20 Cover-Ups Of Ex-Related Tattoos That Are So Cool Youll Want To Break Up With Your Partner


Tattoos; you either love them, or you hate them. For me, personally, I love tattoos, and if you happen to hate them, well that's just fine. I mean, you're wrong but it's fine... (Kidding folks, kidding... kind of). Anyway, I think the best part of getting a tattoo is getting something that incredibly personal to you and tells a story which is then permanently etched onto your skin forever. There are, however - as with everything - some downsides to this too...

Especially when it comes to breakups. Now, as I'm sure we all know, breakups can be incredibly, emotionally draining... and the last thing you probably want after all the dust of chaos settles, is to be left with a permanent reminder of your b*stard ex on your body, right? RIGHT.

1. NOT Your Name

Which is exactly why getting a tattoo of your partner's face, name, or even something as small as their initial's is probably never a good idea. At the end of the day, you just never know what could happen! After all, getting rid of a person is easier getting rid of a tattoo.

 Luckily, there are some crafty artists who have the skills and creativity to turn them into something new, allowing them to let go of the past and move on, and below is a  list of clever ways people have covered up tattoos that were dedicated to their exes. Enjoy!

Sometimes it really is just as easy as inking out their name and making it known that they are not only no longer part of your life, but they are also no longer part of your body.

2. Ex's of a Feather

Who knew that getting rid of your partner not only meant improving your life but improving your tattoos also!? I love these two beautiful feathers intertwined together!

3. The Dark Ex Rises

This guy may have lost a girlfriend, but he gained a Batman tattoo... basically, I'm trying to find the downfall in this situation? Seems pretty win-win to me!

4. Heading back to Nature

It doesn't always have to be something elaborate or significant, sometimes it can just be simple yet effective in covering up the name of the newly undesirable person in your life. 

5. Sugar Mama to Sugar Skull

I'm gonna be honest with you here, even if this person hadn't have broken up with his or her girlfriend... they still definitely should have had this tattoo either covered up or completely re-worked because it. is. SHOCKING.

6. Going... Going... Gorilla...

Okay so, this was either a really messy break-up, or the guy just really likes gorillas... either way, this is a pretty cool cover-up.

7. Mary or Marge?

This is potentially one of the greatest ex-name-cover-ups I've ever seen... maybe that's because I'm such a huge fan of the Simpsons. I like that this person saw an opportunity and ran with it though.

8. The Grim Reaper

That must one talented tattoo artist, to be able to take a person as sweet-looking as this little lady and turn her into a gruesome, terrifying grim reaper. The detail in this one is insane!

9. San Francesca

Maybe you're not fully committed to getting rid of that former lover's name, but you still have to. This is a clever way to keep that reminder but to also have a little fun with the fact that this person is no longer an important part of your life anymore. Yikes. 

10. Delicate

Yeah, I know it's sad that a break up has happened here blah blah blah... but I just want to say that I am OBSESSED with this watercolor feather! The colors, the detail, the delicate-ness... Girl, you should have dumped his a*s months ago.

11. El Diabla

It's pretty obvious by the look of this particular cover-up that, this is in fact, not a break-up that ended on good terms... like... at all. Pretty sick deign though.

12. Not The Tattoo He Wanted, But The Tattoo He Deserved

Seems a bit extravagant for such a small tattoo in the first place, but hey... as they say, you may as well go big or go home eh? Besides, what could POSSIBLY be cooler than a freakin' Batman tattoo!? 

13. Small But Smart

A cute, delicate finger tattoo to go over that freakin' a*sholes name. What more could you need!?

14. Darth Maul... Is That YOU!?

YIKES... talk about a bad break-up. I know people have a habit of calling their exes out for being "The Devil", but to put it out there so obviously on their body!? A Bold, bold move. 

15. Totally Worth It

I have to admit, I really love the Día de Muertos (AKA Day of the Dead) style of tattoo. It's always so incredibly powerful! 

16. I'd Move Mountains

One of the main reasons break-ups can be so hard is because one day it seems like you're all "Baby, I'd move mountains for you" and the next you're totally like "B*stard, I wanna bury you underneath a mountain"... whether that be literally of, er, figuratively. 

17. 3-Headed Dragon

I had an ex once who used to refer to me as a "Three-Headed Dragon"... to this day I'm still not sure if that was a compliment or an insult. 

18. Feather pt. 3

Okay so did I miss out on some memo which stated that if you break-up with someone the break-up only counts if you cover their name with a feather tattoo!? Or is that just like, the universally easiest thing to cover up someone's name with? So many questions...

19. Dead to Me

Oh Jennifer, poor, sweet (or I guess, not so much!?) Jennifer... when this person got your face tattooed onto their body I bet you never imagined you'd end up looking like the living dead one day, did you?

20. And Finally...

Yep, another feather. I mean, I couldn't exactly not end this article on a feather cover-up, could I? I do think I've saved the best feather cover-up for last, however. Along with the colors, the detail and the little birds flying away from the top (possibly to suggest freedom?) I think this one takes the No. 1 prize for Greatest Feather Cover-Up Of An Exes Name tattoo... congratulations! 

And now folks, as always, I want to hear from YOU! Did you ever have an ex's name on your body that you wanted to cover up? Maybe you still have an ex's name on your body that you wish was covered up? Or perhaps you just have a really BAD tattoo in general that you want to cover up? Either way, let me know - or even better, send pictures - in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family too, just in case somebody is looking for a little cover-up inspo themselves! AAx