20 Of The Greatest Parenting Hacks Ever Invented

20 Of The Greatest Parenting Hacks Ever Invented

20 Of The Greatest Parenting Hacks Ever Invented

Raising children takes a WHOLE lotta hard work, dedication, time, stress and sacrifice. You not only lose most of your social life, but you can also say a big GOODBYE to any form of relaxation pretty much as soon as they’re born… sorry, but we all know it’s true.

SO, if there’s literally any way you can make your parenting life just that little bit easier, you are bound to take it. This is where parenting hacks save the day and change lives, one simple time-saving hack at a time. I am here to save the day with the very best parenting hacks EVER, and no, it’s okay, you can thank me later…

1.) How To Quickly Tell Your Twins Apart

This is just AMAZING. Yes, you created those kids but you would be lying that as a parent, you would struggle to tell your own twins apart. So, here is a quick and easy solution! It’s not unfair on the kids either because they couldn’t care less what they look like at that age!

2.) No Bathtub? No Problem!


Honestly, this is probably one of the cleverest, most satisfying hacks I have EVER seen. If you don’t have a bathtub, simply put a baby pool in the shower cabin and voila! I am so satisfied by how perfectly it fits, perfect for when you go on holiday too. And also, who doesn’t a paddling pool with lil fishies on it!?

3.) How To Baby-Proof A BBQ


This is how you do it! Just put a child guard¬†around the BBQ and you’re good to go.

Bonus hack: If you want to be SUPER adorable, wear matching shorts with your toddler!

4.) A Stress-Free Sandpit

The Goonberry Tales

Use a small tent outside to make your own sandpit. You can zip it up at night to keep animals and the rain out, making it clean and easy to maintain! WINNING!

5.) How To Make Your Very Own Igloo


If you have a lot of snow and kids want to do something different, this is a fantastic way to keep them entertained! Fill up a rectangle container with snow to make snow blocks, the kids will be entertained for hours! And you can enjoy a nice crisp glass of pinot.

6.) A Life-Saving Hack For Kids On Planes (And All The Other Passengers, Too)


Dealing with a bored kid on a plane is basically the worst thing ever… for you AND everyone around you. This is where awesome window stickers like these save the day! They are clean, easy to use and don’t leave a mess or sticky residue.

7.) Perfect For Emergency Toilet Breaks


If you keep a clean potty chair in your car with a few diapers, you are on the way to toilet stop success. If your kid needs a toilet when there isn’t one, simply unwrap a diaper and put it in the bottom of the potty. Once your little one has done their business you can wrap it up and throw away. Clean and easy!

8.) Top Marks For Creativity


You can always trust a man to be able to come up with ways to make their lives easier, and this dad is definitely great at thinking on his feet. He used his vest to keep the baby safely sat on the chair while he cooked. I want to know some more of his hacks, like how is his kitchen so spotlessly clean?!

9.) Put Masking Tape On The Carpet For Your Kids To Play With Toy Cars


This is a hack that will keep your kids entertained for HOURS without costing a penny OR messing up your glorious house in any way. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

10.) Ask Your Child To Sort Colourful Things


If you need a spare minute to relax or get something done, this is a great task to get your little one started on. Ask them to sort colourful balls or pasta (or something you actually NEED sorted) into different holders in a muffin pan. They will be entertained for a very long time.

11.) French Fry Apples


If your little one isn’t the biggest fruit fan and would prefer something saltier (same here) then why not cut their apples up into french fry-shaped sticks? They will find it new and exciting, the best way to trick them into eating healthily! If someone did this to me however, there would be freakin’ heck to pay!

12.) Colour Code Your Kids


Okay, this may SOUND strange but it’s a great thing to do if you are going out somewhere busy as a family. If your kids are wearing the same brightly coloured top, you’ll be able to spot them instantly! Just try to avoid St Patrick’s Day and green… you might lose them forever (which I’m told is a bad thing, apparently).

13.) Clean Plastic Toys In The Dishwasher


Make sure that they aren’t electric to avoid ruining your kid’s favourite toy! (Because you’ve got a whole other problem on your hands) If you wash them in the dishwasher it will save you hours AND will prevent toys from getting sticky and gross.

(WARNING: Do NOT put your kids in with them)

14.) Mess-Free Painting


If you put a paper sheet with some paint in a ziplock bag, you can allow your little one to “paint” completely mess free! The creations are unique and you don’t have to stress about them re-painting your house or themselves!

15.) Carry Your Own “Out Of Order” Sign


BOY do I wish I’d thought of this on freakin’ years ago! If you always carry an “out of order” sign around with you, you can quickly slap it on anything you don’t want your child to beg you to use! It will save you a lot of time and money.

16.) Start A “Switch Witch” Halloween Tradition


This one just might be pure genius. Invent a new Halloween tradition using the Switch Witch. Ask your little one want they want the Switch Witch to bring them on Halloween.

The deal is that they leave all of their Halloween candy by their bed when they go to bed, during the night, the Switch Witch comes and swaps the candy for the toy they wanted! A great way to stop your kids eating all that sugary candy that makes them go hyper. Whoever thought of this one deserves a bloomin’ medal!

17.) Did You Know Cinnamon In A Sandbox Keeps The Bugs Away?


All you need to do is sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon in your kid’s sandbox to keep all those nasty bugs out of it! …Just make sure your kids don’t eat it, okay?

18.) ALWAYS Bring Crayons To The Doctor


When your kids need a check-up at the Doctors, there can be a whole lot of wait times and your little one can get fed-up pretty quickly! If you always bring crayons, it will keep EVERYONE distracted during the wait times!

19.) Use A Baby Bottle Lid As A Medicine Dispenser


Avoid those medicine-related tantrums by using a bottle nipple as a medicine dispenser, your kid will be used to drinking from it!

20.) Great Way To Get The Cleaning Done

This is probably the best hack I’ve ever heard. A fantastic way to make your kids clean WHEN they are angry with you too added satisfaction bonus… and it works even better if you can get them to believe this when they’re way into their teens, you’ll never have to clean your own house again!