20+ Of The Dumbest People On The Internet

Try your best not to hit your head against your keyboard while you are reading these…you would think the internet, with its vast amount of information, would make people more intelligent. That isn’t the case here…

It truly is hard to look at these images of complete and utter stupidity and craziness. Whether these people are trolling or if they just had a fleeting moment of stupidity, these images are both hilarious and infuriating. Is the world doomed? If these people are running the show then maybe!

1.) The Flat Earth Society…

stupid 1
Elon Musk made a joke about a Flat Mars Society and the Flat Earthers actually took him seriously…our question is, how on Earth is Mars round but Earth not?! What are they basing their logic on…?

2.) Twins predicament

stupid 20
All we can say is that we desperately hope this woman isn’t the one having twins and that she’s asking for a friend…

3.) Hate to break it to you…

stupid 2
…but California is still in the US and run by the US Government. Looks like this guy needs to venture further afield!

4.) Science!

stupid 3
This guy seems to think that everyone has an identical twin, same DNA and everything…we think he is getting confused by the concept that everyone has a doppelgänger, not the exact same DNA!

5.) The ceiling fan

stupid 21
Okay, this one is pretty hilarious and had us stumped for a second when we read his comment. At least he came to his senses in the end! Why wouldn’t you frame a picture of your ceiling fan though? They deserve more respect…

6.) “Cleaning glove”

stupid 4
We hate to break it to you but we are pretty much certain that this isn’t a cleaning glove…

7.) Oh dear

stupid 22
Oh, so the ELEVATOR is the dumb one here?

8.) Oops

stupid 5
Okay, this one made us laugh…mistaking a police car as a taxi whilst being under the influence and having loads of drugs on him. Talk about a bad day!

9.) That’s a Swiss Army Knife…

stupid 6
These girls tried to open a bottle of wine with a knife on a SWISS ARMY KNIFE which we thought EVERYONE knew it had a corkscrew…

10.) Stop lying

stupid 7
We don’t understand what this mug is trying to pull but we aren’t falling for it.

11.) Educating the masses

stupid 23
You know what, we didn’t know that either! Except, we totally did and really don’t understand how someone would not know this.

12.) Commas are very important

stupid 8
This girl will never underestimate the difference a comma makes ever again.

13.) Logic!

stupid 9
This logic totally makes sense and it’s definitely our new life motto…not.

14.) Don’t you just love a boy with eyes?

stupid 24
This girl has extremely low standards if the only requirement a boy has is to have eyes.

15.) Spanish isn’t his forte…

stupid 10
This is like a Spanish person saying “why does every English person I know have an Uncle called Uncle”. This guy needs to think before he tweets!

16.) A lesson in economics

stupid 11
Umm, we are pretty sure that’s not how money works but okay?

17.) Awkward

stupid 12
Looks like this beauty website mistook Whoopi Goldberg for Oprah and it’s super awkward…

18.) Nature is crazy

stupid 25
It’s crazy how nature can chisel famous human faces into rocks. Crazy.

19.) Why?

stupid 13
We really can’t understand what this driver was thinking…it would have taken a couple of minutes to clear that snow off. What is happening to people these days?!

20.) Um, blind people can’t drive buddy…

stupid 14
This guy thinks the bumps on a steering wheel are BRAILLE! Fully blind people cannot drive and the bumps are there so drivers can locate the horn without looking away from the road.

21.) That’s not how numbers work…

stupid 15
Unfortunately, 2020 and 2020 are the same number, not different numbers. Sorry to break it to you!

22.) This map.

stupid 16
We definitely aren’t going to be able to point out Zimbabwe on that map considering that’s South America…

23.) Your boyfriend is lying

stupid 17
Hate to break it to you but that’s not Paris and if your boyfriend is claiming that it is, he might want to avoid getting the Sydney Opera House in the background next time.

24.) At one with technology

stupid 18
This guy doesn’t seem to understand how Facebook links work but we will let him off this time…

25.) Is it compatible?

stupid 19
This person thinks a mousepad needs to be compatible with the computer they use. They are either a troll or don’t know what a mouse pad is, bless!