20 Of The Most Outrageous Reviews People Left On Amazon That Will Have You Questioning The Human Race


The internet is a vast, wondrous thing that billions of people all over the world use every single freakin' day for a variety of things, such as business purposes, keeping in touch with friends or family, playing games, creating art, downloading media... as you know, I could go on. But one of the main things people tend to use the internet for is... laughter! (Which is super lucky for me seeing as that's how I make my living!)

People love to laugh, and the internet is a great place to find things that will help you do that. However... it can get a little dull when it's just the same old funny stuff being shared around day in and day out.

Memes, comics, funny videos... been there, seen it all. Well folks, never fear! Because the wonderful people at BoredPanda.com have discovered an untapped resource of hilarity for us all... and that is the glorious, hidden world of Amazon reviews. (No... really!)

Anything goes when it comes to Amazon reviews, literally anything goes. They're honest, they're witty, they're self-aware... and they can also be surprisingly wholesome too. Most importantly though... they're absolutely freakin' hilarious, even the ones that don't technically mean to be.

So if you're looking to get a brand new, fresh laugh from something you've never seen before, you're in the right place! Just keep on scrolling and prepare yourself for quite a few bellyaches! (Only the good kind, of course).

1. To Start... The Purest Review On The Entire Internet

Sorry... I'm going to need a minute. Where are my freakin' tissues!? There's no way I couldn't start with this beautiful gift from the internet. And I couldn't agree more... that truly is a very nice picture indeed!

2. The M&M Breeder AKA... The Guy Who Has Too Much Time On His Hands.

...Yeah... I have absolutely no idea what I've just read, but I desperately need to know if the reviewer actually does do this, because this is one of the WILDEST things I've ever heard. And now I totally wanna do it too.


Not only is this review hilarious, but it is also AMAZING. I just want to meet this person and give them a darn 10-minute handshake and a hearty slap on the back because we just NEED more people with this same mindset walking around the globe.

4. Quantity Over Quality.

If only you could review a review... although I guess that's what I'm kinda doing right now!? Gosh, the internet truly is a magical place. Anyway, If only I could have been at that protest to witness 72 kazoos in action against the devils of the Westboro Baptist church!

5. A Perfect Fit... Kind Of.

I don't know about you but I always forget that Amazon sells clothes and not just multi-packs of things I'm too lazy to go to Walmart for. And okay, maybe this didn't work for it's intended use, but somehow I get the feeling that the end result turned out to be 1000% better than they expected.

6. Beds Should Look Like Beds

I won't lie... I had to double check that this wasn't actually one of my own reviews before I posted it, because this is 100% something I would do (and unashamedly have done many times before in my lifetime - NO REGRETS!)

7. Half The Typing = Half The Time

When I first read this I thought it was written entirely in German... however now I realize my error. I need to know why anybody would actually need this keyboard in the first place!? Are we really getting that lazy or is it some new typing trend that I am tragically unaware of!?

8. Nothing Wrong With A Little Spice... Right?


9. The Ghost Of Turtlenecks Past