20 Things Every Dog Owner Secretly Does But Would Never Admit to

20 Things Every Dog Owner Secretly Does But Would Never Admit to

    You could say dog owners are a different breed of people…

    Whatever your favourite type- Saint Bernard, Chihuahua or perhaps Great Dane? There’s a dog out there for everyone (339 breeds in total!) and they’re not even picky enough to have a type themselves.

    Just show them kindness and they’ll love you unconditionally for it. A relationship like that has to be one of the purest things on the planet, right? Which is why we adore our trust companions the way we do.

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    What’s more is they’ll never judge you, well not out loud anyway. Which is probably a good thing because if you own a pooch, then the chances are you’ve done some pretty weird, cringey stuff when no ones looking.

    How many can you tick off from the list? Do you ever…

    1. Suddenly fall to the floor pretending to faint just to see how they would react

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    Usually the results are disappointing. They either look at you with a baffled expression on their face or walk off.

    But, every once in a while they’ll leap to the rescue (and by rescue I mean lick your face until you can’t pretend to be unconscious anymore), and it’ll all be worth it.


    2. Spend hours doing photo shoots of your dog anytime they look the slightest bit cute

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    For most people, that one ‘pawfect’ photo is a result of hours of work, positioning, light alteration and 200 ‘drafts’ still sitting in your photo library.

    3. Show them their own face in the mirror or your phones front camera

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    And 90% of the time they show absolutely no interest whatsoever despite you trying to explain to them… “That’s you, right there, yes you!

    4. Act incredibly shocked when you take their collar off and they’re in the ‘nude’

    OH MY GOD, YOU’RE NAKED, HOW RUDE OF YOU!“. Meanwhile your dog’s like…

    unimpressed dog GIF

    5. Focus on ‘important’ milestones in your dogs life way more than your own

    happy dog birthday GIF

    There is no shame whatsoever in celebrating your dogs birthday, or the anniversary of the day you first got them, or the first time they sat on instruction, or the first time they looked at you in a certain way, or…

    6. Feel as though your heart has literally been ripped from your chest anytime your dog chooses to sit next to someone else

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    And then you try and pretend like you don’t care. “I’m not crying… you’re crying!

    7. Say “bless you” whenever they sneeze

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    Manners cost nothing. Not that a dog knows that…