20 Objects That Have Been Cut In Half To Show What They Are Really Made Of


I personally, always had a fascination over what bouncy balls or tennis balls were made of...although I don't remember cutting them in half...so, maybe I wasn't THAT curious, but the interest was still there!

There are a number of random objects about which we are all wondering "what if I'd cut it open just to see what's hiding within?" Isn't there!?

Well, if you're one of these weirdos then you can put away your knife and scissors (please, just put them on the floor!) & relax because as always, we've got you covered!

As there are actual people from around the world who have already done it and took pictures of it so that you don't have to! With everything from bullets to hockey helmets, from pearls to baseballs, this list has got it!

Time to fulfil your curiosity!

1. Typewriter

How would you even cut a typewriter in half!? & Don't say, "a very big knife!"

It's fascinating though, who knew that its inner workings were so complicated!? & It almost looks like a new trainer design for some mad A-list celebrity to market!

2. Fukang Meteorite

Look how fukang beautiful that is! (Sorry, if I wasn't going to do it, someone else would have!) Seriously though, look how magical that looks! Amazing!

3. Cut banana tree trunks

These look like rolls of paper...or carpet! Very pretty though, right!? & Apparently, they are edible and often used in Thai soups! I wonder what they taste like!? Banana, maybe!?

4. Pearls

Wow, that's not what I imagined a pearl would look from the inside! They look like jawbreakers! Yum!

5. A rattlesnake rattle

This makes me slightly uncomfortable, I'm not sure why..!? Maybe it's because I don't know what happened to the poor Snake! Let's hope he died of natural causes before they cut his tail in half!

6. 'Mark Twain Tree' Sequoia section with historical notations from year 550 to 1891

I actually find this quite heartbreaking, all the historical events this tree has witnessed and lived through, only to be cut down at the end of it. Mind you, it's only like humans...we go through so much, only to be 'cut down' at the end of it, but let's not get too deep, too early on in the proceedings.

7. Poppy Capsule

Wow, this looks like some kind of black hole you could fall into and just keep going, doesn't it!? Very pretty indeed! & Apparently, the seeds turn black when they're ripe and are actually delicious to eat!

8. Simulation to what happens when a small space debris object hits a spacecraft

It looks like a face!

Well, a one-eyed face! & This is actually quite a terrifying thought, to be honest. Remind me to never become an astronaut!

9. Bloodwood tree (Pterocarpus angolensis)

I'm actually a tiny bit traumatized right now, I never thought that I'd ever see a tree bleed...and it's not particularly something that I wanted to see either!

10. Rock in New Zealand

Oh my god, it looks like Pac Man! That's amazing! So that's where he retired to!? He's relocated to a sea home in New Zealand!

11. Tortoise Skeleton

Aw! He's not exactly everyday 'object', but his skeletal frame is certainly very interesting! Again, let's just hope he died of natural causes before they cut him open!

12. Tree Fern

It looks like some kind of boiled sweet! Just beautiful growth patterns! Isn't mother nature wonderful!?

13. Leica Summicron lens

Wow, I've heard that these are quite expensive! So it must have made somebody cry when they cut it open! Or more likely, someone's wallet! One of the most expensive Summicron lenses is approximately $22,000!! Which is pretty steep! Mind you, judging by the complexity of all it's inner workings, I can see why!

14. Wasp Nest

Well, the first thing I want to know is who had the actual BALLS to cut that open!? I'd wouldn't have gone near that, not for a million pounds! If you haven't guessed already, I have a wasp phobia...well, any insect with wings phobia for that matter!

15. CT Scanner

The Terminator or a bad guy from the Transformers

16. Subsea power cable

Errrm, should they have cut that in half, or what!? LIGHTS OUT!!!

17. Firework Shell

Wow, this looks like a piece of art on display! Fire crackin' good!

18. Military Tank

Thank god they didn't cut those people in half too! Oh? They're Dummies...? Fair enough!

How frickin' claustrophobic is that though!? I couldn't handle that! Definitely not! I didn't realise they were so squashed in!

19. Mechanical calculator


20. Canon Camera

Wow, that isn't just the lens, but the WHOLE camera cut in half! Technology is absolutely amazing and so are the brains that build it!

Original content and all images are sourced from and credited to Bored Panda