20 Relatable Tweets About Making Friends As An Adult

20 Relatable Tweets About Making Friends As An Adult

20 Relatable Tweets About Making Friends As An Adult

As you get older, you’ll soon discover that making friends is nowhere near as easy as it was when you were younger. You don’t really meet as many people, you’re stuck with your work colleagues AND going out later than 8 pm is just not going to happen.

So, if you’re struggling to meet and make new friends, these tweets are definitely for you. Don’t worry, friendless adults, you aren’t alone!

1.) A few are many

As an adult, you are lucky to say that you have ONE good friend, a few?! That’s an ABUNDANCE of friends, too many for an adult to handle. I think that as we go older, our tolerance for bullsh*t get’s so low that any friends we made when we were 18 are long gone.

2.) Very true

Leaving the house is a lot harder than you might think. Yes, I could go and meet friends, have a good time and probably feel better about my life choices. OR, I could stay in, cuddled in a blanket, watching Netflix, eating and also feel better about my life choices. I don’t know about you, but I know which one I would prefer.

3.) Don’t TOUCH me

We want friends but anyone who talks to us or dares to TOUCH us is likely to receive a slap or a scream, I don’t know which is worse. Basically, we aren’t the most approachable people in the world!

4.) I promise I’m not a stalker

Sometimes, it gets pretty desperate when you’re attempting to make friends as an adult. If it takes waiting in a shop for someone to walk in, that’s exactly what we will do. At least it shows commitment to an imaginary friendship!

5.) Blew it

If I’m honest, if someone asked me this question, I would instantly be their friend! It’s far more interesting than talking about the weather or work. Adults are so boring these days!

6.) Dating without the orgasms

When you look at it that way, making friends as an adult IS pretty weird. It’s like you go on a few dates but the outcome isn’t a partner it’s a friend? Maybe THAT’S why making friends is so awkward.

7.) Hmm, maybe that’s why

Yeah, we all turn into grammar police as we get older and it is INCREDIBLY annoying when people don’t speak correctly! Okay, maybe being grammar police is annoying too but I would rather that than to say ‘anyways’.

8.) It’s too much effort!

Making friends sounds like a great idea after a glass of wine the night before. The next day, when you actually have to GO to said plans, it is a very different scenario indeed. Brushing my hair, cleaning my teeth and actually getting dressed is far too much.

9.) And then it was over

It’s so sad when you really think that you’re getting somewhere with a friend and then you feel cheated and used. It’s okay, there are plenty more friends waiting in coffee shops!

10.) I would watch that

This would be AMAZING and far more relatable to adults than dating, that’s a game we gave up on long ago. I think this would really take off.

11.) The REAL miracle

I feel this on a spiritual level. This is the real miracle, how on Earth did he manage that?! I don’t think I’ve ever had that many friends at ANY point in my life.

12.) Sounds like a plan

This is my kind of friend date. Taking care of our health by getting flu shots together. No need for late nights and drinking for a fun time!

13.) Forgetful

When you are an adult you get extremely forgetful under pressure. As adults, we overthink everything and so forget everything important in a split second. It’s extremely problematic.

14.) Sounds amazing

I don’t need to hear about your life and you don’t need to hear about mine. Let’s just scream to let our adult frustrations out and then call it a day. I wish more people thought this way.

15.) Forget the planning

Planning to meet up with friends is the WORST. They always want to partake in some extremely BORING activity like sports or something equally painful. Why can’t we just talk about life, man?

16.) Cats are friends too

If cats count as friends then I have three. Each of those friends is my three cats. As adults, we really do have to rely on our pets to provide us with friendship as humans suck.

17.) So relatable it HURTS

The number of times my partner and I have decided to stay in and cancel plans is ASTOUNDING. We get invited to stuff yeah but do we go? HELL NO. However, when they stop inviting us we are going to start to get offended.

18.) Avoiding meeting up with friends like…

This is me talking to myself after cancelling on my friends for the millionth time. I’m like, it’s FINE it’s just called SELF CARE. Then my friends come to me looking for me to explain myself and I move to another country. Sounds about right.

19.) What friends?

HA! This one wouldn’t work on me, I don’t HAVE friends. Unless you are talking about my cats of course and then that’s a different ball game. I’ll do all of my tasks in 30 minutes.

20.) I trusted you

Or, we LOSE friends just because they are coping with life far better than we are. Skinnier than me? Unfriended. Married? Awesome job? Kids? Unfriended. If you are doing better than me, it’s time to say bye-bye.

Basically, it’s almost impossible to make friends as an adult but that’s okay, we still have our pets to keep us company which is JUST AS GOOD as human contact, right?