20 Of The Funniest & Most Creative Pet Names That You're Ever Likely To Hear!

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“Hilarious pet names are clearly a universally popular theme! I am a fan of old man names for pets, but I also enjoyed the incongruous names like ‘Tinkerbell’ for a Rottweiler.”

Well, it seems some people are taking their pet naming to whole new heights!

As a lady named Juliet Mushens (Caskie Mushens literary agent) found out whilst waiting in a veterinary reception and she overheard some of the patient's names as they came and went.

Juliet then went onto creating a viral twitter thread, where people were keen to share their amusing and amazingly creative names they'd come up with for their furbabies!

I personally love old man/woman names for pets myself, but some of these are gold! Take a look for yourself and feel free to share your own quirky, hilarious pet names with us in the comments! We'd love to hear them!

1. The purrrrfect play on words!

Oooooh, I get it! I bet she's a right little devil! & With those stunningly creepy black eyes, she's definitely got the right name!

2. There's already a clear winner

Well, it seems that Voldetort the Tortoise has already got a huge fan following! It is perfect though, isn't it!? Let's be honest...

3. Gentle Giant


4. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

This little bundle of gorgeousness would make anyone happy when skies are grey! Absolutely adorable!

5. Prof. Moody will see you now

I'm guessing that this particular Veterinary Surgeon is always up for a Harry Potter reference!? And judging by the popularity of 'Voldetort', then I'm guessing that most people are!

6. We all need somebody to love

I think this is so, so sweet! Sure, it's an odd name, but it works! Plus, they could always call him 'Buddy' for short!

7. When the famous almost cross paths

This is absolutely brilliant and what are the odds of this happening!? I'm just sad that they weren't called Cat Nicholson and Bill Furray, to be honest!

8. You have to be odd to be number one

Aw, we think it suits her too, Georgina! She's absolutely stunning! In fact, she's purrfect, just like her moniker!

9. Even the Vet has had enough of their naming shenanigans

Soooo, did he die or did he not!? I'm really hoping that he didn't for obvious reasons! It's an excellent and clever name for a kitty though!

10. Satan isn't so bad after all...

Well, what do you know!? It turns out that Satan is a good boy after all! Who'd have thought that the devil was actually a good doggo!?

11. He'll be there for you

Yeah, no prizes for guessing what TV show this kitty's parents were a fan of! He suits it though, doesn't he!? Very cute!

12. A big name for a small doggo

This is absolutely adorable! I think I have my personal favourite right here! "Beef Shreddington" is just the best name I've ever heard!

13. I have no words

I'm actually lost for words, I don't know whether or not to laugh or cry at this...or both. Not to mention the fact that it came from a CHICKEN SHAMING POST!! Where can I find these and why am I only just finding out about them NOW!?

14. Nobody can handle this intergalactic cuteness

Star Wars

15. Although sometimes, it can cause problems...

'but they're cats! how can they be a Badger or a Hedgehog as well!?'

16. JPEG failed to open due to cuteness error

I don't really know how to feel about this, to be honest. Why would you call your Dog 'JPEG'!? More to the point, why would you put him in a t-shirt!? I'm guessing that said Dog had hipster parents, that's the only explanation I can think of! #itsalwaysthehipstersfault

17. The Name's Jones...Evil Jones

This cat should totally get the part of the villain in a blockbuster movie! He has the most purrfect name for it! & The surname makes it!

18. So puuuurrretty!

A pretty name for a pretty kitty! Although by the look on her face, she looks totally done with her owner's sh*t

& I'm pretty sure this is the name that Katy Perry gave to her own cat!

19. A delicious trio!

Laugh!? I wonder why anyone would laugh at that!? Oh right, because it's funny and cute AND they sound like a sandwich! Of course!

20. Dame Doom will grant you three wishes

Original content and all images are sourced from and credited to Twitter and Bored Panda

Well, her overall self certainly seems worthy of such admiration! Look at that jaunty little hat! & Miss Von Doom totally sounds like a Disney villain! She looks like one too! Make it happen, Disney!


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