20 Shamelessly Bad Selfies That You Just HAVE To Laugh At!

20 Shamelessly Bad Selfies That You Just HAVE To Laugh At!

20 Shamelessly Bad Selfies That You Just HAVE To Laugh At!

What comes to mind when you think of taking a selfie? Feeling confident about your appearance? Getting ready with the girls or the lads for a brilliant night out!?
Maybe it symbolises being somewhere spectacular and wanting to document it?

Or, on the flip side, maybe it symbolises arrogance, vanity, narcissism and ego?

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I personally think it can symbolise all of those things, along with the progression of technology! Who’d have thought that we’d always be able to have a camera in our pockets? That’s also a PHONE!?

But…maybe we’re over thinking it…?

Because let’s face it, sometimes a selfie can show total and utter stupidity and epic failery as well…  sadly, selfies not only show the progression of technology, but also the slow decline in intelligence in our species.

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As the next 20 amazingly, leg crossingly bad selfies show below, sometimes there’s no end to this lack of intelligence. It almost makes you wish that you could go back a time when our acts of stupidly went unevidenced.

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1. Please no, Grandma!

Bad Selfies
You’ve got the idea Granny, yes, lot’s of woman take bathroom selfies now, just not perhaps…whilst they’re SAT ON THE TOILET!

2. #mymomsaysimcool

Thug Life
I’m sorry kid, but no one else does! Even the Cookie Monster would be disappointed in you (and ashamed that you would include him in such a thing!)

3. World’s Best Mom

Sexy Selfie Fail
Behaving like an errrr, let’s say ‘woman of the night’ and putting it on social media for all to see, is all fair and good Miss, but don’t get your kid involved with the debauchery as well!

4. Yes, we can see it…

Buns Out Bad Selfies
Now, I’m not sure if he’s mooning us on purpose, or if he’s just forgotten that he’s got no pants on. But, judging by the calibre of some of the people in these pics, I’m thinking that it’s going to be more than likely the latter…

5. Wait, Liverpool is aboard!?

Bye England Bad Selfies
How can anyone truly believe that Liverpool is OUTSIDE of England!? Where does she think she’s going? *sigh* Something tells me that the children aren’t our future anymore!

6. Candidate for mother of the year, right here!

Yes, dear, Mommy will come to save you from drowning in a little while, she needs to take a BOMB selfie first!  (This actually makes my eye pockets hurt…!)

7. I need to prove my pizza eating prowess!

Well, I guess if you’re trying to eat a pizza the size of a small child all in one go, then I guess it’s worth documenting in some way!

8. To protect and serve…the finger!

Terrible Selfies With The Police
Albeit a bit unorthodox, I kind of agree with the Policeman here, why would you need a take a selfie when you’re with the Police and possibly risk being arrested, there is a time and a place guys!

9. The cutest, scariest photobomb!

Great White
Probably not the best time to break out the camera for a selfie (because, you know? The whole about to be eaten thing!) but looking at this, I’m actually glad he did! Look at that face! Why yes, sir! I’ll smile for the camera before I have your leg for my breakfast!

10. #funeraltimes

The Only Thing Worse Than Taking One Selfie At A Funeral Is Taking Four
Of course! Honour your passed loved ones by making a selfie collage of yourself for Instagram! I’m all for thinking positive, but this just seems a bit much!

11. What is it about pants that people find so difficult!?

In The Background
It took me a while to realise what was ‘off’ about this one until I realised it was another one of those cases where someone had forgotten to put pants on for their selfie! You’ll know when you see it…

12. Happy Birthday to me!

A Very Sad Birthday Selfie
I really hope that she isn’t by herself, or else this has just taken a very sad turn. #alllllbyyyymyyyyseeelfie

13. I’m watching you, always watching…

Funny Selfie Fails
One of the many good things about Moms, they’re always there to watch you, judge you and tell you straight when you’re being a stupid as*! Mommy sees you and Mommy doesn’t like it one bit! You better run, girl!

14. #homelessdayz

Just chillin’ with the homeless homies here! That’s one thing that annoys me about the social media obsessed society these days, (without getting too serious here), they can’t even do a good deed without taking a selfie to put up all over social media. If you want to spread a little kindness and do a good thing, then great, just do it! In my honest opinion, once you’ve put it on social media, then I’m afraid that it’s only for yourself, buddy!

15. You almost had us there!

And when I say almost, I mean NOT AT ALL! This has cracked me up, you just know he’s going to be all #ripped as well! Nice try, dude! If only it were that easy!

16. #ohdear

No Dont
No, don’t please! I hate it when my cute boyfriend takes surprise, half-naked selfies of me! Yeah right, girl! We believe you! #foreveralone

17. #gettinglitwithgranny

Partying With Grandma
You know what!? This would actually be cute if it didn’t make me so….uncomfortable.

18. Someone’s in here!

Err, yeah, you might want to check that no one is on the toilet before you snap yourself next time, girly!

19. Oh come on now, this is getting silly!

Quick Selfie
Just put some sodding pants on before you take a selfie and accidentally capture a shot of your milky bare as*, that no one wants to see! It’s not that difficult!

20. #badcatphotobombs

Cat Water Fountain
Just look at that look of resignation on that guy’s face! Me’ thinks it’s not the first time that his cheeky kitty has sabotaged his selfies! Good on ya, toilet kitty!

All of these abhorrent images are credited to and sourced from Coed, Ranker, and BuzzFeed