The 20 Most Awkward Russian Wedding Photographs You Will Ever Ever See


Who doesn't love a good wedding? I know I freakin' do... especially the ones offering a free bar (Don't act like you don't agree with me!). And there are so many different kinds of weddings, isn't there? Especially these days! Rustic, Boutique, Luxury, Themed, Indoor, Outdoor... and that's just barely scratching the surface! Obviously, it doesn't matter what kind of wedding you have, it's still sure to be one of the most wonderful days of your life for very obvious reasons. 

There is one type of wedding, however, that you've probably never been to before, a wedding that I can honestly say is like absolutely no other you ever have, or probably ever will attend and that is a Russian wedding.

1. This Guy LOVES Him Some Watermelon

While in the Western world a wedding is pretty much all about romance, beauty and gazing longingly into each other's eyes etc etc, Russian couples choose to go a totally different route, and let their humor and personalities shine through... especially when it comes to their incredibly professional wedding photos! 

Don't believe me? Well lucky for you I've gathered together some of the most bizarrely creative - but most importantly, hilarious - examples the internet has to offer. Enjoy!

I'm not really a huge fan of watermelon myself, but this guy obviously can't get enough of it! I wonder if this is just a "subtle" way for the bride to let her new husband know there are other delicious "fruits" he could be eating as well? Oh my!

2. A Traditional Family Portrait

When I first saw this one I had to double take because it looks suspiciously like a photograph I once took with my own family... ours, of course, wasn't planned... everybody was just wasted in the street.  

3. Bride And Groom Releasing Doves Of Peace On Their Special Day... Oh, Er, Wait A Minute...

I really don't even know where to start with this one. The throwing of raw chickens into the air, when combined with the brides foliage-chic wedding dress, has rendered me absolutely speechless. Maybe doves are very hard to come by in Russia?

4. Well, That's One Way To Keep A Man

Are you beginning to understand why I'm SO obsessed with Russian wedding photographs!? I hope this one isn't a metaphor for something... because if it is that is one LUCKY (or, perhaps, unlucky?) bride. Boy oh boy!

5. This Really Looks Like The Best Day In Her Life

The way this bride looks on the outside at her own wedding is the way I feel on the inside at literally any event where I'm expected to socialize with people. 

6. She Found Love At The Bottom Of A Bottle

I connect with this image on a deep, deep level. There have been a fair few times over the years that I too thought I'd found the love of my life after I'd chugged a whole bottle of champagne. 

7. Now THAT'S What I Call A Dream Wedding

Nothing to see here folks, just two centaurs who've found love. So, so beautiful. 

8. Not Conforming To Gender Roles, I Guess

Well, I guess that's one way to challenge gender stereotypes? And what better day to do so than your wedding day!?

9. Have To Keep The Traditions Going, Right?

I'm not sure if this is some sort of special carpet or if they just wanted some kind of interesting background... either way it kind of works, right?

10, You Stay Right There, Woman!

As creepy as I find this one, I have to admire the photographers undoubtedly INSANE photoshop skills. Isn't this every man's dream, after all? A wife small enough to carry with you wherever they go? No, no is the answer. No, it is not. 

11. My Favorite Tradition Of Them All... The Happy Couples First Break Dance.

Right well, I think it's safe to say that we've found literally the COOLEST bride on the internet. This is probably how she captured her man in the first place. 

12. Just... Wow.

Okay well, this is amazing. It's so weird that it's actually genius, and I bet the groom (I HOPE that's the groom under there) is in no hurry to get out from under there any time soon.

13. That's One Way To Ensure You Have A Childless Marriage.

I'm sure you'll agree with this one ladies, it's never quite too early to start breaking our partner's balls, is it? HILARIOUS.

14. Us Against The World

I'm not sure if this one is beautifully poetic or so creepy that I should call the police. Good on the wedding party for getting involved though! I wonder if the photographer provided the guns?

15. Is This Some Kind Of Russian Version Of Rapunzel?

Well, I am raging... MY window cleaner never delivers ME flowers like that, and he's "accidentally" seen me naked a whole BUNCH of times. The audacity. 

16. Life Imitates Art???

You know what they say, in every greatly successful marriage, someone has to be the elephant, and someone has to be the watermelon. Well, that's what they say in Russian, anyway. 

17. Now All That's Left To Do Is Find A Shovel...

And here's me thinking that the photograph with the guns and the dead wedding guests was going to be the creepiest photograph I'd find on the list... THIS one takes it to a whole new freakin' level. I mean... is the little girl supposed to be responsible for these murders? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

18. Mortal Kombat

Funnily enough, this is exactly what I did to Walt on our wedding day. It wasn't for a photograph though, he was just really, really getting on my nerves. 

19. I Feel Like I Should NOT Be Looking At This.

I guess they just wanted to give everybody a little preview as to what would be happening in the honeymoon suite later on? A bold choice. A Very bold choice indeed.

20. On The Way To Steal Your Groom

Not content with her own groom, the bride submerges herself into the swamp, cupids arrow locked tight in her jaw, ready to pounce on the next unsuspecting victim. I tell you what, you'd never see me rolling around in water wearing my freakin' wedding dress! Good GRIEF.

Each to their own, I guess?!

Have you actually ever been to a Russian wedding yourself? Or maybe been to a wedding where the wedding photographs were just as hilarious as these? If so let me know in the comments... and definitely feel free to share any pictures you may have too! Most importantly, don't forget to share this with your friends and family in order to keep the laughter going! AAx