20 Celebrity Statues That Are More Of An Insult Than A Tribute


1.) Luis Suarez

This statue of Luis Suarez unveiled in his hometown of Salto is more than a little disturbing. Considering his famously awful foul in football where he bit a player, I think karma might have bitten him back with this terrible creation. He looks a little bit like a vampire which I guess is fitting...I wouldn't have recognised him otherwise!

2.) Andy Murray

Shanghai Rolex Masters decided to make terracotta statues of famous tennis players, don't ask why...it is the most random thing ever. Unfortunately for Andy Murray, he was included and ended up having a statue that looked, well...like THAT. He looks awkward and unimpressed, I can't blame him!

3.) David Beckham

H&M decided to celebrate the launch of their new David Beckham range in 2012 with this statue of the man himself. It really doesn't look anything like him and I think that they were FAR too generous with his private area...it's uncomfortable to look at!

4.) Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo certainly is aware of the fact that he is one of the best football players in the world, he certainly isn't humble either after he decided to build his own museum in his hometown of Funchal with a giant statue outside. The statue is, of course, of himself. Clearly, the sculptors wanted to get in his good books by making his crotch region so generous, at least it distracts from the fact that the statue looks NOTHING like him.

5.) Kurt Cobain

Aberdeen, Washington is Kurt Cobain's home town and they decided that they wanted to name his birthday, 20th February, 'Kurt Cobain Day'. To celebrate it, they decided to unveil this unsightly statue. As if Kurt Cobain didn't have a hard enough life, this is now what people will remember him by...

6.) Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona's hometown of the La Boca district in Buenos Aires decided to scar children and adults alike for life with this horrifying statue. I'm sure they didn't mean for the Argentinian footballer to look like a real-life monster but that's what they managed to achieve.

7.) Marilyn Monroe

This is the first statue that does actually look like the celebrity it was intended to be. However, they chose to depict Marilyn doing her famous pose from The Seven Year Itch which, while iconic, does make people stare up her dress from underneath...

8.) Michael Jackson

This tribute to the 'king of pop' was placed outside Fulham's old Craven Cottage stadium in 2011 because the club was owned at the time by his friend Mohamed Al-Fayed. Fulham fans hated it not only because it had absolutely nothing to do with the football club but also because it was such a terrible depiction of Michael Jackson.

Thankfully, Shahid Khan bought the club in 2013 and removed the terrible eyesore of a statue. Mohamed Al-Fayed claimed that the statue was lucky and blamed its removal as to why Fulham started losing games. I think fans would rather them lose than keep that statue!

9.) Colin Firth

This terrible statue of Colin Firth's Mr Darcy from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is situated in Lyme Park which played as his fictional estate in the BBC version. Honestly, even the guy in the boat in the background is laughing at it, the statue looks nothing like Colin and more like some scary humanoid monster emerging from the depths of the lake.

10.) Steve Jobs

This terrifying sculpture of Steve Jobs with his creepy-looking head on and obelisk mapping the binary system actually WON a competition to remember the famous Apple c0-founder by. It's going to be made into a 16-foot tall version in the near future. Now, that's what nightmares are made of!

11.) Ted Bates

Ted Bates dedicated 66 years of his life to Southampton football club as a player, coach, manager and president. Therefore, it's no surprise that a statue was made to remember him by in 2007. Sadly, it looked absolutely nothing like him but thankfully they made a far better one after fans were disgusted.

12.) Bob Stokoe

Bob Stokoe brought Sunderland football team FA Cup glory in 1973, so he is quite a legend. However, people weren't too keen when his statue was revealed, the pose is a little creepy and he looks like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Oh well, at least the proceeds went to charity.

13.) Phil Lynott

Phil Lynott was the Thin Lizzy frontman and possibly the coolest man in the history of ever. His statue is located on Harry Street in Dublin and gives him the most prominent jaw of all time and NOT in a good way.

14.) Tupac

This just looks like some random statue of a middle-aged man, I would have had NO IDEA that this was actually supposed to be Tupac! The waistcoat coupled with none of Tupac's distinctive features just makes this statue awful.

15.) Jean-Claude Van Damme

The famous Muscles from Brussels didn't quite get the respect that he so deserves with this statue in Belgium. It literally looks absolutely nothing like him and it scares me slightly...not a big fan, unfortunately.

16.) Oscar Wilde

This looks more like a statue of Jonathan Ross than it does of Oscar Wilde! I hate the weird pose, double chins and awful creepy grin, this is likely to give anyone nightmares and I don't trust this statue not to follow me home...

17.) James Dean

This is an insult to the smouldering good looks of the famous Hollywood star James Dean. The hollow eyes are staring into my soul and this disembodied head is DEFINITELY going to haunt my nightmares.

18.) Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is a legend and to be honest, this statue is just an insult. Why he is so angled, he looks so sharp for some reason! His head is also so big I'm surprised this statue hasn't toppled over already.

19.) Kate Moss

Kate Moss may be a stunning supermodel and designer but don't let her looks deceive you, she is also a double-jointed mutant who deforms her body and eats children. That's what this statue seems to suggest anyway...

20.) Kanye West

Apparently, this is meant to be Kanye West posing as Jesus, we all know that he has a big ego but this looks nothing like him! I wonder what Kanye had to say about this...

I think we can all agree that these people definitely need to hire good sculptors before committing to creating a lasting statue of a famous celebrity. Statues are pretty creepy anyway and probably should be avoided altogether. Which did you think was the worst? Let us know in the comments!