20 Times Accidental Art Put Intentional Art To Shame


1.) Finger brains as a result of sleeping in the bath

Please remind me to never, EVER accidentally fall asleep in the bath at any point in my life. This is the most disgusting, disturbing but oddly fascinating thing I have seen in my life. Yes, it's grim but it's also a brilliant work of art, go figure.

2.) A fence after a snowy night in the Netherlands

This truly is stunning, delicate art that no human hand could create, only nature. It actually looks like freezing snowy organ pipes that would play hauntingly beautiful music. That might just be me though...

3.) This morning frost looks painted on

How does nature manage to create artwork like this so effortlessly? This looks so delicate and precise like someone painted on the frost. Sadly, it will simply disappear when the sun comes up.

4.) Easter decal = spotty cat

After putting up an Easter decal, the cat lay in its reflection which results in this amazing spotty colourful cat of pure joy. The very best art always involves cats.

5.) Dropped water makes city landscapes apparently

This guy dropped some water and so pulled out his table extension to let it dry. A city landscape suddenly seemed to appear on his table, the best accidental art!

6.) What can I say, Scotland loves plaid

Even shadows in Scotland somehow manage to be Plaid. I don't even know how this shadow happened but it is exceptionally cool.

7.) Moss growing in a bike seat

Mother Nature is truly incredible! This looks like a mystical tiny world with a river and mountains, I want to go and live there.

8.) Mud splatters on a car window make a Monet painting

Wow, I wonder how Monet would feel if he saw his paintings recreated effortlessly and accidentally just by nature and coincidence? I don't think that he will be best pleased.

9.) The milk in this coffee is Snoopy!

The milk in this coffee looks IDENTICAL to Snoopy sitting on his doghouse under the moon, it's literally uncanny. How do things like this even happen?

10.) This lid has had a volcanic explosion

This cannot possibly be accidental art, it's just so precise and accurate! This could only be a volcano exploding and nothing else.

11.) A tree pattern inside a tree

Now, nature is pulling some kind of Inception trick over us here! I have no idea what is going on or how this is even possible but I love it. I think that the tree created this art intentionally.

12.) Snow only settled on the brick outlines

This is so amazing and it looks like someone has come onto this person's driveway and just iced the outline of every brick. It looks like the drive belongs to a gingerbread house now!

13.) She took a picture of her cat and it looks like a painting

This lady took a picture of her cat with a terrible camera and through a dirty window. What resulted was what looks like an artistic painting, maybe the low-quality camera isn't so bad after all!

14.) Spilt ink on a finger looks like a burnt-down forest

This is so incredible and such an amazing accident! This woman needs to get this permanently tattooed now, it just looks so cool and beautiful.

15.) This leaf looks like it's pixelating

If you wanted definitive proof that we are living in the Matrix, here you have it! This leaf is pixelating out of existence...or maybe it's a glitch?

16.) Yoghurt lid looks like a creepy graveyard

This accidental art is a little on the spooky side. That yoghurty being emerging from the grave is slightly haunting...

17.) That's a window, NOT a painting...

This window is trying to disguise itself as a painting and it really is working, I can't tell the difference! This is when nature itself just becomes a work of art.

18.) The grease on this bag looks like the world

This is an uncanny representation of the world and I can't believe it! What worries me slightly is just how much grease seems to be on this bag...bet the food is delicious. Unhealthy, but delicious.

19.) Cat cave painting

This guy cooked a cat-shaped pizza and the paper he cooked it on looked like a caveman had painted a cat on it. My question is, WHERE can I get a cat-shaped pizza?!

20.) Someone left this symmetrical pattern on a driveway

If this was intentional, then I think this person has a secret admirer. If not, then that's just amazing!

There's little pieces of accidental art in our everyday lives, you've just got to learn where to look. Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!