20 People Who Ordered Something Simple Online And Received Something Terrible In Return


1.) A patch off Amazon

Although they are completely different, I think the one he actually ended up receiving is far better! I mean, sometimes with all of the responsibilities the world thrusts upon us, it is tempting to pack up and leave the planet via an alien spacecraft.

2.) Not quite fit for Royals

The artist not only represented this royal couple as crazy caricatures but couldn't even spell Harry or Meghan's name right! Part of me loves this and would treasure it always, you definitely wouldn't have it on display if the Royals were ever to visit though...

3.) Bought a Deadpool costume online...instant regret

This Deadpool costume is pure horror, the one on the left is what they ordered online so I have NO idea how the one on the right ended up arriving. I mean, it'll be a hit at the Halloween party for sure and no one will forget you!

4.) It suits him at least

This guy was sent the completely wrong order and decided to send photo evidence to prove it. However, it looks great on him and fits perfectly, I think that he should embrace it!

5.) Ordered a Russian patch, got a pride flag instead

I believe that whoever sent this was trolling and I am completely on board with this. Considering Russia's medieval view on LBGTQ rights, I think this pride flag was sent in retaliation!

6.) Don't buy a cat tree from Amazon

This cat tree seems to lack structural integrity but at least the cat is still enjoying it! He is probably thinking, "it's impossible to find good servants these days." Blame internet shopping, cat!

7.) The best Unicorn calendar ever from Amazon

Wow, this might just be the best yet...it has a 1-star review on Amazon and buyers are complaining that the drawings inside look nothing like the cover...you don't say?! I think I'm going to buy this for my unicorn-obsessed friend because I'm evil.

8.) Crushing disappointment

Ponchos are always a risky purchase and should always be done in-store. You could look as cool as the model or like you are about to embark on a trek in the Andes, herding up some Llamas.

9.) She expected mermaid tail not pig feet

I'm really not too sure what happened here...they aren't even remotely the same product! It looks like some weird pig-humanoid costume with trotters. Maybe this is what would happen if a pig and a mermaid were combined...*shudder*.

10.) What is THAT?!

I'm really not too sure how a company can get away with advertising something nice and sending that HORRIFIC thing instead. The cushion doesn't even fit properly and it kind of looks like there's a body in it. Send it back!

11.) Best. Rug. Ever.

Some companies are intentionally misleading so it's important to read the description and check the size first! I mean, it's not a rug but it still looks like a cute little cloud. I have no idea what you could use that for...maybe a coaster?

12.) Trolled by China

This person ordered the shirt on the left from China and got sent one of Kim Jong Un rather than Donald Trump. This must have been an intentional troll, although, why on Earth would anyone want either of these shirts?!

13.) The website DID say 50% off

This person ordered these shoes for 50% off but that seemed to mean that they would only receive 50% of the pair of shoes i.e. one shoe. I'm not sure why anyone would ever need just one shoe but this website clearly thinks it made sense...

14.) What she ordered vs what she received for $135

This poor woman ordered the cake on the left for a baby shower and whilst she was at the shower, the one on the left is what arrived! They refused to refund her as it was still edible. Moral of the story, you might as well make your own cake than order one online!

15.) Ordered a great blanket online

This person received a tiny chunk of blanket in comparison to what was advertised. Maybe the person in the picture is really tiny or the seller just got bored of knitting. Maybe she could use is as a barrister's wig or something?

16.) This is just too perfect

Yeah, Starfleet is a cool crew but who wouldn't want to be a part of the DHL?! The best part is that it was delivered by the Royal Mail, what a betrayal!

17.) A toy gun for a toy

I mean, if he actually used this toy gun for his costume, he definitely wins the fancy dress in my opinion. He might not win a gunfight but he wins comedy-wise!

18.) A bit of a misunderstanding

I mean, it did say boys armchair in the title so this guy really only has himself to blame. At least he still fits in it though! Maybe he can use it as a chair for a guest he doesn't like...

19.) Top quality boots on Amazon

Wow, when you order boots and get sent wellies instead...classic. I really hope this person didn't pay full price for this! If it seems too good to be true...it probably is.

20.) He ordered a kayak and only got sent half

He was ready to take on those raging waters but now his dreams appear to be crushed. Thankfully, the website explained that each half is shipped seperately, so hopefully he will be able to use his kayak one day, he waited long enough!

I don't know about you but now I am scared to order anything online ever again. Have you ever had some online purchase disasters? Let us know in the comments!