20 Photos That Prove Parenting Is Anything But Easy


1.) They have far more energy than their parents

This little one is raring to go whilst her mother has other ideas. Being a parent is a constant battle between wanting to sleep but having to keep your endless bundle of energy entertained. It’s just a tiring as it sounds.

2.) This little girl doesn’t want to sleep alone

Aw, what a great dad! His little princess didn’t want to sleep alone but obviously her bed was far too tiny for him to have somewhere to sleep. He didn’t give up though, the floor makes a comfy bed too! I’m sure he will regret this one in the morning…

3.) You can’t fool kids

When it comes to sugar, kids are connoisseurs. There’s no way you will be able to trick them that apple juice is soda, they are the experts, nothing gets past them. That’s one way to try it though!

4.) I don’t trust that little girl

I feel like she is the mastermind behind her two brothers arguing. She is trying to look all sweet and innocent but I DON’T TRUST HER!

5.) She made the mistake of letting them sleep in her bed

Sure, it starts off cute that the kids want to sleep in her bed with her. However, when you wake up with a tiny foot in your face, you might regret being so nice the night before. But hey, as long as they are sleeping, you can actually get some sleep, which is better than nothing!

6.) “Mom, look what I found!”

When you are a parent, your kids are always surprising you. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you to decide…you might not think it’s quite so great when your kid magically brings pony home.

7.) How did this happen?

I have no idea how the baby managed to get up there. I feel like babies suddenly have superhuman abilities at night while we are asleep…one second, they are happy in their cot and the next second they are sleeping on your face. How? No idea.

8.) What a pretty laptop!

My heart actually aches for this poor parent’s laptop. Yeah, the kid thinks they did a good thing by “decorating” your laptop but it looked so much better before! This really wasn’t a good day for this poor parent.

9.) Yeah…babies are loud

I don’t think people realise quite how loud babies are until they have one. Feel like your ears are bleeding when your baby lets rip? You aren’t alone…

10.) Did he find what he was looking for?

At least the kid is still clean but your house? Sorry about that…I bet he didn’t even find what he was so frantically searching for.

11.) At least he didn’t find the milk…

He looks like he really regrets this decision…I mean, I don’t think that milkshake powder tastes so good on its own. Thankfully, he didn’t find the milk, I’m sure the mess would have been even worse then…silver linings!

12.) The wedding was fun

This is slightly horrifying. It looks like the poor woman has a demon child stuck in her beautiful dress! I’m sure the wedding was still fun though…

13.) You’re never lonely with kids!

You may not have any privacy EVER anymore but at least your kid is always there to keep you company! I mean come on, how is that face not adorable?!

14.) Pets train you for kids

We all know pets train you for kids, you’ve got to teach them, keep them, keep them alive. However, this is just a little bit too real…this kid is acting like a cat.

15.) This kid forgot how to sit

Sometimes kids just forget how to human. This kid doesn’t even know how to sit properly anymore. It’s okay, that’s why parents are there, to make them sit like a normal person, such fun!

16.) No babyproofing is happening around here!

This kid is not letting his parents “babyproof” their marriage. Their lives are dedicated to HIM now and not each other. Sorry to break it to you.

17.) Anytime can be nap time

Santa knows. When you’re a kid, you can nap whenever and wherever. Eating lunch? Nap. Playing? Nap. At the park? Nap.

18.) Cleaning your child

Sometimes, parents just have to resort to their animal instincts and clean their kids in any way possible when their hands are full. Thankfully, this dad was raised by cats so he’s used to it.

19.) Your kids are just mini-you’s

Everything that annoys you that your little one does, you probably do it too. Tantrums? They learnt it from you. Screaming endlessly? It’s your fault. Get used to it!

20.) Being a parent means putting up with a lot

Sometimes its just easier to go along with what your kids want in order to avoid an argument. If you go that extra mile, hopefully your kids will reward you with no tantrums for a day, winning!

Being a parent is incredibly hard at times but it’s the best job in the world so it’s totally worth it. What’s your funniest parenting moment? Let us know in the comments!