20 Incredible Photographs That Prove Steve Irwin's Son, Robert, Is An Insanely Talented Photographer


It's still one of the saddest topics I'm ever asked to write about, but when Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin suddenly (and not to mention, tragically) passed away back in 2006, he left behind not only his impressive animal conservation legacy, but also two adorable children who have both grown up to completely follow in their beloved father's conservational footsteps.

Little Robert Irwin was only a mere 2 years of age when his father was struck by a fatal blow which killed him instantly. However, "little" Robert has now grown into quite the handsome teenaged boy who seems to have quite the flair for photography.

Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year


1. Can you believe he's only freakin' 14!?


When I was 14 years old I wasn't even allowed on the freakin' bus by myself!

2. Way Back in the Day

Crocodile Hunter, 

3. Now we know exactly how he gets those incredible close-ups.

His very early exposure to all those creatures both great and small, that most of us 100% would not go anywhere near even if our lives depended on it is clearly the key to some of his more epic photo conquests.

For example, here we see him happily share his camera with a teeny little spotted python, y'know like super casually, no biggie, everything's cool...

4. A birds gotta eat when a birds gotta eat!

There's no doubt that an amazing telephoto lens, when combined with a ridiculously good sense of how to correctly observe animals in their natural habitats, is the exact winning combination behind brilliant shots such as these.

Robert captured this particular egret chowing down on anole lizard while down in Florida.

5. Facing Fears

Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve

6. Frog lips are also, TOTALLY a thing.

Without this suuuuper extreme close-up existing in the world, you might never know the reason why this little cutie here is actually known as the "white-lipped" tree frog. Swear down!

7. We all need a little alone time every now and then.

northern dwarf tree frog

8. Smile for the camera!


9. The artist himself at work!


10. 100% a "Nope Rope"


Robert actually posted this photo of what is allegedly a northern scrub python in honor of the prestigious "Nature Photography Day". For most of us, the pythons forked tongue is the stuff of actual nightmares. But then again, most of us didn't actually grow up cuddling pythons on a daily basis.

11. A taste for show biz

Well, folks, unfortunately for us there's only one real way to get a truly great photo and that is to let the subject itself become comfortable around you and your camera.

Just like good ole' Robert here, who is clearly wonderfully happy to wait it out while this black-headed python goes ahead and gets a good taste of the Canon camera he uses to snap his spectacular shots.

...Er, yeah, think I'll leave this one to the professionals.

12. Talk about "Hangry Birds"


13. The Daring Duo


It's not unusual for Robert's photography skills often defy reality - and this one is 100% no exception. It also helps that a lot of the time his subjects are some seriously majestic creatures.

14. All business, no pleasure

And just to confirm my above statement - here's a shot Robert also nabbed of a tundra swan in flight while in Klamath Falls, Oregon.


15.  Live in Technicolor

And while the above tundra swan truly does prove that a bird doesn't necessarily have to be colorful in order to be beautiful, this lilac-breasted roller certainly makes the world even more beautiful as it takes flight in South Africa.

16. Make sure you get my good side!

Peacocks, of course, don't actually have to try very hard in order to outdo all the other birds in the animal kingdom. However, this particular peacock isn't taking any risk and is clearly making sure he (or she) is striking their best pose in Southern France. Good job!


Okay well, this one is slightly hard to look at. However, like all of the best wildlife photographers out there, Robert is keen to remind us that those majestic creatures out there are just like us - when they're hungry, they gotta eat!

These eagles, along with their reflections, were caught on film enthusiastically feeding during their annual migration in Oregon.

Oh and here's a cute little fact for you; what they're feeding on is a tundra swan just like the one we saw photographed earlier. Yep... you're welcome.

18. 3... 2... 1... Ready for take-off!


19. Do they make this pattern in a faux fur?

Robert posted this curiously close-up photo onto his Instagram in order to celebrate National Zebra Day... and I don't know about you but I am already planning every single one of my summer looks around a faux-fur version of now. Darrrrrling, your skin is simply to die for!

20. Nope, sorry, you can't have one... we checked.

World Endangered Species Day.

So put it in your diaries, folks!

What do you reckon folks, he truly is a testament to what a great man his father was, isn't he? There's no doubt in anyone's mind about just how proud Steve Irwin would be of his son Bobby if he were still around to see him. Let me know what you think of Robert's photographs in the comments and don't forget to share this with your friend and family in order to spread young Irwin's talent far and wide! x