20 Times People Couldn't Believe What They Were Seeing On The Road


1.) Is this some kind of joke?

Do you think that this driver now knows truly why the chicken did cross the road? Maybe it's the answer to the meaning of life. Who knows, all I can say is that this is too perfect to be a mere coincidence.

2.) A pun to make your drive easier

Everybody loves a good pun and this is definitely one fine pun! It has a good message too, don't text and drive! This would have 100% made my day if I saw this while driving.

3.) Everyone lovesĀ a classic

There are just some songs that exist in this world that every single person knows, Queen's "We Will Rock You" is definitely one of those songs. Such a clever thing to put on a truck, especially if it is carrying rocks, it can't get any better!

4.) Proof that Toy Story is real

Dreams really DO come true, Toy Story is real! I'm not sure if this is a dream or a nightmare though, the thought of inanimate objects coming to life while my back is turned is a terrifying prospect. This iconic recreation of the famous scene is awesome!

5.) Breaking the law from a young age

This little one is making it on the criminal list from a very young age! This little guy was pulled over by an officer after speeding down his street. This is so adorable and I'm sure the interaction made his day.

6.) An unexpected tickle

This post went viral after a woman tried to relax by sticking her feet out the window when a random biker had the hilarious idea to tickle her foot! This amazing photograph made a lot of people's days.

7.) Mysterious UFO

7.) Mysterious UFO

7.) Mysterious UFO

This driver managed to capture evidence for the existence of UFOs whilst on the road...I think. Looks like the driver wasn't even human! If I saw this on the road I would delete the pictures...or the FBI might be onto you.

8.) Don't be so hard on the Jeep

This is definitely one that will make a lot of people laugh, even better, the picture actually makes it look as though the Jeep really is pushing the huge RV! It will certainly stop impatient people honking their horn, so triple points for that.

9.) The car of Satan

I can really appreciate the effort that went into this one, even the license plate features the evil laugh of the devil. I think the only thing about this car that will scare other drivers is how much it would have cost to customise it all!

10.) It's your choice

This truck gives you two options, pass by safely or crash, it really is up to you! So nice of them to give you the option, I wonder how many people chose el crasho...

11.) Calling out those truck haters

Trucks do seem to stir up some divided opinions between people. Yes, they are great at transporting things but they are just so huge and terrifying to drive alongside! However, this truck driver had enough of the hate and decided to put this sassy sign up. If we stopped buying things wouldn't that mean he would lose his job though? Seems a little counter-intuitive...

12.) Identity crisis

I think this bus might just be a little bit confused. Clearly, this bus driver had enough and decided he wanted a career change. It's okay, we've all been there!

13.) Should we be concerned?

Somebody warn Dracula because it seems that a vampire slayer is out and about. Should we be concerned that vampires actually exist? Or is this wood worker just trying to have a laugh? Either way, I love it.

14.) The coolest duo ever

This is definitely one of the more unique sights on the road that you might stumble across. I love how the dog and his owner are matching, they are best friends and rebels for life. This is definitely where I see myself in the next 10 years.

15.) This truck should take it's own advice

Yes, it may be a cool and inspiring quote but it means nothing if you do the exact opposite! Looks like this truck tried to take a shortcut and instantly regretted it, I think that's karma. The irony is too much to bear.

16.) Not your usual cause of traffic

Minions are the worst and if this photo doesn't prove why then I don't know what will. They are ALWAYS trying to ruin people's days, no matter what. How inconsiderate of this minion to lie down and block the traffic, it's almost despicable!

17.) The best thing ever invented

When you're a die-hard Spongebob fan, I think you will agree that this is possibly the best thing in the entire world. I wonder how much this would have cost? Because I want it on all of my wheels now!

18.) You guessed right!

If your car ever gets pulled over by the police, the first thing you'll hear is, "license and registration". What worries me slightly is how often this car must get pulled over for them to have that sticker. What makes it even funnier is that if you look at the reflection, a police officer is taking the picture!

19.) Making the most out of a bad situation

I think all drivers can agree that traffic jams are quite literally the worst. However, this food truck driver decided to turn a boring situation into a way to make money. He opened his taco truck in the middle of the freeway! I think this man was everyone's hero that day.

20.) It's basically the same thing!

Many people dream of owning a sports car but this driver decided to take matters into his own hands and paint one on his van instead. It is now basically the same thing so he has achieved his dream.

21.) This is why you should follow the rules

This person clearly thinks that they are above the law and decided to ignore the cones and drive around them because the cones were OBVIOUSLY there for absolutely NO reason right? Wrong. Now look at them.

When you're driving you might want to keep your eyes peeled for more hilarious and crazy goings on. What's the strangest or funniest thing you've seen on the road? Let us know in the comments!