20 Photos Of Freddie Mercury & Mary Austin, His Love And His Lifelong Companion


But like everyone else, he was still just a human being at the end of the day and therefore, he had the same basic needs that everyone does...to love and be loved in return and develop lasting, trustworthy, happy relationships with the people around him. Even rockstars need true companionship!

But sadly, when fame and fortune are involved, it can get in the way slightly and the whole relationship stuff becomes even more fraught with insecurity, lies and mistrust than it already can be!

But there was one person (apart from his Cats, of course!) who he loved more than anyone else...and that was his first and only true love of his life, Mary Austin.

Keeping reading for some adorable, touching and truly sweet photographs of Freddie and Mary, who truly were the most unconventional fairytale love story you could get.

1. Mary was 19 when she first met Freddie in the early 1970s

‘He was like no one I had met before. He was very confident – something I have never been. We grew together. I liked him and it went on from there.”

2. They soon began dating and formed a strong, unbreakable bond that would stay with Freddie throughout his life.

I just think (as someone who does believe in fate), that they are proof that if someone is meant to be with you, they will stick around, regardless of any cr*p that goes on around both of you, they will be with you forever, despite the circumstances. Love is love.

3. While their physical relationship came to an end as Freddie came to terms with his sexuality, their friendship still continued to go from strength to strength

“Our love affair ended in tears, but a deep bond grew out of it, and that’s something nobody can take away from us,” Freddie once said. “It’s unreachable. All my lovers ask why they can’t replace her, but it’s

They even look good together, don't they!? It's like something just fits with the pair of them...it's beautiful to see. They were true soul mates!

4. They were always there for each other

To me, it's like they fulfilled every need in one another, the physical side of a relationship is never the most important, it's the love, trust and commitment to each other what matters and it certainly looks like these two had that by the bucket load!

5. & She was never far from his side...

Even when Mary eventually moved on and went on to get married and have two children of her own. She was still always there for Freddie when he needed her and sadly, as he succumbed to the HIV virus, she was always there to take care of him.

He left her with much of his fortune after he passed away.

6. “If things had been different you would have been my wife, and this would have been yours anyway”

I guess this is one in the eye for anyone who says that homosexuality is a choice...he clearly loved Mary dearly, more than anyone else, yet he couldn't help who he was attracted to. It's so bittersweet, but the fact that they stuck together as best friends is a testament to them both.

7. They were always the best of friends through it all

Mary stayed by his side and often stayed out of the spotlight that was so prominent in Freddie's life...and while his personal life and other relationships were always in the media spotlight, it seemed like the one that truly mattered to him, probably received the least attention of them all.

8. “The only friend I’ve got is Mary and I don’t want anybody else"

I totally agree with that, if you have ONE true friend who provides everything and all the emotional support you need, then why do you really need anyone else!? Few of us are lucky enough to find that one true friend, to be honest.

9. Sadly, things didn’t go well for Mary after Freddie died

She was often suffering from illnesses and stress caused by the burden of her huge inheritance, as unfortunately, as is the way with most human beings, jealousy and resentment reared its ugly head.

At the end of the day, it was Freddie's decision to leave Mary everything and he obviously had good reason to do this, so no one else should have gotten involved.

10. “I don’t think the remaining members of Queen have ever reconciled themselves to it"

“I don’t understand it. Because to me, it’s bricks and mortar. I try never to be jealous or envy people.”

I totally agree with that statement, she seemed like a kind woman who genuinely thought the world of Freddie and provided him with a lot of emotional support when he needed it, how can anyone who cared for him resent that fact? Really!?

11. “Freddie was very generous to them in the last years of his life and I don’t think they embraced that generosity."

"I don’t think they appreciated or recognized what Freddie had left them. He left the band a quarter share of the last four albums – which he didn’t need to do. And I never hear from them."

Freddie did seem like a very generous man and it's a shame that his passing had to cause even more stress and sadness than it had to.

12. "After Freddie died, they (the rest of the band) just wandered off.”

It's shame that she didn't get the support from the other band members at the time of his passing. I also find it sad that she must have felt incredibly conflicted, sad and hurt whilst also mourning the death of her soul mate. That's pretty heartbreaking.

13. Mary still gets reminders of Freddie, and the life they once shared

“‘You hear a specific song and it makes you feel emotional. We lived those 20-odd years together. Under the same roof. Together emotionally.”

Losing anyone you care about is unbearable, but when you have a bond with someone this strong, I can't imagine what grief she must go through, even now.

14. You can truly see the love in their eyes for each other

“On one occasion he turned to me and said sadly, ‘To think I used to be so handsome.’ I got up and had to leave the room."

Heartbreakingly, as Freddie began to succumb to the effects of AIDS, he and Mary would watch old video footage of his past performances and reminisce about the better times...

15. “It was too upsetting. We were never allowed to get emotional around him and that was hard."

I understand that, as personally, I don't like people getting emotional around me either, especially when I know that I'm the cause of that pain, plus it's so difficult to see the ones you love most getting so upset, but it also must have been so hard for her to keep all the emotion in when she clearly loved him so dearly.

16. "I knew if I sat there I would have been in tears. When I returned I just sat down as if nothing had happened. But for that moment, he caught me off guard.”

How can you not get upset when you're seeing the person you love most in the world deteriorate in front of you!? Especially when you know that there's nothing you can do for them, she must have been an incredibly strong woman.

17. Together through the highs and the lows...

I wish the universe would send me a friendship like this...I think this kind of kinship is something that everyone deserves in their lifetime.

18. Made for each other

I adore this picture, it's almost like she was the only one who he could reveal his true self to, the one he didn't have to pretend to and that's how love should be.

19. But, despite all the sadness, at least they had the time together that they did...

It was obviously a very special relationship and any two lesser people would have let all the obstacles and heartbreak that they suffered, drive them apart, but it only made these soul mates even stronger together.

20. & It's lovely to see their relationship back in the spotlight, thanks to Bohemian Rhapsody's success...

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Because their beautiful relationship and mature outlook on love and friendship is a testament to them both...and let's face it, we all need somebody to love!