20 Photos Of Queen Elizabeth II That Some Of The Amazing Things She's Done


1.) Queen Elizabeth II has loved corgis since childhood

The Queen and her corgis are probably the most wholesome combination ever. Plus, she has clearly loved them since a very young age which is just adorable.

2.) During WWII the Queen worked as a truck mechanic

Queen Elizabeth II doesn't mind getting her hands dirty! During World War II she readily helped fix soldiers trucks as a mechanic. I loved that she broke gender stereotypes and did a role that other women usually wouldn't have.

3.) Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday twice!

The queen was born on the 21st April but celebrates her birthday AGAIN in June. Why? Because the weather is better and she's the queen, she can do as she likes. I think this is awesome!

4.) Puddles are no match for the Queen

I love how she just walks through the puddles in her heels without a care in the world. I can really admire this kind of attitude.

5.) She travels on the tube just like the rest of us

Queen Elizabeth definitely isn't averse to travelling on public transport! She is definitely humble and doesn't might hanging out with the rest of us regular folk, which is what makes her so awesome!

6.) She can definitely take care of herself

The queen doesn't need anyone to help her out, she can easily jump if needed! I like her determination to be independent and do things her own way.

7.) She loves animals

Queen Elizabeth II isn't worried about feeding an elephant, she loves to get involved! She is the coolest woman ever.

8.) She is great at making people laugh

The Queen definitely isn't afraid to openly express her emotions and make people laugh. She doesn't hide her feelings and is great company!

9.) She can ride a horse too

The queen has many talents and one of those is riding a horse! She doesn't let her age hold her back and loves to go for a good horse ride on a nice day.

10.) She loves her bright outfits

The queen definitely knows a thing or two about fashion and can pull off the brightest outfits! This pink one might just be one of my favourites.

11.) She made an epic entrance to the London 2012 Olympics

Okay, this MIGHT have been a stunt double and not the real queen but still, it's cooler to think that it was actually her.

12.) She loves her sweet treats

I have never related to the Queen more than her expression of pure joy as she cuts into this cake. I am extremely jealous because that looks like one damn good cake. I bet she didn't let anyone else touch it though, she is the queen after all.

13.) She's a big make-up fan too

I have a sudden NEED to know where the Queen gets her make-up from. I need to find out so I can do the same! I want to be on the same level of cool as Queen Elizabeth.

14.) The Queen isn't afraid to put people in their place

The Queen definitely has all the authority in the world but what's better is when she tells off her Grandchildren. Seriously though, they should know the rules by now!

15.) You never want to see this face

If you REALLY upset the Queen, you might just get this expression. That's when you know you need to regret your life decisions.

16.) She has a lovely smile

Thankfully, the Queen is usually very happy and treats us to her wonderful happy face! It's much better than when she isn't feeling very amused.

17.) She even poses for selfies

The Queen is very up to date with modern technology and can even be partial to the odd selfie! It is now on my bucket list to get a selfie with the queen, wish me luck.

18.) The Queen has responded to 3.5 million pieces of correspondence

Wow, talk about busy! Queen Elizabeth definitely doesn't get a day off. Responding to 3.5 million correspondences sounds mind-numbing.

19.) She still drives a car at over 90-years-old

Nothing will stop the Queen from driving her own car and I'm very impressed. Also, she looks amazing at over 90 and still does every day things!

20.) The Queen is the longest-reigning British monarch

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British monarch in 2015. She is still going strong to this day and will certainly go down in history as one of the most powerful, awesome Queens ever!