20 People Who REALLY, HONESTLY, DEFINITELY Didn't Want To Get A Cat


Because honestly, once a kitty enters your life, you'll never look back, no matter how determined you are NOT to love them, it's a game of emotions that you just can't and won't win! It's impossible.

Cats have a wonderful, enchanting and charming power that few creatures posses and as you will soon see...they can wrap even the grumpiest, gruffest Dad or the most difficult boyfriend round their little paw...and then some!

But the result is always absolutely adorable!

1. Nope, I definitely don't want to hold the kitten...NO...!!

Hmm, well Dad, you certainly haven't caved in there AT ALL. It looks like these two peas in a pod are now going to be buddies for life! When will people learn!? We don't choose cats, the cats choose US!

2. Our Cat Only Loves Our Dad, Who Hates Her

Aw! How could anyone hate her!? She's so cute and cuddly! He must have a heart of stone to be able to resist those snuggles! It seems like cats always want the person who doesn't want them...more proof that I'm actually a cat in human form because that's the story of my life!

3. My Dad, Who Hates Cats, Built Bunk-beds For My Boys

This is so adorable! Well, he obviously he doesn't hate cats very much because it's clear he wants these two beautiful boys to be as comfortable (and as cute!) as possible! Well done, Dad!

4. My Boyfriend Said He Doesn't Like Cats. This Is Him Now

Ah, I see it's a classic case of cat conversion! He looks totally spell bound! That's it, he's going to be a mad cat Dad for the rest of his life now! I warned you that there was no going back!

5. Boyfriend Says He Does Not Like Cats. I Think He Is Full Of Sh@t

Yep, I agree with you girl, DEFINITELY full of the bull! Either that or they are BOTH very good actors! No, that kitty has definitely got him in the palm of her paw now!

6. I Wanted A Cat. My "Not A Cat Person" Boyfriend Did Not. We Got One Because It Would Make Me Happy. Guess Whose Cat She Is

Aw, bless! She is stunning! I've had that experience though, get a cat for myself and then the other people around you, who I might add, didn't want said Cat, then take ownership of him and you're left wondering why he is no longer your Cat anymore!? Where IS the justice in that!?

7. My Dad Swears He Hates Cats

Oh yes, because that is so convincing, especially when you look at the photo evidence! Give it up, Dad! You're busted!

8. I'm Not A Cat Person But I'll Make An Exception

I think Satan himself would make an exception for that face! So beautiful!

9. My Dad Never Wanted A Cat And Look At Him Now

I know, just LOOK at him, living his best life and getting all the belly and chin rubs that he could want!

10. Got Leeroy A Couple Weeks Back. Girlfriend Didn't Want A Cat And Still Tells Friends She Hates Him. Yeah, Ok

Honestly!? How could you hate that sweet, loving face!? Especially when he obviously just wants cuddle! Believe me when I say, that you should never trust anyone who says that they don't like cats, or any animal for that matter...it's not a good sign and says a lot about a person's character...from experience, anyway!

11. When We Met 13 Years Ago He Told Me, "I'm More Of A Dog Person, Really"

I would have run the other way 13 years ago, to be honest... on hearing those words! However, it certainly looks like it's worked out well for everyone in the end! Aw!

12. 14 Years Ago My Sister And I Got A Kitten For Our Dad Who Had Always Said He Hated Cats. They've Been Inseparable Ever Since

Oh my word, this is the cutest thing I've seen in such a long time! Soul mates, anyone!? Friends are made furever!!!

13. The Boyfriend Is Supposedly Not A Cat Person

Yeah, "supposedly", who is he actually fooling with that tripe!? No one by the looks of this picture! It's adorable though and that ginger boy looks hella comfortable and pleased with himself!

14. Not A Cat Person But I Just Couldn't Not Take Her Home

Wow, that is honestly one of the most stunning kittens I've ever seen in my life! That face is straight from an angel's back garden, I swear to god! Looks like this person's 'not a cat person' days are well and truly over with!

15. Dad Says He Doesn't Like The Cat, Saw This

Haha! This is hilarious! & Judging by the look on kitty's face, she's probably wishing that he DID hate cats right now! She looks truly horrified by his love! #sendhelp

16. Before I Got My Kitten, My Boyfriend Said He Didn't Like Cats. Now I Have Been Demoted To "Princess #2"

Oh my word, that little, smiling, sleepy face! & Her little hoody!? Am I seeing right there!?

& I totally wouldn't care about the demotion, I'd totally get it!

17. I Didn't Want Cats. My Wife Wanted Cats. So We Compromised And Got 5 Cats

Always the perfect compromise! I mean, why get one Cat when you can get FIVE CATS!? It's a no brainer really, isn't it!?

18. If You Ask Him, "F@ck No, I'm Not A Cat Person"

Ah, I think you'll find that this is a classic case of 'CAT PERSON DENIAL', but don't worry, judging by this pic his resistance is definitely waning...it won't be long now!

19. My Dad Doesn't Want A Cat But The Cat Definitely Wants My Dad

Then I'm afraid that your Dad has absolutely no choice in the matter, he'll have to give in and take his punishment...which totally isn't a punishment at all! Look at that teeny ball of love and floof! How could you honestly resist!?

20. Caught A Picture Of My Cat With My Friend Who Adamantly "Hates Cats"

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Well, that smooch definitely tells us a different story! I find this kind of "hate" towards cats the only acceptable form!