20 Photos Of Squirrels Eating Things They Shouldn't

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1.) Pizza lover

This squirrel is happily tucking into a huge slice of pepperoni pizza that is literally the SAME SIZE as the squirrel itself! I'll be incredibly impressed if he managed to eat it all, I'm craving pizza now...

2.) Donut time

Everyone loves donuts, including squirrels, apparently! These squirrels love to take on food that is way bigger than their size, I admire their determination. I wonder if this cheeky squirrel stole that donut from someone...

3.) Enjoying a sweet treat

This squirrel has evolved to new levels, it even eats like a human now! He is enjoying a Hershey's bar, even eating out of a packet as we do. I bet he got a huge sugar rush and got extremely hyper after this.

4.) They even enjoy fried chicken...

This one disturbs me a little bit, I feel like squirrels shouldn't eat chicken, they are half it's size in the first place! That doesn't put this little guy off as he digs in though.

5.) Tucking into a chicken tender

I don't know about you but I have NEVER seen a squirrel that looks like this before, maybe all the chicken has morphed it into some kind of mega advanced squirrel. Either way, it's a proven fact now that squirrels have a soft spot for chicken.

6.) Breadstick squirrel

I relate to breadstick squirrel on a spiritual level. Also, that is one chunky breadstick, these squirrels obviously don't do small portions which I can totally get on board with!

7.) Burrito thief

This really is getting out of hand now, squirrels eat burritos now too?! It is even eating it like a proper burrito, wrap and all. I don't know what to make of this...

8.) Just one single french fry

This squirrel isn't like the others, it doesn't eat massive donuts or slices of pizza, it just wanted one single french fry. It's so adorable how it's tiny hands and are holding a huge fry. It melts my cold ice heart.

9.) Red velvet whoopie pie

Wow, that squirrel really is chowing down on that massive whoopie pie, even his mouth is stained! This must have given him the biggest sugar rush ever.

10.) An ENTIRE avocado

This psychopath squirrel is eating an ENTIRE avocado, skin and all. This is the type of squirrel that cannot be trusted, it is literally insane.

11.) Squirrel enjoying a Twizzler

This squirrel definitely has a bit of a sweet tooth. He is just chilling on a shed enjoying a Twizzler. I don't understand how this type of food is tempting to a squirrel but apparently, I know nothing.

12.) A single taco shell

This squirrel is enjoying a single, empty, dry taco shell...yum? Not sure why it seems to be enjoying this so much but who am I to judge?

13.) Some plain spaghetti

This squirrel has stolen a tiny bit of plain, cold spaghetti and seems to be enjoying its life choices. I appreciate squirrels eating whatever they want but WHY would you ever want to eat this?!

14.) The smallest pancake

This adorable little squirrel is enjoying a tiny little pancake that is still almost the same size as the squirrel! This is just so pure and wholesome, his tiny hands holding onto his little treat are just too much.

15.) One squirrel and his ice cream cone

This squirrel doesn't understand that on a hot day you are supposed to eat ice cream and not just a cone! He seems pretty happy about it though so let's just not tell him, it might make him embarrassed...

16.) An ENTIRE hamburger

This squirrel definitely doesn't do small portions, it's an entire hamburger or nothing! He is even eating it like it's supposed to be eaten...freaky.

17.) This squirrel steals candy

This squirrel stole a Starburst right out of someone's hand! I love how he looks so sassy at the camera like, "what are you going to do about it?!"

18.) Cheeto fan

This squirrel was caught in the process of stealing some Cheetos. So, he decided to run but not without his stolen goods. His panicked expression is just pure gold!

19.) It's me in squirrel form

This squirrel reminds me very much of myself. Just casually eating a MASSIVE cookie and instantly regretting it after because all that sugar made you feel sick, you and me both squirrel!

20.) Squirrels officially love donuts

It seems that a squirrel's biggest weakness is donuts and I can relate to that on every single level. This chubby little guy seems to be loving his treat, it will probably last him days!

I have a new-found love for squirrels and their eating habits now. Next time you think you are eating something you shouldn't, think of the squirrels and embrace it. Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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