20 TERRIBLE Passengers That You Will Never Want To Sit Next To

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1.) Not everyone has self-awareness

What in the WORLD is this?! Why would you drape your hair over the back of your seat like that, especially when there’s a passenger behind you? I would be worried about what they would do to or put in my hair. Actually, thinking of that, someone pass me the scissors…

2.) Suspicious bottle

Just, ew. People shock me with how disgusting they can be. Why would you do this? Did they know that there are toilets on a plane? Imagine the poor passenger sat next to them, just pretending nothing is happening as someone pees in the bottle. PLUS, they just left it there for the next passenger, they could have thrown it away!

3.) Trying to heat up his pizza…on a plane.

Man, what is wrong with this guy? How desperate is he for warm pizza? Just suck it up and eat it cold, dude, you’re ruining everyone’s day.

4.) That face though

Yes, this guy has a blow-up doll on a plane. Does he care? Absolutely not. Look at that face, he’s like, “What are you gonna do? I’m proud.” I mean, each to their own but I definitely would not want to sit next to that guy.

5.) The next sacrifice

Okay, so WHO brings a bag with a dead animal in it onto a plane? How did this even get onto the plane? Is this some kind of occult sacrifice because that really isn’t my kind of thing. Imagine the SMELL. Poor passengers.

6.) Um, that’s not a bin sir

This was FIRST CLASS and a passenger shoved his leftover steak into the seat back pocket. This is just disgusting and I have no idea why he just wouldn’t put it in a bin. I really do worry about people.

7.) Don’t mind me

WHY do people do this?! Why do some people think it’s okay to just take their shoes off and make everyone suffer the scent of their smelly feet? It’s the worst.

8.) I hope he knows the guy he’s sat next to…

Why? I really hope they clean those tables after every flight (doubt it) because this guy’s nasty feet have been on it. Honestly, just sit normally for the flight, you are an adult, it IS possible.

9.) Did this flight last a year?

How is it possible to make that much mess after just one flight? People like this should be banned from flying if they don’t clean up after themselves.

10.) Tasteful hat choice for flying…

If I’m honest, passengers like this scare me. I’m not sure why you would wear that hat EVER, never mind on a FLIGHT. I’m shocked he got past security.

11.) Great shoe holder

This is just not okay. No one wants to see your nasty sandals in the seat holders. Is the floor not good enough for them or something?

12.) When you pull out a smile

This one is shocking. A passenger reached into their seat pocket and discovered this. Who would leave this? Is there someone just walking around without teeth now or something?

13.) Finished with your food? Just go ahead and dump it in the aisle!

Some people are just so obnoxious it drives me CRAZY. Since when was this a good idea? Now everyone has to step over it and cause even more of a mess. Leaving it to the poor flight attendants to clear up. Disgraceful.

14.) Yep, two ADULT passengers sat here

This may look like the aftermath of two unruly children but these were ADULTS and that makes it all the more concerning. I have no idea how someone can live with themselves after making this much mess, it would keep me up at night.

15.) Can’t sleep? Lie on the floor instead

Okay, so THIS isn’t weird and inconvenient AT ALL. Don’t mind us as we try to go to the toilet, we will just STEP OVER you. I have no idea what’s wrong with this guy, I hope he’s okay…

16.) Umm

What this woman is doing, I can’t tell you because I have no idea. All I can say is that I feel VERY sorry for the passenger that had to sit next to her.

17.) Love it when someone dips their hair in my soda!

What is WITH the obnoxious hair that just falls into other people’s personal space?! I think I would just pick up that soda and pour it all over her hair, she deserves it.


What is THAT?! Can they even pass for feet?! This is the grossest thing I have ever seen and I hope these feet step on a thousand Legos. Yes, I really wished that on someone, this is a rare case for such hatred.

19.) Love it when people do their laundry mid-flight

Why are these people hanging up their laundry on a plane?! I’m impressed with how they actually managed to wash it mid-flight. I have no idea how these people do these things without a single thought for anyone else.

20.) Is…Is that Jesus?

These people have been blessed to have Jesus on the same flight as them. Unfortunately, he is playing the flute which is incredibly obnoxious and annoying. But, hey, what can you say? He is Jesus after all.

I bet you are glad you have never had to sit next to a passenger as bad as this bunch. If you ever have, my thoughts and prayers are with you. What’s your worst passenger experience on a flight? Let us know in the comments!

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