Here Are The 20 Coolest Seniors Staying Young At Heart With Totally Cool Tattoos

Here Are The 20 Coolest Seniors Staying Young At Heart With Totally Cool Tattoos

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    Tattoos; you either love them or you hate them. Me, personally? I love them! But even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t go around telling people who had them that they’re going to regret getting them someday because A) It’s none of my freakin’ business, and B) I am yet to meet anybody who got a tattoo they really loved to one day turn around and go “Damn, I really regret doing that.”… It just doesn’t happen.

    Not to mention, have you ever actually SEEN an old person who has tattoos? Yeah… they are literally the coolest old people you have ever seen in your whole entire life. No, seriously.

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    Just in case you’re a bit of a Judgy McJudgerson, however, and don’t believe me, I’ve gathered together photographs of some the coolest older generation of tattooed people I could find – and I promise you, after seeing them you’ll be grabbing your phone book to look up your nearest tattoo parlour and booking your appointment ASAP.


    1. When you’re deciding to get a tattoo, one of the things you should probably think about is “how exactly is this gonna look when I get older?”

    Your grandkids would never think you were a dork.

    Well, for one, unless you get something truly disturbing or morally offensive, the answer will most likely always be “cool AF”.  Chances are, you’ll be the coolest Grandparent on the schoolyard.

    2. I mean, be honest… doesn’t this look absolutely freakin’ AWESOME?

    So sexy.
    …If you say no, then you’re lying. This photo is not only sexy, but the model in it just exudes confidence. Who doesn’t want to feel like that at this age!?

    3. Not to mention, THIS.

    Not your average grandpa.
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    I love the original old-school tattoo style… of course back then it was just a tattoo style and not  exactly “old school” (Ah, the bittersweet curse of time!)

    4. And this neck?

    Her neck piece brings all the boys to the yard.

     Now, I know I’m a pretty cool gal, folks (No no it’s fine, you don’t have to tell me!) But THIS, this is a whole new freakin’ level of cool. The colors on this beauties neck are incredible!

    5. Carrying your art with you can bring SO much confidence… and who doesn’t love being filled with confidence!?

    Because you've made a commitment to these symbols.

    Hot DAMN! Can anyone tell me how I can save this to my computer!? (Preferably someone who won’t actually tell Walt that I asked them for help to save this image to my computer…)