20 People Who Have Amazingly Unique & Rare Body Features


But unique traits are very special, they're what makes us human and they will always make us stand out from the crowd! Like an everyday superhero!

Sure, all parents have probably told us that we are special and unique at one point or another and that there is no one else like us on the planet, which is certainly true, but some people out there are even more extraordinary than you'd even begin to imagine!

Don't believe us? Well, we've complied a list of people with extremely rare physical features that just might make you do a double take!

From extra or missing limbs, to unique hair colorings and birthmarks these people are walking ethereal mysteries!

1. My Friends Newborn Baby Was Born With The Same Birthmark In Her Hair As Her Mother

What are the chances of your baby being born with the EXACT same birth mark as you!?

My sister has this kind of birthmark in her hair, she has very dark hair naturally but has always had a bright streak of white/blonde running through it.

& Apparently the condition is called Poliosis and it results in the absence of melanin on any hairy part of the body. This unique birthmark can be inherited, or be caused by an autoimmune destruction of the pigment cells at the base of the hair.

2. My Dad Has 6 Fingers On Each Hand. He Uses 2 Fingers To Flip Someone Off

Well, if you've got em', you may as well use em'! Am I right!? The rest of us will just have to keep wishing for this kind of extra!

3. My Friend's Iris Is Split In Half

Wow, you'd think those were coloured contact lenses, wouldn't you!? But no, apparently his person has heterochromia iridis, a genetic variation that manifests in multicolored eyes. The duel coloring is caused by an excess or lack of melanin resulting from genetics, disease or an injury. Still, it's incredibly pretty!

4. I Have Waardenburg Syndrome, Which Made Me Deaf On One Ear, Makes My Hair White And Made My Eyes Different Colors

He looks like some kind of ethereal Santa! But no, this man's unique colorings and marks are due to a rare genetic condition called Waardenburg syndrome, which affects the color of your skin, hair and eyes and can sometimes cause hearing loss! It is a congenital disorder which means that it's something you are born with. Only about 1 in 42,000 people are affected by the syndrome and sadly, there is no cure but is manageable. (& It seems, gives you an incredibly fabulous moustache!)

5. My Brother-In-Law Got A Thumb From Each Parent

I think this is actually so sweet! He's always going to have a reminder of each parent on his hands! Incredible!

6. I Was Born Ready For This

There are some things that you are just BORN to do! & This guy has certainly found that thing!'

7. My GF Was Born Without A Nail On A Finger. So Due To Popular Demand, We Put Google Eyes On It

People always say that life is what you make it and I always say that having a sense of humour definitely helps with everything! & This girl is certainly winning at that!

This particular condition is called Anonychia congenita and it is a genetic condition that can affect the fingernails and toenails. People with this particular abnormality are usually missing all of their nails but in some cases (like this one) only some fingernails or a partial nails are missing.

8. My Boyfriend Has Freckles On Only Half Of His Face, I Think It's Cool

It certainly is, very cool indeed!

Apparently, it's rare but obviously does occur in some people. Apparently, it's a a very specific type of birth mark which starts when you are an embryo! That's definitely some superhero markings right there!

9. Ulnar Dimelia Or Mirror Hand Syndrome

Oh my god, this is making me incredibly uncomfortable! It looks like a face hugger! I've never seen anything like this before in my life!

Apparently, ulnar dimelia is a congenital deformity where there is no thumb, the ulna is duplicated, and there are seven or eight fingers in the hand. The condition is often referred to as "mirror hand syndrome.” It is so rare that less than 100 cases have been reported in medical literature. So that explains why I've never seen it before! Crazy!

10. I Was Born With A Scar On My Eye

That's not a scar! That's a window to another Universe! This particular condition is called Macular pucker and it's a scar tissue that formed in the eye's macula which is located in the retina. This part of the eye gives us sharp vision, so naturally, this condition can cause blurred and distorted vision.

11. I Have Only Four Fingers On My Left Hand, And Have And Index Finger Instead Of My Thumb

This actually really startled me when I first saw it. This is called Symbrachydactyly (quite a mouth full!) and it's a condition were babies are born with an underdeveloped hand which causes them to have small (or in this case), missing fingers.

12. My Son Has Symmetrical Hair Whorls Which Go In Opposite Directions. This Allows Him To Grow A Natural Mohawk

This looks so cool! It literally looks like he has eyes in the back of his head!

A hair whorl is a patch of hair that grows in a circular clockwise or counterclockwise direction... and it may be something that a Barber would certainly have a hard time replicating!

13. My Dad's Index Tip Was Cut Off When He Was 10, My Index Is Shorter Than My Pinky

This is actually really freaky! If it was an accident on his Father's part, then I can't see in anyway how that it can be inheritable or passed down!? It's not genetic if it's an injury, right!? Absolutely mental!

14. My Son Was Born With Natural Elf Ears

This adorable condition is called Stahl's ear (also called Spock's ear for all the Star Trek lovers out there!) & it is an ear deformity that results in a pointy ear shape as well as an extra cartilage fold. But I'd rather just say that it's caused by cuteness (& being a real life Elf!)

15. I Was Born Missing My Right Pinky And Thumb

This has GOT to be photoshopped, right!? But amazingly not, this is called a cleft hand (also called ectrodactyly or split hand) which occurs when the middle part of the hand develops abnormally in the womb! I can't actually get my head around how unreal this looks! It's unbelievable!

16. A Friend Of Mine Can Grab Things Backwards

Looking at this is actually making me feel a little ill!

This is often referred to as "double jointed" which means people who can move their joints beyond its normal range, called hypermobility. This is more common among children and it usually decreases with age, as approximately only 5% of adults have this amazing ability.

17. My Left Eye Is About 1/3 Grey

Yep, this is definitely a sure sign of being a superhero! "Defect" or not, I think this looks absolutely stunning! Who needs colored contact lenses when you have natural amazing eyes like these!?

18. My Wife Discovered That She And My Sister Both Have Syndactyly Connected Toes. They Celebrated Their Similar Trait With New Tattoos

When life gives you lemons...get a matching tattoo with your soul mate! This is brilliant!

19. Half Of The Eyelashes On My Right Eye Are White

I bet that certainly makes it difficult to get your mascara application even! Mind you, why would you want to cover up something that is this awesome!?

20. My Kid Has One Streak Of Very Dark Hair

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I think this is beautiful, it makes her look like Rapunzel! & Let's hope she resists the temptation to dye her hair when she gets older! Because it's beautiful just the way it is!