These Failed Guard Dogs Are The Cuddliest, Cutest, Most Ferocious Thing You'll Ever See


If you've been following me for a while now but still aren't aware just how much I freakin' LOVE dogs... then obviously you've been reading these things with your eyes closed. Because I L-O-V-E them, in every which way shape and form. I've never met a dog I didn't to pet, and I've never met a person who has uttered the phrase "I'm not a fan of dogs" that didn't turn out to be a complete and utter snake... but that's a story for a different article. 

After all, dogs can serve as the utmost adorable hosts when it comes to greeting people; wagging tails, excited licks, little happy dances... who wouldn't want to be greeted by that sight!? However, in other cases, they can also provide their owners with the er... exact opposite service, by being a ferocious-looking, unapproachable-looking guard dog. 

1. Beware Of The Dog

Usually, in order to aid this service, owners will also hang a very menacing "BEWARE OF THE DOG" sign, in order to ward off any strangers who may have some not-so-good intentions for entering the owner's house... or, y'know, some poor unsuspecting mailman doing his morning rounds. 

Of course, as worried as these signs may seem to make you, often you may find that all is not quite what it seems behind them...


Just look at this little cutie! He can't wait to jump into action and protect his owners from any potential danger... so fearsome! 

2. I Think I'll Take My Chances


Attack? Attack with what? Kisses? Because if it is kisses then you can catch me climbing over that gate immediately. 

3. Please, Beware Of Dog


The scariest thing about this little guy is that he could probably slip through the gaps in that gate and nip at your ankles a little bit.

4. Not Entirely Sure What I Need To Beware Of Exactly?

The only thing I need to be aware of with this pooch is that is me bending down and spending the rest of my day some belly rubs... with absolutely no regrets. 

5. Just Beware, Okay? Trust Me


A pup who is SO ferocious that he even destroyed the Beware Of The Dog sign... now that's hardcore. 

6. So Ferocious...

More like beware of this big, goofy-lookin' ball of fluff and his big, adorable, goofy-lookin' scratchable ears!

7. No... Open The Gate, Please


Honestly, it's the owner who better beware... beware of ME opening up that gate and running off into the sunset with this absolutely adorable, four-legged wonder dog. AHHHH.

8. "This Gorgeous Girl Lives In My Neighbor’s Front Yard With A Huge “Beware Of Dog” Sign. The Only Thing I Have To Beware Of Is Spending Hours Petting Her"


This is too, too cute. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can still be a pretty ferocious guard dog! (Unless there's a chance of being petted, obviously).

9. Yeah... I Wouldn't


Either I'm seeing triple or someone has pressed CMD + C on these pups. I suppose it's as they say, the triplets who guard together, stay together!

10. Beware Of This Cutie


I... I just... I need a minute guys, because this is just the CUTEST little button I ever did see! Maybe he just to grow into the sign a little?

11. "Mom Put This Sign On Our Gate, Dad Said It's False Advertising. Look At Me, Would I Not Put Fear In The Heart Of Anyone Who Tried To Enter?"


False advertising? I don't think so. Don't let that cute little pink sweater fool you folks, this is one savage little guard dog!

12. "He Was A Feisty One! Undid My Shoelaces A Few Times"


Oooo that's one mean-lookin' little muggins you've got on your hand there! 

13. Enter At Own Risk


Honestly... I think this may be my favorite one so far. It's always the cute lil' fluffy ones you need to beware of the most! And just look at that little flower... SOB!

14. The Ferocious Lucy!!


I don't care if Lucy is ferocious... I DESPERATELY want to be her friend. 

15. Putting Her SCARIEST Faces On


There is absolutely NOTHING stopping this tall boi from vaulting over that gate and chasing you down... apart from the fact that he's just a big, gentle giant of course. 

16. Beware Of Dog (Because She Is So Very, Very Vicious)


If door is locked I'd probably smash that glass panel right in just for the chance of one stroke of this funny little guy. SO SWEET.

17. Beware Of Dog


Despite the fact that this guy looks like part dog, part grizzly bear, I get the feeling that if I got over that fence there would be nothing stopping him from licking my face off, oh no!



You better beware of this little Killer! He is definitely not one to be messed with.

19. Very VERY Scary Dog


"Hello neighbor, could I possibly borrow a cup of sugar from you?"

20. Seriously. She’s Super Scary!


This happy little chappy wouldn't harm a butterfly. Do you think she's laughing at the fact that she can so very easily slip through that gate? 'Cause I know I would be.

21. Beware Of Dogs. You Have Been Warned. Not Responsible For Injury Or Death!

These two are honestly the most vicious-looking pancakes I've ever seen in my life!

22. Talk About False Advertising


Maybe they er, just ran out of the signs that had the cute little teeny weeny fluffy dogs on them?

Then again, maybe it was just the owner's wishful thinking!? Either way... the outcome is HILARIOUS.

WELL, did we all enjoy that? Because I know I freakin' did. In fact, it has inspired me to go out and buy a 'Beware of the Dog' sign just to brighten peoples day! But how about you? Have you ever met a "ferocious" dog behind a warning sign? Maybe you have one yourself? Either way, let me know in the comments! And if you have pictures to add then that is EVEN BETTER! Of course, don't forget to share this with your friends and family in order to spread the joy this weekend! AAx