20+ Times Meghan and Harry Melted Our Hearts This Year

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1.) How happy they were to be engaged

Just LOOK at their faces, it’s so cute! They are both completely delighted to be engaged and it just melts my ice-cold heart.

2.) How Harry looked at Meghan as she walked up the aisle

Harry is the benchmark for how your partner SHOULD look at you. Honestly, we all deserve someone who looks at us the way Harry looks at Meghan. It brings tears to my eyes.

3.) THIS moment

Okay, I full-on fangirled when this happened, I’m not proud of the screaming noises I made but COME ON, how couldn’t you go crazy over this?! He even bit his lip afterwards, it’s too cute.

4.) He wiped tears away!

Ahh if my man doesn’t cry at my wedding I will be DISAPPOINTED! This is too cute, it appears that he is wiping tears away during the ceremony.

5.) They both looked so happy to get married

Ahh look at how they both look at each other! They seriously look so happy to get married and it’s just adorable. These two are way too pure!

6.) The way Meghan looked at Harry when he lifted her veil

Meghan looks at Harry the way most of look at a burger. Complete and utter love.

7.) The newly married glow

These two lovebirds just got married and they are quite literally GLOWING with love. It’s enough to make anyone well up.

8.) We were BLESSED with a kiss

If this isn’t the most perfect kiss you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. This kiss made our year.

9.) They killed it at their wedding reception

I’m sorry but these two look like they are straight out of a James Bond movie. They might as well both be glamorous secret agents.

10.) The way they look at each other…

They look at each other like no one else exists and honestly, it’s adorable. They make each other feel like they are the only ones in the room and that is incredibly special.

11.) …And again

The looks they share NEVER get old. It’s so pure and perfect.

12.) They are great with kids

This makes me even MORE excited for their little one to come into the world, they will be awesome parents.

13.) They are great with dogs too!

They loved petting this good boy, this dog is very lucky to hang out with royalty!

14.) Blessing us with MORE kisses

These two just keep making us happy with their adorable smooches. I hope that guy doesn’t feel likea third wheel…

15.) They are best friends

They always seem to have the best time together and make each other laugh non-stop. Their happiness is infectious!

16.) The looks Meghan gives

The way Meghan looks at Harry is full of pure love and it’s just so heartwarming to see. Even my ice-cold heart has to thaw when I see this!

17.) Hearts melted when this happened

Meghan’s heart and all of our hearts melted simultaneously when this kid hugged Harry. This is the cutest thing to exist and if anyone thinks otherwise…fight me.

18.) They always have each other’s backs

Meghan sheltered Harry from the rain during his speech and it was so cute. Look how proud of him she looks!

19.) Umbrella cuddles

The miserable English weather doesn’t get these two down! They just use it as an excuse to cuddle up closer under an umbrella.

20.) Cooking up a storm

They look like very serious professional chefs in the kitchen! Harry pretends to know what he’s doing as he sniffs the ingredients.

21.) Living it up on the beach

Meghan and Harry look great in their Hawaiian attire and they look like they are having an awesome time, as always.

22.) Sydney Harbour boat ride

Harry and Meghan look awesome styling the shades, they also look like they are enjoying the boat ride! Honestly, this couple make be believe all is right in the world.

23.) Impossibly perfect

Is there anything more couple goals than this picture? They are holding hands looking happy as they go on adventures together. I just want to be friends with them!

24.) Perfect moment

Sharing the perfect private moment in nature. Except, maybe not so private as someone must have taken this picture…

25.) Meeting baby Kiwis

There’s TOO MUCH CUTE in this picture. From Meghan cradling her pregnancy bump, the baby Kiwis and just their relationship in general. Too much perfect.

26.) Meghan killing it

Harry obviously appreciates what a mystical goddess his wife is, they are both incredibly lucky! Still looking like a Bond movie couple.

27.) Adorable gestures

Meghan just can’t keep her hands off Harry and the subtle touches every now and then are just adorable.

So, there you have it, Meghan and Harry have melted our hearts probably about a million times. They are so great together and make me believe in true love again, the looks they give each other are just so pure!

Try not to cry about being forever alone, one day all of us will find our Meghans’ and Harrys’, there’s still hope!

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