20 Perfectly Timed Photos So Ingenious You'll Have To Look Twice


Sometimes a photo is so perfect that it's hard to believe it was taken spontaenously. That is certainly the case with these photos which are timed to absolute perfection, I wish that I had taken them myself!

This photos will definitely make you look twice and it's crazy what the power of perception can do...blink and you miss it!

1.) Don't let go!

This picture of a woman shaking out her sheets looks exactly like a red Dementor from Harry Potter! It is slightly terrifying but the woman doesn't look phased in the slightest...

2.) Nice hair...oh wait

This woman's hair linedĀ up with this guy's head so perfectly, he actually managed to pull it off! She ruined it by moving an inch and the man's lack of hair was revealed to the world, how sad...

3.) The ultimate backstab

This one is just so insane! The way she is leaning forward actually makes it look like she has just been stabbed. It's pretty dark but whoever took this picture should be proud...

4.) A fairytale creature

This is quite possibly the coolest creature ever and I wish that it actually existed. Oh well, at least whoever captured this photo made me think that it was real, even if for just a second...

5.) What is this monstrosity

This could possibly be the most unholy creation ever to have been photographed. Thankfully, it's just "perfect" timing that created this picture, not too sure anything else about it is perfect about though...

6.) Someone get me the holy water

Is it just me or does this girl look possessed?! It's terrifying! Thankfully, this picture was just taken when her eyes were closed and her fabulous shimmery white eyeshadow was on full display, making it look like her entire eyes are freakishly white.

7.) Beautiful moment captured

Not all of these perfectly timed photos are confusing and horrifying. This one is absolutely beautiful and reminds us of the incredible achievements humans have made in history, like literally leaving our planet!

8.) Back to terrifying creatures

Ahh well, we had a brief respite before some more terrifying perfectly timed photos came our way. This one really is the stuff of nightmares, as if ostriches weren't scary enough already, now we have a half human hybrid!

9.) Now, that IS perfection

This could be the most perfectly timed photo yet, it's hilarious! I mean, the man has a nice bod yes but with a cat as a head, it makes him even better!

10.) Looking great

Wow, this really is a unique look and this guy is definitely pulling it off! This is when I realize that a middle-aged man has better legs than me...*sigh*.

11.) Could this be the coolest picture ever taken?

This is just such an incredibly awesome photo that I really wish I had taken it myself. The way the lightning strikes right down the middle of the rainbow is so poetically beautiful, not that I'm poetic in the slightest.

12.) Human technology is weird

The timing of this photo is just completely out of this world, I am very impressed! It makes it look like humans operate using some kind of advanced alien technology, it's very cool...

13.) The moment chaos ensued

This is such an awesomely hilarious shot that perfectly captures everyone's reactions! Can we just take a minute to appreciate how amazing this dad is? He always puts his son first!

14.) Holy toilet bowl

Is this God's toilet or something? The way the sunlight is shining in so perfectly is amazing, that is definitely one special toilet...

15.) Could this be the perfect picture?

I simply cannot fault this picture, it's absolutely flawless! The way the setting sun lines up perfectly down the center is just too much, I need a huge printout of this picture!

16.) Trees are awesome

Trees are definitely underrated and underappreciated, this picture shows exactly why that's the case! Just look at them, they are magical creations.

17.) Perfect timing for a true hero

Firemen truly are humanities guardian angles and this perfect timing picture couldn't be closer to the truth! This MUST have been intentional if not, I think it's a sign that we should appreciate our fire brigade more!

18.) Jet engine bird

Wow, this picture certainly is impressive, in a split second, it would have looked completely different, whoever took this is a master at timing! It's also hilarious, imagine a jet engine bird...

19.) We see you, yawning man

Whoever took this picture must hate the guy who was yawning, he has totally been caught now! I mean, I can understand, it looks pretty boring...

20.) "Let me get that for you..."

This guy decided to give this basketball player a helping hand and get that pesky boogie out of his nose, what a nice man!

Which was your favorite perfectly timed photo? Let us know in the comments! AAx