20 Real Life Glitches That Prove We Live In The Matrix

Sometimes you are just walking along, minding your own business and you suddenly notice something that looks like a real-life glitch. Thankfully, these people had their cameras to hand and could capture the glitch FOREVER!

Honestly, these glitches have us questioning if Earth is real if everyone we know is just computer characters and if our whole life has been a lie.

These photos will make you wonder whether we really are living in a simulation, much like the Matrix. Call us crazy conspiracy theorists if you want, you will definitely think something is glitching in the world after you’ve seen these images…

1.) One cat or two?

glitch 1
We had to stare at this picture for ages to figure out what is actually going on here. It looks like this guy has two identical cats, sat in the exact same way and staring at the camera the same. Gives us the chills…

2.) Phone glitch

glitch 2
This person’s phone glitched while they were taking a photo of the sunset and it looks like the entire city is glitching. This is probably the freakiest photo ever.

3.) The sea is broken

glitch 3
It looks like the sea is glitching big time here, it’s literally parting like Jesus himself is in the vicinity. However, APPARENTLY, this is caused by 2-wave systems travelling in different directions due to a wind shift which creates cross-swell. That’s what the government WANT us to think…

4.) Red-haired woman glitch

glitch 4
Okay, how do you explain this?! These two women are wearing and holding basically the exact same thing. They even have the same hairstyle and colour! However, you can clearly see that they are different people, the Matrix just glitched out with their outfits.

5.) Does this bike exist?

glitch 5
We can’t tell if this bike is working or if it is broken. The ‘real-life’ side looks broken but its reflection shows it fixed. A classic sign of the Matrix at work we think!

6.) Woman glitch

glitch 6
This person innocently sat down on the train, only to see the exact same woman walk in and sit down, four times! Honestly, these four women look identical from their hair to their clothes. The Matrix glitched and spawned the same person one too many times.

7.) Ice glitch

glitch 7
Somehow this ice is suspended on trees. We have no idea how or why this happened but it definitely doesn’t look natural to us!

8.) Denim glitch

glitch 8
So, the exact same couple wears the exact same clothes and all walk into Walmart together. We don’t understand how they seem so casual and completely unaware by the doppelgangers stood right in front of them!

9.) The lake glitch

glitch 9
Okay, this lake looks like a video game landscape that hasn’t loaded properly. We have NEVER seen a lake that’s a single shade of green like that. It is definitely a glitch, the lake isn’t real and neither are YOU!

10.) DVD rental glitch

glitch 10
Okay, so these two women are wearing the exact same clothes, stood in the exact same pose and possibly ordering the same movie, who knows?!

11.) Bus passenger glitch

glitch 11
Okay, so all of the passengers on this bus appear to be the same person…the Matrix messed up big time here!

12.) Snake glitch

glitch 12
WHAT is going on here?! This snake looks like it came straight from hell and the whole three-head thing really isn’t doing it for us…

13.) A window or a mirror?

glitch 13
We have no idea if there are four cats in this picture or only two. It looks as though the exact same two cats are also stood outside. This picture is all kinds of confusing.

14.) SEVEN of the same car?!

glitch 14
This isn’t a car dealership, it’s just the universe messing up and accidentally spawning the same car seven times.

15.) Double stair glitch

glitch 15
We have no idea how anyone is supposed to actually use these stairs, sometimes the universe isn’t all that practical.

16.) Twin glitch

glitch 16
It looks like some kind of twin convention is going on that these guys are all going to. We hope…or it’s another accidental Matrix glitch.

17.) Was this intentional?

glitch 17
These women either know each other or this was a huge coincidence!

18.) Chair glitch

glitch 18
We cannot figure out this chair illusion for the life of us! It definitely doesn’t look natural at all and we honestly don’t even know what life is anymore.

19.) Drive-through glitch

glitch 19
These identical cars are going through the drive-through at the same time, all in a line. This cannot just be a coincidence!

20.) Music class glitch

glitch 20
There’s either a dress code for this music class or there is just a huge coincidence OR Matrix conspiracy…

Have you ever experienced a real-life glitch? What was it like? Did your head implode? Let us know in the comments!