20 Miserable Husbands Trapped In Shopping Hell

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1.) It’s better to sleep than be awake in this HELL

This man has taken a tactical approach. The longer he sleeps, the quicker the time goes and the quicker his wife will be done! Or, she will leave the shop without him as she’s too in the zone.

2.) He’s given up

We had such high hopes for him and he’s given up! So early on too …he still has hours to go. Someone give this guy a hug, he looks so defeated.

3.) It’s cold and lonely outside

These men aren’t even allowed inside the shop. They’ve been deregulated to standing outside and guarding the shopping bags. At least they have each other for company if they weren’t so engrossed in their mobile phones.

4.) If in doubt, use him as a clothing rack

Husbands do have some uses when wives take them shopping, they can hold the pile of clothes that she has decided to buy. What an honour!

5.) Miserable even when THEY are doing the shopping

Men hate shopping, period. Even if they are the ones doing the buying! These men are obviously buying flowers to get off the hook by the look on their faces. It’ll be worth it in the end guys!

6.) A picture of misery

These two husbands have both accepted their fate. They are both completely and utterly miserable. At least they have accepted that fact before it’s too late.

7.) They are EVERYWHERE

There’s no escape from the miserable man when you are out shopping. This is their natural habitat of sadness. Look at them there, gathering on the steps. For these men, there’s no safety in numbers. We hope they make it out alive.

8.) Completely DONE

Where is this man’s wife? Did he come to the shopping centre alone just to get some sleep? Did she leave him? Who knows, someone needs to help him.

9.) Is he alive?

This man definitely used his wife’s belongings to muffle his screams as he slowly cried himself to sleep.

10.) Is this all worth it?

This man wonders what has happened to his life whilst he contemplates divorce. Surely, his wife wouldn’t put him through this if she really loved him?

11.) Even Conor McGregor isn’t safe

You thought celebrities had it easy? McGregor suffers from shopping hell too AND he is having to use a flip phone. Is everything okay at home?

12.) He’s no longer with us

This guy looks like he has actually passed away from the pure horror and boredom of shopping hell.

13.) It’s an epidemic

These men are all suffering the same fate. We are starting to think they should start a club or something. All we know is that they are brave souls.

14.) A seasoned shopper

This man has settled in for the day. He’s no fool to the trials and tribulations that come with a wife-driven shopping trip. He knows it’s best to be patient and just sleep it off.

15.) A lone wolf

We love this guy and we are rooting for him. He looks lost, confused and lonely but he isn’t giving up. Somebody find his wife for him, please!

16.) A whole group of them

The guys need a coffee, SOMETHING to keep them going. Please keep going…there’s too many of you to lose.

17.) ‘Tis the season to be…miserable?

Christmas is the WORST for husbands accompanying wives on a shopping trip. Just hang in there buddy, it’s only once a year.

18.) The kids’ given up too

When even your child I bored of looking at all the exciting things in shops then you know that it’s time to go.

19.) Not the iPad!

As soon as the iPad was pulled out, he knew it was too late. He was going to be in this for the long haul.

20.) Making friends

At least these two seemed to have made friends in their tragically miserable situation. What we want to know is, what shop is that?! We need to get us one of those giant bears.

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