20 Photos That Prove Nature Is A Force To Be Reckoned With


1.) Apple orchard in Ireland after Hurricane Ophelia

© KRua/Pikabu

Nature has saved people a long job here, by picking all of the apples for us! It’s a same that they are probably all incredibly bruised and rotten by the time Hurricane Ophelia had blown over. After all, nature doesn’t care about your apples.

2.) Nature has cancelled work today

© Zega/Pikabu

Did you seriously think that you were going to work today? Nature definitely had other ideas. If you are really keen, you could always dig your way into work but if I were you I would take this as a sign to just take the day off.

3.) I hope your insurance covers floods

© Palpat1ne/Pikabu

Wow. A bit too much rain and nature reduce us to isolated beings that need inflatable rafts to protect ourselves. This house seems to have pretty good flood defenses though!

4.) Frozen waterfall

© Palpat1ne/Pikabu

How does this even happen? Did it suddenly just get so cold that it instantly froze? Or was it a slow process? I really cannot wrap my head around how a waterfall can freeze mid-flow like that. Nature is incredible…and cold.

5.) Algerian desert looks like tiramisu

© Ground55/Pikabu

No, this isn’t a mirage, nature just likes to make us feel hungry. It also likes to confuse us too because the reason this looks like tiramisu is because it’s snow mixed with sand…in the DESERT. I thought it was meant to be cold? Oh well, now it just looks more like a “dessert”. (I’m hilarious).

6.) The sky after Hurricane Ophelia

filtersfordayz_ / Instagram

This really does look like the end of the world. Nature can be incredibly scary at times! Thankfully, the storm had finally past when the sky looked like this, still looks incredibly ominous though…

7.) Yes, that IS snow

© Xingua92/Reddit

Nature really didn’t want this person to leave their house today, so they piled a load of snow up against their door to stop them. How’s it so perfectly got the door imprinted on it?! Incredible but I would be scared of my house caving in.

8.) Xavier was a precise storm

© Enfantterrrible/Pikabu

Wow, nature really didn’t like those three trees, did it? This storm just wanted to destroy everything in its path and it looks like it succeeded. It’s scary how at the mercy of nature we can be at times.

9.) Nature drew a line across Ohio

© Elementalillness/Reddit

The snow fell in an oddly thin line JUST across Ohio. Was nature just like, “I fancy drawing lines with snow today”? Very random.

10.) What a rainbow looks like when nature is trying

© zacharyem/Reddit

When nature wants to put on a pretty show, it really can. This double rainbow is gorgeous and I’m pretty sure nature is just showing off what it can do. We get it, you’re very talented.

11.) Rain turned a yard into a Van Gogh painting

© ericb303/Reddit

Nature clearly really appreciates good art and that’s not surprising considering how creative it is! So, it decided to replicate a Van Gogh painting with this person’s yard.

12.) A spot of rain in Ireland

© epicmoe/Reddit

Nature decided to DROWN Ireland in water so that literally swans were staring through people’s windows. As if swans weren’t scary enough already!

13.) The Simpsons Movie in real life

© khemfrov/Pikabu

Nature decided to place a rainbow dome over Australia. Why? No reason, just for the laughs. I wonder if anyone outside the rainbow dome can actually enter?

14.) Nature’s being weird again

© Hellholder/Reddit

Looks like nature got bored and decided to whip up the clouds in Kamchatka and watch the stupid humans get confused and take pictures of it.

15.) Hurricane Matthew loves landscaping

© thisisnotmyfault/Imgur

Who knew it, Hurricane Matthew was really into landscape design. It’s terrifying how nature can literally tear up Earth whenever it wants to.

16.) A nice office shower

© age104/Reddit

If nature thinks that you smell, it WILL make you shower. Even if you are sat at your desk working, it will somehow soak you in water. Lesson? Take a shower in the morning.

17.) This tree can’t read

© holykash/Pikabu

This tree doesn’t play by the rules. If you put a sign up saying “do not eat” it will just go ahead and eat the damn sing because it’s a rebel.

18.) Maybe we can influence nature too

© gnom22/Pikabu

It looks like Apple are making their way into new markets. Somehow, they have now infiltrated tree trunks, unless trees have taken a liking to their logo.

19.) That’s what a firefly looks like!

© Mymbaka/Pikabu

Wow. This is truly beautiful. Nature is incredible! My question is why didn’t nature give humans glowing butts in the dark? That would be pretty neat.

20.) Nature is flushing the toilet

© Mymbaka/Pikabu

Maybe rain is just nature flushing the toilet on us. Or, nature just REALLY hates that one area and decided to really attempt to flush them out. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be in that rain storm!

I’m now slightly scared of nature…which one amazed you the most? Let us know in the comments!