20 One-Star Amazon Movie Reviews That Are HILARIOUS

We have all watched a movie and left disappointed at some point in our lives. However, have you ever been so disappointed that you leave a one-star Amazon review? Neither.

There are people out there that really are upset enough to write one-star reviews on Amazon and these are CLASSIC. Whether its Jaws being totally unrealistic or too many monsters in Monsters Inc. these reviewers really do have a problem with everything.

Having said this, their reviews make for a highly entertaining read and we hope that they aren’t all serious…right?

1.) The Wolf of Wall Street

one star 1
This is a true observation to be fair. However, we can’t say we ever remember thinking halfway through the film, where ARE those pesky wolves then? False advertising!

2.) Boyhood

one star 2
This guy completely ignored the fact that this film was about the joys and pitfalls of growing up and instead straight up SAVAGED it. At least he THINKS he’s doing us a favour and saving us three hours. However, it took us two seconds to read his ridiculous review and we aren’t ever getting THAT back.

3.) Jaws

one star 3
This reviewer has an issue with sharks being blown up. Who has an issue with that?! But I guess making a film as realistic as possible is more important than making a film entertaining. Fair enough.

4.) Interstellar

one star 4
Honestly, the title of this review is ‘propaganda at it’s best’ and I must admit, that made me chuckle. We are pretty sure that Interstellar is not the work of the government pushing some regime on us and NASA did go to the moon so…don’t insult Interstellar again, it’s one of my favourites.

5.) Monsters Inc.

one star 5
We must admit, Joe is the king of observations, yes, there are a lot of monsters in the film called Monsters Inc. However, there were too many for Joe. There’s just no pleasing you, Joe.

6.) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

one star 6
We get the feeling that Larry must be a Grandpa as he seems very upset about this film giving Grandpas a bad name. It’s okay Larry, we still love Grandpas even after watching this movie!

7.) Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

one star 7
Okay, we have to agree on this one. The missions are never impossible in a movie that claims that they are. Having said this, if every mission really was impossible, what would be the point of the movies? Nothing’s impossible, kids!

8.) Zootopia

one star 8
We aren’t sure how this cute and fluffy film is DARK AND DISTURBING and the whole naked animals’ thing is a little odd. We hope Joan and her granddaughter are okay…

9.) Saw IV

one star 9
We are sad that this reviewer’s cat died. However, we are 100% certain that watching Saw will not cause your pets to die.

10.) Minions

one star 10
We are pretty sure that Minions don’t actually speak Spanish? Maybe they do and we’ve been wrong all this time. Time to rethink our lives…

11.) Die Hard

one star 11
Yeah…Die Hard is definitely not suitable for a three-year-old.

12.) Goodfellas

one star 12
Totally agree…false advertising at its finest. Ain’t nothing good about these fellas!

13.) Cars

one star 13
Goddamn Lightning McQueen! We must admit, it would drive us insane if our kids talking about nothing but Lightning McQueen, this poor lady…

14.) Hunger Games

one star 14
We completely agree with you there Ryan. Hunger is most definitely no game and we aren’t to be messed with when we are hungry…

15.) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

one star 15
Not for biblical information…okay? We aren’t sure that The Hunger Games has anything to do with religion and was never intended to represent the bible? Clearly, Maggie has got the wrong end of the stick here…

16.) Sinister

one star 16
This movie was so bad it hurt this viewer’s EYES. Thankfully, it ended up being conjunctivitis and nothing to do with the movie after all…the one-star review still stands though!

17.) Sausage Party

one star 17
This one cracked us up. To be honest, I was the same, I originally thought it was for kids and I was like the name is a little odd for a kid’s movie…then I watched the trailer. Oopsie!

18.) Happy Feet

one star 18
Jeff seems to have an issue with penguins talking and so this movie definitely offended him. Penguins can talk if they want to! #FreeSpeechForPenguins

19.) Titanic

one star 19
A film that is based on a real-life event…UNREALISTIC! This has got to be a troll.

20.) Jurassic World

one star 20
Okay, Dinosaurs did exist, sorry to break it to you! Also, why is everyone so bothered about movies being realistic?! We don’t see people getting bothered by Avatar because that TOTALLY happened.