20 Everyday Things That Drive You Absolutely Mad With Rage


1.) Microsoft Word hell

I'm sure that this happens to all of us every. Single. Time. There is no escape. As soon as you try to move and reposition an image, you have broken technology and basically ruined everyone's day.

2.) The worst thing about job applications

This is incredibly annoying and unnecessarily time-consuming. What's even worse is I doubt that they will even read it or reply because they have probably already hired their cousin for the job anyway.

3.) You NEED an account to look at Pinterest

Enjoying looking at Pinterest? Found some pictures you like? BAM! You must sign up NOW or you will be unable to look at any more pictures because Pinterest hates you. So annoying.

4.) When the plug is selfish and takes up two outlets

Just, why? There really is no need for this. Other plugs manage to take up one outlet just fine. But NO plugs like this think that they rule the world and can do what they want!

5.) Entitled drivers

I think that this annoys all of us beyond belief when some entitled person in a big car takes up two parking spaces. Even worse, these parking spaces are for handicapped people! How selfish do you have to be?!

6.) People who treat public transport like this

You wouldn't treat your car or home like this, so why do people think that it's okay to treat public transport this way?! It's disgusting and disrespectful to the other passengers and the people that work there who will have to clean it up.

7.) This is the worst

WHY does this always happen?! You love your outfit and are feeling confident then as soon as you sit down you get this weird hoodie fold that makes you look like an idiot. It sucks.

8.) People who leave toilet seats like this

So the toilet bowl is a pretty big target, right? Surely it's pretty easy to pee inside it and not ALL OVER THE SEAT. When you encounter a toilet seat covered in pee, you feel like you have to clean up SOMEONE ELSE'S PEE just so people don't think you are the one that committed the crime. This is one of the most annoying things ever.

9.) People who bring laptops to movies

Thankfully, I have never encountered someone insane enough at the movie theatre who thinks that it is acceptable to bring in their laptop and use it. This would drive me insane.

10.) The way some people open things...

Sometimes I really do wonder what's wrong with some people. WHY would you open things this way? It just ruins everything. These people have NO RESPECT.

11.) People who cut in line

Everyone always seems to be in the biggest hurry ever and can't just politely wait until they can join in the line. It is incredibly annoying for us patient folk who actually know how to drive.

12.) This makes me want to give up

I hate it when tape does this, it's like life is testing you and it's a test that I will NEVER pass. It's probably one of the most annoying things ever and it genuinely drives people insane.

13.) Why does this always happen?

This cables are some of the worst, weakest chargers know to man. After a couple of months of uses they are GUARANTEED to break exactly when your phone is on 1% battery.

14.) When water doesn't pour how you want

Whenever you need to pour a drink from one glass to another, you can gaurantee that it will NOT go smoothly.

15.) When your zip doesn't do its job properly

When this happens you might as well give up, there's no going back from this. The zip has surrendered it's duties when you needed it most. NEVER rely on a zip they will always betray you in the worst way.

16.) Random tiny cuts that hurt more than ANYTHING

Why do these tiny cuts hurt so much? Where do they come from? No one knows. All I know is that they ruin your day and you better pray that you don't get fruit juice or anything salty in that cut...

17.) Long stairs that make it impossible to walk

These long stairs give you two choices. Either make one massively stride from one stair to the next or have the awkward double step between each stair. WHY?!

18.) Lift 'n' peel? More like lift 'n' SCREAM

Has anyone EVER actually lifted one of these lids and it peeled off smoothly? Whenever I try I always end up yelling in anger and giving up. They literally never work!

19.) When you lend someone headphones and THIS is what they give back

This is seriously the grossest thing ever and if anyone ever does this to you, just burn the headphones, they are infected with EVIL.

20.) Obnoxious signs

So, this library is trying to save ink so decided to print a sign about saving ink in FULL COLOUR. Makes perfect sense and isn't frustrating at all...

I hope that this article made you suitably annoyed because it annoyed me just writing it and I want others to feel my pain. What little thing annoys you the most? Let us know in the comments!