20 A-Team Facts You Might Not Have Known

20 A-Team Facts You Might Not Have Known

20 A-Team Facts You Might Not Have Known

1. There was a series of A-Team inspired novels

Source: TimLybarger

Mostly novelizations of the episodes, a series of books was created with titles including:  Bullets, Bikinis and Bells and Operation Desert Sun: The Untold Story, Only ten were ever published, but they’d be a great addition to any fans A-Team collection.

2. George Peppard didn’t smoke cigars in real life. 

Source: What Culture

While his character Hannibal spent most of his time chomping on a cigar, Peppard stuck to cigarettes, regularly smoking three packs a day. He quit smoking in 1992 after he had to have a tumor removed from his lung. Sadly, it was too late. Peppard died at the age of 65, when he contracted pneumonia while continuing his lung cancer treatment.

3. There’s still plenty of great official merchandise available

You never got to wear a cool Mr T shirt as a kid? You’re an adult now, live your childhood dreams.

4. They reference Battlestar Galactica in the opening credits 

Before he played Faceman, Dirk Benedict played Lieutenant Starbuck of the Colonial Service  in popular sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica. The credits shot is from an episode that sees the team on a Universal Studios lot, where a confused looking Faceman spots a Cyclon walking past.

5. Amy left due to animosity from the rest of the cast 

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We don’t know the exact story of what happened to cause the Team’s first journalist assistant to leave. But rumors say that Melinda Culea and Peppard didn’t get on from the beginning, and he convinced the rest of the cast to turn against her and demand the producers fire her.

6. The series finale wasn’t aired in the right order 

The Grey Team episode, which first aired December 30, 1986 was meant to be the final episode, but while the series was airing the second-to-last episode Without Reservations was missed, and wasn’t aired until March 8, 1987 when it was mixed in with re-runs. In Without Reservations Murdock has the words “Almost Fini” On his shirt. In “The Grey Team” His shirt juts reads Fini. Fini is french for “end” and could often be seen at the end of old films.

7. The term A-Team is actually used by the military. 

Source: Brickset

Many military actions are done by two teams. The Alpha Team, or A-Team who advance first, and are supported by the Bravo Team, or B-Team. The term Alpha Team is also used to refer to a small special forces unit, which is probably what the show is referring to.

8. Dirk Benedict wasn’t the first actor chosen for Face 

Source: FanPop

Face was originally going to be played by Tim Dunigan, and he was used for the pilot episode of the show. But, when they looked back at the footage it was decided he looked to young to play a Vietnam veteran. Dunigan even said he looked “like a high school sophomore”

9. A real life colonel inspired Hannibal’s character 

Source: Alchetron

While A-Team was first being created the media was interested in Lieutenant Colonel Gordon “Bo” Gritz, who was famous for his efforts to save soldiers during the Vietnam War. Since he was so popular at the time, the writers decided to model their leader Hannibal after him.

Gritz however, isn’t quite the heroic figure the media was painting him as. There were many rumors involving him working in drug trafficking, and receiving awards he shouldn’t have. He also ran in two presidential campaigns with a white nationalist party,

10. They actually did commit the “crime they didn’t commit” 

Well, sort of. The team was sent by Colonel Samuel Morrison to rob the Bank of Hanoi, hoping to stop the money being used to fund the Viet Cong. While they were on the mission, Morrison was killed in an artillery raid, and their orders were destroyed. As they had no proof they weren’t juts robbing the place they were arrested, but escaped.

Later they are re-tried, and their charges are robbing the bank, treason, and desertion. They are also charged for murder, as it was revealed that Morrison had been shot twice before the building was bombed.

11. Mr T didn’t like the 2010 remake 

He felt if was too gritty, saying:

“People die in the film and there’s plenty of sex but when we did it no one got hurt and it was all played for fun and family entertainment. These seem to be elements nobody is interested in anymore. It was too graphic for me. I’ve no doubt it will do big business at the box office but it’s nothing like the show we turned out every week. We ran on TV for five years without having to sex-up the show. You can’t get away with that these days.”

12. There was a short series of A-Team comics

Made by Marvel Comics, there was a series of three comics made. They were later resold together as The A-Team Story Book.

13. Mr T actually quit the show in season four. 

Source: Team Wiki

Mr T had just suffered a loss in his family when they started filming the fourth season premiere. He had himself flown off the set and called the producer with a list of demands to get hi back, The producer fired him, but they were later able to sort things out and filming continued.

14. How many times does B.A say I pity the fool? 


15. The show really hated women 

Source: Team Wiki

The producers tried adding female sidekicks to the team but the actors were hostile towards them, with Maria Healsey, who played Tawnia, saying that Peppard had told her that nobody wanted her there. Or, as summed up by Dirk Benedict:

“It was a guy’s show. It was male-driven. It was written by guys. It was directed by guys. It was acted by guys. It’s about what guys do. We talked the way guys talked. We were the boss. We were the God. We smoked when we wanted. We shot guns when we wanted. We kissed the girls and made them cry … when we wanted. It was the last truly masculine show.”

Gross. Hopefully the planned remake TV series will be better on that front.

16. Murdock’s first name is still a mystery 

Source: Fanpop

He’s referred to in full as Captain H.M. “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock, but what the initials stand for was never said in the show.

17. The A-Team was considered too violent for Germany 

Back in 1989, German broadcasters wanted the rights to show The A-team on German television. They found many episodes of the show to be too violent for them, and ended up only airing 26 of the 98 episodes.

18. The show only had one on-screen death 

While most episodes ended in gunfire and explosions, it was very rare for anyone to actually die. You saw people running away after being thrown out of windows, or escaping a car seconds before it blew up. The only on-screen death is that of General Fulbright in The Sound of Thunder.

19. There’s a perfect replica of the A-Team van 

Liam and Jerome Brett often dreamed of having an A-Team van, and decided to make their dreams a reality. They made it from an original 1982 G Series Cargo Van, which they had to search worldwide for parts for.

20. There’s a surprising amount of A-Team fanfiction 

If you’ve ever wished there were more adventures of the A-Team there’s plenty written by fans from around the globe, even 30 years after the series ended.

And if you ever wished the A-Team members would kiss ? There’s a whole lot of that too.