20 Everyday Things That Drive You Absolutely Mad With Rage

20 Everyday Things That Drive You Absolutely Mad With Rage

    Small things in life really can destroy your day and put you in the worst mood ever. Whether it’s the frustrations of using Microsoft Word or a pistachio with no opening, these tiny annoying things make us feel like the whole world is against us.

    We have compiled a list of people sharing what annoys them the most in life and it is dangerously relatable. If you go through this entire list and don’t once say, ‘ugh, I hate it when that happens’ then you are 100% a robot.

    Let us all get annoyed reading about annoying things in life, you’re welcome!

    1.) Microsoft Word hell

    coliegestudent / Twitter

    I’m sure that this happens to all of us every. Single. Time. There is no escape. As soon as you try to move and reposition an image, you have broken technology and basically ruined everyone’s day.

    2.) The worst thing about job applications

    Maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / Reddit

    This is incredibly annoying and unnecessarily time-consuming. What’s even worse is I doubt that they will even read it or reply because they have probably already hired their cousin for the job anyway.

    3.) You NEED an account to look at Pinterest


    Enjoying looking at Pinterest? Found some pictures you like? BAM! You must sign up NOW or you will be unable to look at any more pictures because Pinterest hates you. So annoying.

    4.) When the plug is selfish and takes up two outlets


    Just, why? There really is no need for this. Other plugs manage to take up one outlet just fine. But NO plugs like this think that they rule the world and can do what they want!

    5.) Entitled drivers


    I think that this annoys all of us beyond belief when some entitled person in a big car takes up two parking spaces. Even worse, these parking spaces are for handicapped people! How selfish do you have to be?!