I know what you’re thinking…AS IF we actually NEED reasons why animals are better than people!

I think any pet owner or self-confessed animal addict will agree, we don’t need any justification for the love we have for our animal buddies…they JUST ARE the best thing in our lives.

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They’re (more often than not) our life coach, best friend, personal trainer and counsellor…we just don’t know what we’d do without them!

& Unlike people, they’re always there for us when we need them, regardless of how fat, stupid or ugly we feel…our pets just love us, exactly for who we are!


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So, if all that isn’t enough to sell it to you (really? What’s wrong with you!?) then our list of 20 reasons why animals are TOTALLY better than humans should win you over!


1. They’re always down for a ‘quiet night in’

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Don’t feel like interacting with anyone after the work day is over? Do you want to just curl up on the sofa with the lastest binge-worthy series on Netflix, but have no one to cuddle up to? Then, don’t worry, your pet has totally got your back.


2. They can’t talk back (well, technically)

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However, some are capable of throwing a vocal strop when we tell them off, but we never really know what they’re saying (and it’s cute!)


3. They won’t judge you for eating an entire pizza to yourself… in one sitting

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The only problem is, you may have a fight on your hands! They won’t judge, but they’ll definitely want to join you!


4. They will always make you laugh, no matter how bad you’re feeling

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Our pets have this wonderful way of never failing to cheer us up and make us laugh when we need it the most. I’m sure they’re just being their awesome selves and not doing it intentionally…but their eccentric antics will always keep us laughing, even when we don’t feel like it!


5. Having a Dog is like having your own personal trainer

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Well, of course, this is dependent on the Dog…but having a canine friend is the perfect, easy way to get some exercise. Your pooch always needs his daily walk, so there’s no way of getting out of it!


6. They don’t question your life choices

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Stumbled home at 4 in the morning? Drunk dialed your ex 20 times? Lost your keys, your phone, and your dignity? Don’t worry, your pet will always be happy to see you!


7. Pants are optional

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Unlike your human buddies, animals don’t care or notice, when you whip your skinny jeans off at the end of a long day and finally allow the circulation to return to your legs! (& allow your organs to return to their normal positions.) Ahhhhh.


8. They always listen to you

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You could tell them your deepest darkest secrets and know that it will always be safe in your pet’s trust. You can rant on about a horrible work day and when you stubbed your toe on the end table this morning…and they’ll never tell you to shut up and you will always have their undivided attention!


9. They’re never selfish

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Well, they may sometimes be selfish with each other (especially where food is concerned!) But they lack the ego to ever be selfish with their humans. You are their everything and will treat you as such.


10. They’ll never lie to you

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& Not just because it’s physically impossible, but because they’re so innocent, that they usually give themselves away when they’ve done something ‘bad’ anyway… bless…


11. They’re like owning a living, breathing stuffed animal

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Always cuddly and always best for stress relief and comfort, just like your favorite cuddly toy, but ALIVE!!


12. FUR

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SOFT, SQUISHY and oh so great to snuggle into. FUR is a winner. (Unless you’re allergic! But then I’d say it’d still be worth the suffering!)


13. No negative vibes

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They can never kill your good mood or complain about weather…they’re always happy, so negative vibes are a thing of the past when you have your furry friend for company!


14. They can calm you during the tough times

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Anxious? Depressed? Scared about the future? Don’t worry, your pet has always got your back. They can be a shining light, even in the darkest of times.


15. They’re always good for your mental health

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No matter what, owning a pet will always bring SOME health benefits to the table and their positive effect on our mental health, can’t be disputed. Whereas, interacting with other humans often has the opposite effect.


16. Just looking at them can make you smile

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I don’t care what anyone says, the best antidepressant is coming home to your always welcoming, furry friend! How could you NOT smile when you look at their gorge, fluffy faces!?


17. They’re never narcissistic or conceited

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They lack ego and will never cause any harm to your emotional well being. They just want what’s best for YOU.


18. They can mend a broken heart

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Animals are so healing and offer nothing but companionship and unconditional love…so they can help even the most broken-hearted, feel loved and special again.


19. They have big adorable eyes

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One look into their big, beautiful eyes and even the most cold-hearted person would melt.

20. They will always love you, no matter what

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Unlike affection, love, and relationships in the human world, your pets love for you, IS forever.