20 Photos Of Australia's Wildlife That Prove It's The Freakin' Scariest Place On Earth


1.) This neighbourhood lizard

This huge monitor lizard is just chilling on the side of people's houses. Imagine stepping out of your house only to see THIS. I would run screaming in the opposite direction.

2.) Pythons eat Alligators

Now, that is a fact that I definitely DIDN'T want to know. How is it even physically possible for a python to fit an entire alligator inside it?! Impressive but also terrifying.

3.) Paralysis ticks

These horrifying monsters are Australian ticks that can cause paralysis in their victims, I cannot imagine how awful that would be. The one on the left hasn't been fed and the one on the right is after feeding...*shudders*.

4.) Locusts

Yep, a swarm of locusts could descend from the sky at any point, sending you running for cover and trying to block out that awful buzzing sound. I'm freaking out just thinking about it.

5.) Snakes that hide in toilets

These snakes like to just hang out in toilet bowls so you might want to double check before taking a seat or you will be in for a VERY nasty surprise...

6.) You really don't want to encounter a stonefish

This horrifying stonefish hides in tidal pools in Australian oceans. You really don't want to step on one of these as rows of sharp, venom-filled spines cover it's back. The sting is excruciatingly painful and can cause instant death. Watch where you step when in Australia!

7.) This tiny creature is an Irukandji jellyfish and it's nasty...

This innocent-looking creature is actually more venomous as a cobra and tarantula COMBINED. Size really doesn't matter with this tiny thing as it has venom-filled stingers all over its body. An attack from this can cause brain haemorrhage and mental illness.

8.) Earthworms in Australia

Yeah, Earthworms really do get this big in Australia, it is incredibly shocking. If I saw one of these scurrying across the floor towards me, I would scream to burn it with fire but would probably end up running away, crying.

9.) Here's a python enjoying a gigantic bat

I'm not sure which is more horrifying here, the python or the GIGANTIC bat that it's chowing down on. Either way, pythons certainly aren't picky about what they decide to indulge on.

10.) The evil Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Just LOOK at the fangs on this spider, actually sends chills down my spine! These are the most deadly spiders in Australia and have an incredibly poisonous bite. Thankfully, it would never get anywhere near me because as soon as I saw it, I would be running away screaming!

11.) The blue-ringed octopus

The blue-ringed octopus is one of the most dangerous animals in the ENTIRE WORLD, so don't let the pretty glowing blue colours fool you. However, it won't seek out humans to kill, just avoid disturbing it or stepping on one as you will be in big trouble. There is no antidote to its sting so death can occur instantly.

12.) The Great White Shark patrols Australia's coast

Everyone who has seen Jaws is automatically terrified of Great White sharks, thankfully, they actually don't often attack unless provoked. However, we don't recommend that you go swimming in their territory as they just might mistake you for prey...

13.) Death adder waiting for its prey

Common death adders are the most deadly of all the adders that call Australia their home. They won't chase you but they do wait patiently for prey to approach before attacking. So, you might want to watch out where you walk.

14.) Bull sharks are extremely aggressive

Bull sharks really aren't afraid to attack and are known for their incredible levels of aggression. Unfortunately, it's hard to predict where these sharks will turn up next and all you can do is look out for them. They will eat anything that crosses their path and are the most dangerous sharks to humans.

15.) Red Back Spider

The Red Back spider likes to hang out in mailboxes, under seats, trash bins and anywhere that's dark and hidden. Unfortunately, this means that these spiders like to hang out where many Australians live. The Red Back spider bite is extremely painful but thankfully there is an antidote, however, it can still result in death so you would want to head over to the hospital quickly!

16.) Box jellyfish

The highly dangerous box jellyfish are found in Australia's oceans during the warmer months, exactly during the time that you might want to enjoy a swim. A box jellyfish sting is incredibly painful and can lead to a speedy death so always keep your eyes peeled.

17.) Crocodiles like to surf

Crocodiles seem to think that it's cool to surface along the ocean waves, waiting patiently to capture any unsuspecting surfers. I'm starting to think that it might just be best to avoid Australia's oceans entirely now.

18.) Mole crickets are actually a thing

The fact that mole crickets even exist shows that nature has the potential to go HORRIBLY wrong. This is probably the most terrifying thing I have EVER seen and I am definitely going to have nightmares for weeks.

19.) Giant venomous centipedes also exist

These terrifying centipedes could bite you if disturbed or handled. It won't kill you but the pain is severe and can last for DAYS. Also, just look at how scary they look...

20.) You can't even swim in freshwater...

Okay, this might not be scary animals but it shows just HOW dangerous and scary Australia can be. Amoebic meningitis has a less than 3% survival rate which means DO NOT GO IN THE WATER IF THERE IS A SIGN LIKE THIS!

So, there you have it, a whole list of reasons why I'm far too scared to visit Australia! It is such a beautiful country but the animals do make me fear for my life slightly...which one scared you the most? Let us know in the comments!