21 Of The Very Best & Very Worst Animal Selfie's The Internet Has To Offer


In a world inundated with selfie-takers you'd be forgiven for getting just a little bit bored of seeing idiots posting a thousand photo's of themselves doing nothing with nobody and pulling a cringe-worthy "model face". 

But fret not! As ever, the adorable (and not so adorable!) animals of the world are here to save the day!

(Image Credit: GIPHY)

Look at those big good boy eyes! They were MADE to be adored, MADE to be photographed! 

So although you may be pretty fed up with the 201982934072384th selfie of Sharon after putting her make-up on, you definitely won't be disappointed by these amazing animals who took our selfie's to another level!

... For better or worse!

1. I'M the star of this show, Becky!

(Image Credit: Reddit)

Sorry, honey! That outfit is nice and everything but Rex has had enough! You know he's the better looking one so can you blame him for getting involved everytime there's a pic to get in on?!

2. When the whole squad looks fresh as heck

(Image Credit: Instagram, zookeeper_dan)

These little fella's look ready to defend their human friend at all costs!

How cute! They're clearly really good friends! Be still my beating heart!

3. Oh don't mind me...

(Image Credit: Reddit)

Don't you just hate it when you're trying to get a cool group shot and that one couple won't stop... *ahem*... cuddling...

Save it for the bedroom, guys!

4. Once bitten twice as likely to never take a selfie again

(Image Credit: lolwot)

This camel was not interested in getting involved with this young ladies' photograph. He truly does not care to be included in the family photo album, and deploys some excellent tactics to ensure this photo is banished from the "treasured memories" box. 

5. Cute kids!

(Image Credit: Instagram, joythesheep)

How sweet are these lot! 

Clearly, the little bundle of fur in the middle is loving being a treasured part of this picture-perfect family! 


(Image Credit: RANKER)

This is the EXACT expression I pull when I see some of the photographs taken of me! 

Where did that double chin come from?! Who invited my mother to that event?! etc. etc. ect. Looks like this kitty is feeling the same things!

7. You look BEAUTIFUL, my deer! 

(Image Credit: Instagram, lorensharice)

I love how this deer is leaning right in with this young lady! 

Bambi knows his angles!

8. "Say cheese, Tibbles!" "Go to hell, Sandra"

(Image Credit: Reddit)

This is NOT a happy kitty and he doesn't care who knows he's ticked off!

While his stunning Mum is serving some doe-eyed beauty, this guy can barely keep his cats eyes open! So unimpressed.

9. The best spot on the list!

(Image Credit: Instagram, wildlife.geo)

This gal is either very stupid or VERY brave to get up close and personal with a cat as big as this... but it looks like they get along pretty well! 

Amazing how graceful big cats can be and how... not so graceful, the house cat can be! 

10. Poopy head!

(Image Credit: Reddit)

It's what we all aspire to right? House, hubby, cute baby and a dog! 

Though maybe *this* image isn't the one we had in our heads!!

11. Get in, guys! 

(Image Credit: Instagram, Hot.travelz)

This cheeky monkey has made some new friends in the jungle! And he's so happy about it! 

... this kind of reminds me of the smile Walt gives me in the morning...

12. Get that phone outta my face!

(Image Credit: fails.ch)

We've all been there! You don't have your mascara on, you're having the very worst bad hair day in history and some smart soul shows up for a selfie. Forget that! 

13. Flirty fowl!

(Image Credit: Instagram, abdelrhmanelsadek)

Don't you hate getting your photo taken with that one friend who always looks amazing?! 

This little owl is upstaging his buddy, he'll be taking home whoever he damn well wishes!

14. Dogbreath 

(Image Credit: Greeningz.com)

Some seriously unfortunate angles doing on here! I'm sure both owner and pooch are absolutely gorgeous! But maybe just not in the same photo...

15. Cheeky chops

(Image Credit: Instagram, h.humphrey54)

This little cutie is called a Quokka! (not the girl, the other one) And they're well known as the happiest animals on the planet because of their cute little smiles!

What a little bundle of joy! 

16. Careful of those canines! 

(Image Credit: Greeningz.com)

Sometimes dog kisses can get a little out of hand... no doubt this pooch really just wanted to show some love but it's not exactly photogenic! 

17. Adorable little Donkey 

(Image Credit: Instagram)

Isn't this the most gorgeous little donkey?! Look at that hair! Those eyes! Who knew these four legged wonders could be so sweet! 

This pair is as pretty as a picture! 

18. Off-camera crisis

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

Sometimes a photo is defined not by what is included in the frame but by what isn't!

Look at these faces of fear! Both cat and human are really terrified of whatever is lurking just beyond the camera lens! 

19. "Here, you take it, you've got longer arms"

(Image Credit: Instagram, worldhawaii)

All of these expressions are priceless! The one perched on this guys head is just cracking up! The monkey taking the photo looks to be in some seriously deep concentration and their human? Well he just looks happy to be there! 

20. What's up pussy-cat?! 

(Image Credit: Funnypicture.org)

I like to think this was inspired by Tom Jones, it's just as brilliant as that charming singer! 

Okay, so it probably won't be the image this guy uses for his Tinder profile (though it would be great if it was!) but it's absolutely a photo he'll treasure of him and his cat, forever! 

21. Do you think this is a game?

(Image Credit: Instagram, gramps.the.cat)

I just couldn't resist this last one! He's so unimpressed by his humans! No, he will NOT say cheese!

Which photos did you prefer, folks? Were the worst ones better than the best? Or the other way around? Let me know in the comments! And if you've got any funny animal selfie's, be sure to share them with me! AAx