Meghan Markle Will Make No More Public Appearances, So Here's 20 Of Her Most Iconic Pregnancy Looks


1.) Looking great in green

Meghan is absolutely killing it in this stunning green outfit! It suits her perfectly and she is definitely rocking that pregnancy glow.

2.) Black and white for International Woman's Day

Meghan definitely knows how to be a badass woman and is looking better than ever, even whilst pregnant! I admire her for wearing those heels with pregnancy feet, she is dedicated to looking amazing.

3.) A glowing icon

Meghan looks stunning in that dress and she is definitely proudly showing off that beautiful pregnancy glow. Here she is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the investiture of the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace in style.

4.) Looking like an angel

Here Harry and Meghan can be seen leaving King Mohammed VI of Morocco's house. Her dress is simply stunning and incredibly flattering, you wouldn't even know that she was pregnant!

5.) Attending a reception by the British Ambassador of Morocco

Here, Meghan and Harry look like a couple straight out of a James Bond movie, they are killing it and in style! Meghan looks so glam and sophisticated, I have no idea how she keeps it together like that, I'll never know...

6.) Lady in red

Meghan was on her way to meet the Prince of Morocco here and her red dress looks stunning! I love how her purse and shoes match too, she definitely isn't suffering from pregnancy brain with that awesome combination!

7.) Meghan Markle looks great in turtlenecks

Meghan has made me fall in love with turtlenecks, she always looks so amazing in them! I don't think anyone in the world can pull off turtlenecks as well as Meghan can though...

8.) Sophisticated outfit with a little bit of sass

Meghan looks very sophisticated here but isn't afraid to show off a little bit of leg every now and then! Pregnancy really does look good on her...

9.) A dress with food and animals on it? Yes please!

This dress seems to have random vegetables and wildlife all over it but I personally love it! Meghan looks great in it and it really flatters her wonderful baby bump.

10.) Showing off those sparkles

Meghan really embraced this glam sparkly look at the Cirque du Soleil Premiere Of "TOTEM." She looks like a movie star and I still can't get over how she manages to keep wearing those strappy heels throughout her pregnancy!

11.) Meghan getting involved in the kitchen

I'm loving that velvet collar and the burgundy colour really compliments her well! She is glowing inside and out.

12.) How is it possible to look THAT GOOD while pregnant?!

Meghan is rocking the spaghetti straps at the Royal Variety Performance and looks absolutely gorgeous. It's impossible to believe that she is pregnant.

13.) Getting those royal feet out

Okay, so how is it possible that Meghan still has such perfect feet and they aren't swollen from the pregnancy at all? I want to know her secrets!

14.) Meghan can rock casual clothes too!

It's great to see Meghan in more comfortable clothes whilst she is pregnant. Jeans and boots look great on her too! (of course).

15.) Meghan is positively glowing

Baby blue is definitely a colour that looks fantastic on Meghan. Although, every colour in the history of ever looks great on Meghan. No, I'm not bitterly jealous AT ALL.

16.) Meghan looking like the Duchess she is

Meghan is wearing WHITE at a dinner party here and I think that this is the bravest thing anyone has ever done...I would have spilt half my food down it just by LOOKING at the dinner.

17.) Meghan certainly doesn't dress down at the airport...

Meghan may be pregnant and about to embark on a long, uncomfortable flight but she is still killing it with this gorgeous red outfit and HEELS. Honestly, she deserves an entire week in sweatpants and in bed.

18.) Still pulling off that beachy look

Somehow, Meghan still manages to look effortlessly beautiful on a beach whilst pregnant. I love that cheeky show of leg too, I need this outfit!

19.) Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Beachy outfits really do look amazing on Meghan, I'm loving the added touch of a lei necklace too, such a fun outfit with the added accessory of a pregnancy glow!

20.) Simple but stunning

And lastly, Meghan somehow manages to make trousers and a comfy jumper look like the best outfit ever. Now, just into some sweatpants and rest, Meghan!

There you have it, I'm sure many of us have sported similar looks when pregnant (doubt it) but Meghan seems to be the queen of iconic pregnancy outfits. Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!