20 Pranksters Who Robbed The Dignity Of Fancy Statues In The Most Hilarious Ways


1.) Let Me Play!

Statues have a very narrow emotional range due to the nature of them being... well, statues. However, with a bit of imagination and a little too much time on their hands, these people have been able to give these statues a new lease of life by adding their own hilarious poses.

So here are 20 photos of statues which artists spent tireless hours crafting for artistic purposes, only to have them turned into simple comedic objects by bored members of the general public!

(Source: Imgur)

Did these sculpture's parents not teach them that it's rude to exclude people from games! This is also a fairly accurate, and sad, representation of me trying to chase my youth, but in reality I'm feeling older than the statues themselves these days!  

2.) Give It Back!

(Source: Imgur)

What is presumably a statue of a woman playing with her daughter has been turned into a quite strange game of tug of war here! Not all of these are going to be of men clinging to the heels of little girls either, just a weird coincidence I promise!

3.) Think You Need Some Cream There Man

(Source: Imgur)

I mean, just look how bad his skin is, that's what happens when you don't use shaving cream and don't moisturise properly!

4.) Marxistball

(Source: Atchuup)

Little known fact about the revolutionary Russian Marxist political leader is that he loved to unwind by shooting some hoops, and heck, he as pretty good. (disclaimer, I know nothing about the actual basket-balling prowess of former soviet leaders so don't quote me on this, or do, heck who cares!)

5.) Leaning Tower Of Pisa 

(Source: Reddit)

He'll never be able to smuggle that through the airport security no matter where he puts it.

6.) Out Of The Way Kid

(Source: Reddit)

According to one reddit user, this statue was made in honor of the naval centennial in Canada, and is titled 'homecoming' to represent a rejoined family after a family member returns from a long period offshore. This woman is clearly very excited to have this fella back, no one's gonna get in her way!

7.) Actual Footage Of Me On A Night Out

(Source: Pinsdaddy)

And I can't even tell which one is me. The one in the ill-fitting heel and the bizarre hair style, or the one in the comfy pink flowery sandals and blue knitwear jumper who is so drunk she's dancing with a statue... definitely the latter one!

8.) 'I Have You Now SpiderMan...'

(Source: Imgur)

Jorge Matute Remus was a Mexican engineer who became famous for moving a 1700-tonne telecommunications building back in 1950... looks like SpiderMan has finally met his match!

9.) #FirstDrinkOfTheWeekend

(Source: Aatchup)

Now I thought I loved a cool glass of wine on a Friday more than anyone else, but looks like this statue has been gasping for it's first drink of the weekend for far too long!

10.) The Chokehold 

(Source: Imgur)

I don't think anyone has ever looked so content with being strangled before, he must be a big fan of this statue! Also, while I've got you here, please God, can people stop wearing three quarter jean shorts. Nothing excuses that fashion atrocity, and it needs to end. #nomore3quarterjeanshortsfortheloveofgod

11.) Make Sure It's A Table By The Window

(Source: Pulptastic)

As smooth and discrete as they've tried to be, something tells me that the guy who's head is just next tot he statues may just have noticed.

12.) Those Valentines Day Feels

(Source: Pulptastic)

I think this would make a fantastic valentines day card. The look of fear on the guy's face, and the brutal right jab he's about to get perfectly encapsulates the hostage-taking attitude with which Valentine's day forces people into giving little cards and forced romantic gestures.... Ahh, and they say marriage is a romantic affair!

13.) Sick Phone Bruh 

(Source: aatchup)

People often forget that the original iPhone was actually released around the mid 1750s, and here is a statue of the man who invented it along with the original prototype which... wait, is that a Tottenham Hotspur F.C. background? Well that's got to be fake!

14.) Single Effigies (Put A Chisel On It)

(Source: Tumblr)

The impact that Beyonce has had on pop-culture is seemingly now so immense, it is actually affecting the past as well. Before you know it the Mona Lisa will have a t shirt on saying 'crazy in love'.

15.) Let Me Get That For You

(Source: Imgur)

Am I the only one who is more shocked at how wide that guy's right nostril is than the fact that he's stuck a statue's finger up his nose?  His nose doesn't look that big but it looks like he's managed to get the fingertip all up in there! Kudos to you, you strange goatee'd man, you're winning at life! 

16.) Woah There Cowboy

(Source: Imgur)

Maybe he's just envious of that man's jeans, they've got to be more comfortable than those hide slacks the cowboy's wearing! Still though, not cool cowboy, learn some boundaries dude!

17.) What A Slap In The Face

(Source: Imgur)

Statues clearly have no sense of personal space, even when they're riding round on unicycles in oversized shoes without a care in the world! All I'm saying is look where your swinging your massive brass hands around you clumsy bronzed likenesses! 

18.) Yet Another Single Ladies Statue

(Source: Imgur)

There really are too many statues doing the single ladies dance throughout history! At least the on the right kept his pants on though!

19.) Ronald No!

(Source: Imgur)

With the dead, unchanging smile and eyes of a psychopath, this footage of Ronald McDonald drunkenly taking out his years of bottled up rage on innocent customers really is a hard pill to swallow.

20.) Cristiano Ronaldo Having 'Fun' With Himself

(Source: Twitter)

I love this one as it looks like the statue is mocking the real Cristiano Ronaldo , not the other way around! This bust of one of the 'greatest' sporting athletes of this generation actually got commissioned and is still on display at one of Portugal's main airports! Now, I'm no artist but it's impossible not to laugh at this work of 'art'!

So those were 20 pictures of people having far too much fun with statues! Let me know which one was your favourite in the comments, or let me know if you know of any other statues that are just begging for ridiculous poses! AAx