20 Stunning Photos That Show How Beautiful Princess Diana Truly Was


Like many sad and historical events, many people still remember to this day where they were when they heard the devastating news.

I was only 10 years of age and I remember coming down the stairs early for breakfast, it must have been a weekend because I wasn't getting ready for school and I always remember the shaken look on my Dad's face when he told the news to my Mum.

& Even at that young age, I knew it was a terribly sad and earth-shattering thing that had happened.

However, she has never been forgotten, mainly due to her beautiful personality and her ability to connect with others, regardless of any differences or 'barriers.' She always believed in a kinder world and that itself made her a truly beautiful woman, inside and out.

So today, we are paying tribute to Princess Diana with 20 stunning photos that remind us how wonderful and gorgeous she truly was!

1. Beautiful right from the start!

This lovely picture of Diana as a little girl is from the 1960s & you can already tell that her sense of style is beginning to show through! She looks like such a carefree and happy child!

2. Brotherly Love

It's a well-known fact that Diana was incredibly close to her younger brother, Charles Earl Spencer. This sweet photo is from 1967 when Charles was just 6 years of age.

3. Always game for anything!

Showing her active, sporty side at a young age whilst playing a game of croquet in Itchenor, West Sussex in 1970.

4. Her love for hats also appeared at an early age!

Always regal and pretty, Diana's love for feminine hats and smart attire was obvious even when she was just 10 years old! Doesn't she look lovely!? This photo was taken in 1971 during her summer holiday in Itchenor, West Sussex.

5. She always loved children

Princess Diana worked as a nanny in her early years, she always loved children and enjoyed taking care of them & obviously she was destined to be a fabulous Mother herself! This photo was taken in 1980 whilst she was walking in the Eaton Square district of London at the age of 19.

6. As well as being a Nanny, she got a job as a nursey assistant

Obviously taking care of vulnerable people was always Diana's passion and forte, she was born with a natural caring and empathetic nature that would never leave her and lead her on to do some incredible things! This particular photo was taken in 1980 at the Young England Kindergarten School in Pimlico.

7. One of her first meetings with Prince Charles

Just one year later in 1981 she attended one of her first public engagements with with Prince Charles, a recital at London's Goldsmith's Hall, already looking like the perfect princess in a stunning ball gown.

8. Everyone who met her instantly loved her!

They say that the eyes say everything and they certainly do in this picture! This beautiful moment was captured when she first arrived at Eden Park Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand in 1983.

9. Best friends

Princess Diana found a friend and confidente in Sarah Ferguson (The Duchess of York) and they remained close friends up to Diana's tragic death. Here they both are looking summery and sharing a giggle at the Guard's Polo Club in Windsor, in 1983.

10. Lady In Red

Diana was often pictured in stunning red outfits, but this one has got to be one of the most stunning! This beautiful picture was taken in 1984 at the formal naming ceremony for the new P&O Cruise Liner 'Royal Princess,' which was named after her.

11. Beautiful smile and a gorgeous personality

Always smiling, cheerful and engaging, everybody wanted the chance to meet her! Here she is sharing a joke with some soldiers in 1985, while at an army base in Berlin, Germany.

12. Even the stars themselves were starstruck by her

Even the biggest names and top celebrities of the time were stoked to meet the Princess! Here she is in 1985, meeting pop group "The 3-Degrees" at the Birthright Ball.

13. Everyone was drawn to her

I think this photo alone says everything we need to know about Princess Diana's nature and personality. Here she is getting a kiss on the cheek from a sweet young boy during a visit to Nottingham in 1985.

14. Sparkling eyes and a stunning smile

Her face and stunning smile could always light up the room! As this picture from 1985 proves, as she was arriving in Ravenswood for public engagement in 1985.

15. A brilliant and caring Mum

Diana was always destined to have children and make them her world. Here she is helping Prince William ride his pony at Highgrove in 1986.

16. She never went far without her boys

Her boys meant the world to her and it's a devastating thought that she never got to see them grow up and become the wonderful, caring family men that they are now! Here she is with Prince William at a polo match in 1987.

17. Cuddles from Mummy

Here is little Prince Harry getting all the cuddles and smooches from his Mum, while on holiday in Mallorca, Spain in 1987.

18. She loved life and everyone who crossed her path

A true Princess with grace, fun and an energetic personality! Here she is sharing a dance with Prince Charles in Melbourne, Australia in 1988.

19. Healing Hands

With healing hands and heart, Diana bestowed kindness onto everyone she met. Here she is in 1990 greeting locals as she arrived at the Lord Gage Centre for old people in East London.

20. She will never be forgotten

Original content and all images are sourced from and credited to Harpers Bazaar

No matter how much time has passed since her tragic death, she will always be remembered as the People's Princess, someone who just wanted to make the world a better place and showed that kindness is the key to making a difference in the world. This photo was taken in 1997, not long before her death, talking to a child while visiting an orthopaedic workshop In Luanda, Africa.