20 Pictures That Leave You No Choice But To Go Out And Adopt A Greyhound


Greyhounds are pretty big dogs, they are very long and tall too, making them incredibly slender. Thankfully, they are friendly giants and make the best pets if you have space and time! They are very excitable...


And incredibly athletic...

All-in-all they are fantastic dogs and are a whole lot of fun to be around. Let's take a look at what makes greyhounds great. Just try not to run and immediately buy one after reading this...

1.) They are majestic creatures

Greyhounds literally look like they are straight out of some fairytale book, they are just so majestic. Not to mention adorable, look at that little face! Well, long face...

2.) They are very chilled out

Greyhounds are actually pretty chilled out and don't make a lot of noise which is great if you have neighbours! Obviously, they need a lot of exercises but you can rest assured that afterwards, they won't tear your house down which is nice.

3.) They are basically couch potatoes

Greyhounds love lazing around the house and are so low maintenance they don't even care if they are lying in their bed or on the floor! They are living the dream life really.

4.) They definitely do love to play though

Greyhounds are basically big goofballs who love to run around parks and play with their favourite person, their owners! Just look at how happy he is, my heart is melting.

5.) Greyhounds will only get cuter with age

It doesn't seem possible but Greyhounds really do get cuter with age! They are such friendly dogs and love nothing more than a cuddle, especially as they get older.

6.) As puppies, their cuteness reaches dangerous levels

This could quite possibly be the cutest little thing that I have ever seen! You would never know just how big they are going to grow after looking at this tiny pup...

7.) Their eyes are captivating

I feel like greyhounds must be old souls. Their eyes are just so beautiful, soulful and full of wisdom, they've definitely lived before I swear! These greyhounds are really getting to me...

8.) Their ears are unfairly soft

Greyhound ears literally feel like soft velvet and its almost impossible not to want to stroke them every second of every day.

9.) They have the longest snoot

Greyhounds just have the longest noses and it's unbelievably cute! I just want to bop it all the time. Not sure he would be the biggest fan of that though...

10.) Greyhounds love cuddles

I don't think their owners are going to complain about cuddling them either! They make the best TV buddies and just will fall asleep on you while watching your favourite film, it really is living the dream.

11.) They just want to love and be loved!

Greyhounds love nothing more than the love and attention from their owner. I don't think anyone would mind this adorable guy wanting cuddles!

12.) They are great with kids

Greyhounds are so loving and patient that they make the perfect dog to have around kids. I can't think of a better childhood than growing up alongside such an adorable companion!

13.) They love other dogs too!

Greyhounds have such a lovely nature that they are great at making other doggo friends. So you can happily walk your trusty greyhound with your friend's dogs too!

14.) They are fashion icons

Greyhounds can basically pull off any look and look amazing while they are at it! I mean, they are tall and super skinny, they can work a pair of jeans or a stylish tracksuit.

15.) Like seriously, fashion icons

This serious chap really looks great in a snazzy jumper. He honestly looks like he is posing for a magazine shoot or something! Obviously, because of their skinny frame and short fur, they do need wrapping up in the winter but that doesn't mean that they can't keep warm in style!

16.) Practicality meets fashion

This long boy seriously knows how to pair practical winter wear with a stylish snood. His owner has great doggo fashion sense!

17.) They love Christmas

Because greyhounds love family and social interaction, they are great pets at Christmas. They probably get just as excited in the run-up as we do!

18.) They steal everyone's hearts

One thing we will warn you about is that everyone who meets your greyhound will 100% fall in love with him or her. They are just such lovable dogs that they steal hearts wherever they go.

19.) They don't shed hair either!

There's nothing worse than when you want to cuddle your pet but don't want their hair to ruin your outfit. Greyhounds are great because they don't shed hair which is also perfect for people with allergies!

20.) They deserve all the love and respect in the world

Greyhounds are basically just lovely dogs that are completely perfect. I really want one now...

Do you want a greyhound now? Me too. Thankfully, April is adopt a greyhound month so now you have an excuse! Do you love greyhounds? Let us know in the comments! AAx