#1 15 Minutes Old And Already Tired Of Your Shennanigans

Would you look at that, this kid has only been on the Earth for 15 minutes and already looks like it knows something it took me 30+ years to learn.

#2 I've Been Using My Nephew As Reaction Pictures

I can almost hear the sound this little guy is making, something along the lines of; "Heheheheh"

#3 My Mom's Persian Friend's Baby

This kid looks like he's about to drop the most Daddest Dad Joke of all time and he cannot wait.

#4 This Baby Looks Like An Old Irish Man

"Oh ay now topa' 'tha mornin' to ya, can 'a ge' ya sumthin' der to wet ya whistle now laddeh?"

#5 This Baby Is A Whole 7 Mins Old & Already Fed Up With Life


#6 So My Friend's Baby Looks Like Gandalf The White

Okay, so this one is actually pretty amazing. I can almolst hear him telling Frodo about the legend of the One Ring. Are we sure this isn't just an old baby photo??

#7 Anyone Seen My Teeth??

Anyone seen Benjamin Button? Yes. Okay great, because I think this is the baby that movie was based on.

#8 Our Baby Looks Exactly Like Gordon Ramsay

This baby is only a few months old and he's already giving distained looks about the amount of oil on the plate and wondering where the heck the lamb sauce is.

#9 This Baby Is Already Sick Of His Grandchild's Cr*p

"ga ga's" or your "coo-chie-coo's".

#10 Friends Baby Looks Like Wallace Shawn

Honestly I would fully and completley embrace this... and I would hope long and hard that one day his voice ends up sounding like Wallace Shawn's too.

#11 If I Saw This Baby, I'd Probably Call Him Sir By Accident

Only minute's old and this baby already has grey hairs due to the immense stressfulness of life. Good luck little one, good luck.

#12 My Niece Came Out Annoyed As Heck

"I swear to gosh if you don't get that camera out of my face ASAP I will come over there and slap you silly Patricia"

#13 This Is My Fiancé's Friend's Son

No no, I'm sorry but you're mistaken, that is actually a Mandrake from Harry Potter.

#14 This Is What Newborn Norwegians Looks Like

This baby looks like he already can play the harmonica, has 9 tattoos, a studded leather jacket and a Harley waiting outside for him in the parking lot. Talk about bad a*s!

#15 My Son Used To Look Like Danny Devito


#16 Oh Dear! My Word!

"Oh lord have mercy on ma sweet lil' soul!" 

#17 My Friend's Baby Photo. I Couldn't Stop Laughing

Do you see what I mean about the incredible parental humour in this post? I'd definitely try this with my baby... a photograph for the family album for sure!

#18 My Son Was Born Just In Time For His 80th Birthday

“Are They Using My Driveway To Turn Around?”

Well they do say that babies hear pretty much everything while in the womb... maybe they also learn strong looks and reactions too!? You heard it hear first folks...


#20 My Daughter Looks Like She Lives In A Van Down By The River

Okay well she may look like she lives in a van down by the river... but she also looks like she's a heck of a lot of fun! She's ready for her next shot of tequila.

Well guys I hope you got as much joy out of that as I did! Bless their little cotton socks... which one was your personal favorite? Maybe you have some hilarious photos of your little angels? If so, feel free to share them in the comment section below! Don't forget to tag your friends and family either and share to joy! Have a great day folks x