20 Painfully Adorable Celebrity Baby Pictures To Melt Your Icy Heart


To us so-called normal folk, celebrities can seem like ethereal beings which simply came into being at the exact moment where we first became aware of them (well they do to me anyway) so seeing them as little kids can be quite weird, or in the case of these 20 celebs... completely adorable!

Yep, prepare your voice boxes for plenty of cooing over these 20 adorable pictures of A list celebrities as you have never seen them before! Warning, extreme cuteness ahead...

1.) Chris Pratt

(Source: Instagram & Instagram )

There's something about Chris Pratt which causes him to exude a sense of joy and laughter and so it was no surprise to find myself chuckling at this picture of him as a kid wearing one of the daftest, but most adorable, bunny outfits I've ever seen. He should definitely recreate this look one Halloween!

2.) Jimmy Fallon

(Source: Instagram &  Instagram)

I don't know why, but in the photo on the left I think that Fallon's face actually looks way older than the rest of the photo would suggest. I think it's 'cause the little grin, the round cheeks and the haircut make me think he looks kind of like he could be working as a real estate agent... I don't know why, okay?! Leave me alone.

3.) Robert Downey Jnr

(Source: Facebook & Instagram )

I like the contrast of these two because it looks like he has the same hair except on the right one someone's blowing it up with a hairdryer.

4.) Aziz Ansari

(Source: Instagram &  Instagram)

Okay, this one is definitely the cutest one of all, hands down. Also, what is he wearing on that one on the left? Why is it parents like dressing their kids up in daft outfits, is it purely to embarrass them further down the line?... Yes, it's for exactly that reason.

5.) Tom Hiddleston

(Source: Twitter & Instagram )

Good to see the grin hasn't gone away there Tom! If you just added the facial hair and swept back the hair on the one of him as a kid, he'd look pretty much the same I reckon! I wish I could say the same about me and my baby photos!

6.) Chrissy Teagan

(Source: Instagram & Instagram )

The T-Shirt's not wrong, it's the stress from being cute that I use to blame for how I look nowadays! Good to see Chrissy has always been on the cutting edge of style!

7.) Tom Holland

(Source: Instagram &  Instagram )

I was confused about putting these two together because he looks that young anyway, if it wasn't for the quality of photograph giving the game away I'd be struggling to tell which one he's older in?! Yeah, take that Tom, for being so lovely and young and massively successful and all that business...

8.) Kristen Bell

(Source: Instagram & Instagram )

While Aziz Ansari's may have been the cutest, this one is my absolute favorite for the mad levels of sass that young Kristen is rocking in this photo, and in fairness, I go out in outfits like that all the time... you can never have too much pink or too many necklaces!

9.) George Clooney

(Source: Izismile &  Instagram)

Again. if you just transplant the facial hair from the right one to the left one and then push the hair back, I don't reckon he'd look that different... either way it'd be hilarious, so if someone is better than me on photoshop and can sort that out for me that'd be great thanks.

10.) Zac Efron

(Source: Instagram &  Instagram)

That's Efron on the left of the left-hand photo, just in case you thought he was the one in the middle. Okay, so I couldn't resist this because I'm now convinced that I've hit the formula that as men get older they just grow beards and push their hair back... that's it, that's the fundamental evolution of man in this day and age, cracked it.

11.) Kumail Nanjiani

(Source: Instagram &  Instagram)

Last one, I swear... just wanted to add to the collection. Also, look at the swagger little Nanjiani is giving the camera there, his later self looks annoyed by the fact that he may never be that cute and cool again... I suppose we all have that look though don't we, except Tom Cruise, what's his deal, how's he keep doing that not-aging malarky?

12.) Gal Godot

(Source: Instagram &  Instagram)

Had to get off the terrifying train of just men with beards and swept back hair, so thought I'd share with you this adorable photo of the amazing Gal Godot to balance out the equilibrium of the universe. See, even wonder woman herself is a cute child at some point!

13.) Orlando Bloom

(Source: Instagram &  Instagram )

Aaannnddd we're back to... oh wait, Orlando doesn't have a beard, kind of messes up my system. Anyway, just look at those little cheeks on baby Orlando in his little tracksuit!! He might even be cuter there than he is now!

14.) David Bowie

(Source: Izismile & Instagram )

The contrast between these two pictures is amazing but you can definitely still see the resemblance, his face is so distinctive, even when covered up in fantastical make-up looks! Hard to believe he's been dead three years, such an icon.

15.) Jessica Alba

(Source: Ranker &  Instagram)

Looking through these photos, it is amazing how much some people's faces change, and others stay so similar For me this is another case of looking the same, she doesn't seem to have changed! People often tell me that I look like Jessica Alba - and yes, I am these people, it still counts.

16.) Scarlett Johansson

(Source: Glamour & Instagram )

I'm a big fan of a bucket hat, it's a classic look that will never date or die as long as the world spins...

17.) Maisie Williams

(Source: Daily Mail &  Instagram )

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams still looks pretty young in fairness (woe is her), but nowhere near as young as she looks in this baby photo! She's still rocking the bangs though, which is amazing!

18.) Michael B. Jordan

(Source: Instagram &  Instagram)

Is that the cheekiest grin on the list? It's definitely a toss-up between Michael B. Jordan and Maisie Williams that's for sure. Let's just hope little Michaels not got a cocktail glass hidden just off shot like big Michael, babies notoriously can't handle their liquor.

19.) Sophie Turner

(Source: Daily Mail &  )

Yet another Game of Thrones star who is still irritatingly young, but I managed to find a picture of her even younger! Thank goodness she's not eating that ice cream while wearing that Louis Vuitton skirt... see I'm hip and with it.

20.) Brie Larson

(Source: Instagram & Instagram )

Last but by no means least on the list is Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson looking completely over excited! Also, on an unrelated note, Brie is one of my favorite cheeses - and I literally cannot not think that every time I say her name because apparently, I'm a child who cannot stop thinking about food.


It's amazing seeing these adorable kids who had no idea the massive stars they would one day become, I, on the other hand, was convinced that one day I would become a star! Which one do you think is the most adorable? Let me know in the comments! AAx