20 Reasons Why Huskies Are The Funniest Dogs Ever

20 Reasons Why Huskies Are The Funniest Dogs Ever

20 Reasons Why Huskies Are The Funniest Dogs Ever

Huskies are definitely not a beginner’s dog, they are hard work and know exactly how to annoy their owners! However, they make up for this with how funny and strange they are. Trust me, Huskies aren’t quite right, they all have a screw loose.

Yes, they may drive you insane but at least you’ll never be bored with your furry and eccentric member of the family for company! So, here is why Huskies are the weirdest dogs in the world, enjoy!

1.) Excuse me, I think your Husky is broken

This Husky is completely broken and needs help. It looks like gravity has suddenly shifted but no, he’s just a Husky acting like a Husky does.

2.) So photogenic

Huskies are known for being the most photogenic dogs after all and this photo completely supports that fact…

3.) A picture of pain

This picture was taken just after this Huskies owner finished the last bite of their burger. Honestly, the pain in those eyes is relatable, we feel ya!

4.) It’s Husky movie night

You never get to enjoy a movie on your own when you have a Husky, especially if you have food in your hand. Although, we don’t know why this guy has so many Huskies…are the Huskies living in his house or is he living in the Huskies house?!

5.) Raised by the…cats

This Husky was brought up in a house full of cats, so much so that he literally sits like a cat and loves boxes as much as a cat does.

6.) Too. Much. Cute.

If we were in this house, we wouldn’t be able to deal with this many puppies.

7.) Don’t underestimate the intelligence of a Husky

Huskies are one of the most intelligent dogs which is probably why they are so crazy. Which means, you can’t fool them by pretending to throw a ball, you will get a death glare like this. This look haunts our nightmares.

8.) What is going on

We have no words for this picture. What is this Husky even looking at? It’s dark outside! Honestly, this would terrify any intruders.

9.) Sticks bring joy

This is an expression of delirious joy and it is as terrifying as it is heart-warming.

10.) You know earlier when we said they are the most intelligent dog…

…We might have to take that back after seeing this picture. We think she is just trying to impress her friends, we will let her off this time.

11.) At one with nature

This cute little Husky puppy seems to be very happy to be up this tree, even if the position looks extremely uncomfortable. Don’t ask us how he got up there!

12.) No privacy

This Husky will never leave you alone, even when sat on the toilet! Hey, at least there’s no judgement.

13.) Why?

This Husky seems to want to be as streamlined as possible. Why? We have no idea.

14.) Save me!

This Husky looks absolutely terrified of such a small dog! At least his human is saving him.

15.) Never grow up

This Husky doesn’t care what size he is, he just wants a cuddle! Some things never change.

16.) Favourite seat

This Husky doesn’t care where they sit, as long as it’s comfy! His face says it all, don’t judge this comfy Husky!

17.) Do you have food?!

We bet this rookie Husky owner opened a bag of crisps too loudly. Now I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this look.

18.) So romantic

Looks like it could be puppy love until this Husky grabs his girlfriend’s nose. Looks like he needs some lessons in love!

19.) The prettiest princess of them all

Looks like this Husky is the prettiest and she knows it. Just look at that cheeky tongue out pose! We wish we were as confident as this gal.

20.) Oh no…

This Husky was left alone for three hours and look at the CARNAGE! We love how he was about to go on the bed but changed his mind last minute, at least that redeems him…kinda.