use Books For Their Intended Purpose!?

Um… WHAT? This is a monstrosity. Who would keep books captive like that? If they think a simple sign would stop me from selecting a book to read they have another thing coming. Hilton, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer!

10. This Toilet Paper Holder

I mean are these hotels all hiring the same guy to design their spaces for them? Who thought this was a good idea!? Either someone with SUPER long arms or someone who just found out they weren’t getting paid and wanted to really freakin’ anger some people.

11. This ‘Art’ Above My Hotel Toilet

Art… or just some really awful stain they couldn’t remove from the wall so they did the next best thing… by framing it… Honestly, I really don’t want to think about it.

12. The Room Numbers In This Hotel

Maybe the theme of this hotel is “ridiculous designs that make absolutely no sense whatsoever?”. Or maybe the numbers glow in the dark when you switch the lights off!? Either way… this is pretty damn terrible.

13. This Hotel Mural In The Breakfast Area

And I call this one “Things We’ve Found Down All Your Shower Drains”… I can understand why they’d put this in the breakfast area… the fewer people eat the more money they make, right!?

14. “This Stupid Doorstop In My Hotel Room. Banged My Foot On It Four Times Today”

To me, this just looks like some random bolt that’s fallen on the floor. I don’t even see how this would successfully stop a door!?  I’d for sure have to put something on top of it.

15. The Braille In This Hotel Bathroom Sign Isn’t Raised

Um… well I mean… at least they er, tried? Did they try!? Maybe they don’t actually understand what braille is? Either way, it’s hilarious but highly impractical.

16. Braille Numbering But… On A Bumpy Surface

Okay so these guys got slightly closer but still but at the same time they also missed their mark completely. Don’t worry guys, keep working on it and I 100% believe you’ll get there eventually!

17. The Design Of These Curtains At A Hotel That My Parents Stayed At

Suspicious blood-like designs on hotel curtains + parents with a golden sense of humor = hilarious set of comedic photographs.  Gotta love it! …hopefully, that design is actually meant to be part of the curtains, eh?

18. The Swimming Pool At The Motel 6 That I Stayed At Last Night

This doesn’t even look like a Motel 6, it looks like some abandoned lot that once had a swimming pool 1000 years ago. Maybe it’s some sort of crazy art installation? You just never can tell these days. HOW does this even happen!?

19. Taking A Shower In A Hotel In China

Bless the Chinese, always so concerned about the safety of their tourists. Such marvellous hospitality, thank you, China!

20. “This Hotel Forgot To Insert A Quote Into The Wall Decorations Text Sample…”

Honestly, if I ran a hotel this is 100% something I would probably end up doing accidentally and would just pray nobody noticed. To be fair, the script text is just scripty enough that they may just get away with it most of the time… right?